Social Networks Develop Deep Packet Inspection Backdoors For Govt Spying

Social Networks Develop Deep Packet Inspection Backdoors For Government Spying

Social Networks Develop Deep Packet Inspection Backdoors For Government Spying


Global cyber insecurity legislation being pushed worldwide is demanding everything from back doors and deep packet inspections on social networks.

Public anger is searing over new draconian cyber insecurity internet spying laws that allow governments around the free world to attack citizens of the at will in the name of cyber security.

New legislation being enacted in the United States and Europe demand are now including mandates that social networking sites and online chat-providers build in what the public would commonly refer to as a back doors to allow law enforcement to spy on users, In the United States past case law makes such government spying legal, without a warrant, because of an arcane ruling in which the courts decided that information shared with a third party – such as an internet provider, a bank, a cell-phone company or the company that runs the social networking site and individual might be using, isn’t protected by the Constitution from illegal search and seizure.

Across the globe, governments are also demanding that internet provides and social networking sites– including as Google, Facebook and Twitter –  institute what is referred to  as “deep packet inspection” (DPI)technology. Unlike previously disclosed mass-surveillance of “meta data” revealed by Edward Snowden and other whistleblowers,  DPI gives governments full access to the entire contents of any and all online internet communications sent online which is all being justified through the “sharing with a third party” exception

Here’s more the implications of “deep packet inspection” – Implications of Deep Packet Inspection (DPI) Internet Surveillance for Society

It goes without saying there have been a worldwide backlash against the politicians who continue to push these Orwellian policies yet the shadow master’s keep drudging forward in their quest to implement a complete surveillance control grid which is already further along then most people realize while the corporate media in the United States and throughout Europe keep running so-called publicly polling claiming the vast majority of citizens are fine with giving up their civil liberties to keep them safe from terrorism. Of course these polls are nothing more than pseudo-science being manipulated by choosing a willing target audience and then manipulating results by under-sampling and over-sampling certain opinions with targeted demographs whose results statisticians further manipulate to support the narrative the media is paying them to justify.

RT reports on the latest developments below with Rebecca Bowe of the Electronic Frontier Foundation who discusses some of the broader implications of the matter.

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