Reprogramming The Masses – Plutonium Is Actually Good For You!

Reprogramming The Masses – Plutonium Is Actually Good For You!

Government pushed corporate media propaganda about the Japan nuclear fallout just keeps getting better and better. Here is some of the latest double speak that tickled my kicker.

As with the BP spill the masses will have to be reprogrammed using double speak. Here are some of my favorites

Financial Times: Plutonium is good for you!

Plutonium, one of the most feared radioactive substances on earth, may in fact enhance human health, according to unexpected new findings published in the journal, Health Physics.

The new findings involve old animal experiments conducted on beagles in the 1970s and 1980s by the U.S. Department of Energy, to determine the dangers to nuclear workers of inhaling plutonium alpha particles. As expected, the study back then found that plutonium alpha particles when inhaled led to lung cancers, and the more that was inhaled, the greater the number of cancers.

Recently, the government decided to reassess the old data, in part to determine the health effects at low levels of exposure to plutonium. Its reassessment confirmed that high doses increased the number of lung cancers: The cancers started in earnest in beagles exposed to radiation doses above 200 centigrays (cGgy) and, in beagles exposed to doses higher than 2800 cGys, 100% developed tumours. …

Hurray! Now we can all rest easy at night knowing the plutonium being found in  ive different places in the  soil and the significant water contamination in Japan which the IEAE is finding over 30KM out to sea will actually enhance our lives!

Wait it gets better!

Radiation Is Good For You

Low exposure to the Nagasaki atomic blast resulted in longer lifespans

The immense suffering that the Japanese are enduring in the aftermath of their earthquake and tsunami is now compounded by torment over radiation releases from the Fukushima nuclear plant.

While the torment is understandable, based on the reported amounts of radiation released, it is uncalled for. The evidence from Japan’s populace — inadvertent guinea pigs in the largest radiation experiment ever, in the aftermath of the atomic bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki in 1945 — indicates that fears over radiation can be overblown.

I get it now! This all explains why the EPA is quietly raising legal levels of radiation we are allowed to be exposed to.

Only very tiny particles of radiation have been detected

And how many times have you read “Officials stress that only very tiny particles of radiation have been detected which present no harm to human life.” Of course they are tiny particles. Are you expecting particles the size of a blimp or something?

Radiation is in the rain, but the drinking water is unaffected

With rainwater across the entire US contaminated with Japan nuclear radiation
official have downplayed it by stressing the drinking water is unaffected. Riddle me this… If it is in the rain then how is it not in the drinking water? Is there some wormhole that sucks water from an alternate universe or is my drinking water fed by lakes, streams and reservoirs which are in turn fed by… OMG! The rain!!!

And the sad thing is most American’s will buy this crap hook, line and sinker.


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