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Pure Encapsulations Reviews: Evaluating The Digestive Booster In Detail! Is It Worth Trying?

Recently, there has been a general increase in digestive issues among people.  According to the statistics from the NIDDK ( National Institute of Diabetes and ...

by Kendra Reed

Recently, there has been a general increase in digestive issues among people.  According to the statistics from the NIDDK ( National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases), around 60-70 million people have digestive problems in the United States alone. In this context, Pure Encapsulations has launched its dietary supplement, Digestive Enzymes Ultra.

Pure Encapsulations Digestive Enzymes Ultra is garnering much attention from the public as many people have been claiming positive results from taking the formula. As a professional medical reviewer for the past few years, I naturally became curious about its hype.

With the help of the supplement testing company that I work under, we have tested the formula for 2-3 months and I framed this Pure Encapsulations review based on that.

Pure Encapsulations Reviews: Findings After Testing Clinically!

In this Pure Encapsulations review, I will share with you all my findings on the supplement such as its overview, ingredients, working mechanism, claims vs facts, pricing, and much more. So dive into the review and find what this supplement is really about and whether it is worth the buzz! But before that, here’s a quick overview table for a basic understanding.

Pure Encapsulations Review
NamePure Encapsulations
CategoryDigestion support formula
Dosage2 capsules a day
IngredientsAmylase, Protease, Lactase, Lipase, Invertase, Cellulase, etc.
Quality AspectsFree from common allergens,
No artificial or unnecessary ingredients
Side EffectsNot reported
User ReportsFavorable
Available OnAmazon

Pure Encapsulations – Overview

So on diving into further details, I learned that Pure Encapsulations Digestive Enzymes Ultra is a digestive health supplement as the name implies. It works for digesting protein, fiber, fat, carbohydrates, and dairy. I found that the formula can be termed as an ideal mix of vegetarian digestive enzymes that boost your digestive system. It also helps to enhance nutrient absorption and bioavailability. The manufacturers have recommended the formula to be ideal for adults above 18 years old.

Pure Encapsulations gut health supplement is made with pure ingredients that are free from allergens, GMOS, stimulants, chemicals, and other harmful substances. All these ingredients are vegan and safe for human consumption. I understand that the supplement is manufactured entirely inside the United States in facilities that comply with the FDA and GMP standards.

Each bottle contains 90 easy-to-swallow capsules sufficient for a month’s intake. Currently, the availability of Pure Encapsulations digestive booster is through Amazon.

How Does The Pure Encapsulations Formula Work?

I learned that the Pure Encapsulations Digestive Enzymes Ultra works based on verifiable science and research. It is a digestive enzyme blend that supports healthy metabolism and digestion in your body. The carefully selected vegetarian enzymes in the formula help your body break down various kinds of molecules such as carbohydrates, proteins, fats, fiber, etc.

You can see that one of the ingredients is lipase. Lipase is an enzyme that can break down fat molecules. Another ingredient in it, amylase, stimulates the polysaccharide breakdown of starch. All the enzymes in the Pure Encapsulations dietary formula break down the food you consume in various ways and help your body absorb nutrients better.

Pros & Cons Of Pure Encapsulations

I wanted to know both the positives as well as negatives of the Pure Encapsulations formula. But when I started comparing, I found that it had more positives than negatives. Here is my list of the pros and cons of this formula.


  • Easy-to-swallow capsules
  • Safe, allergen-free, GMO-free ingredients.
  • Part of the PureGI ™ product line
  • No unnecessary binders, fillers, and preservatives.
  • Made in FDA and GMP-accredited facilities.
  • Pure Encapsulations customer reviews are positive
  • Undergone rigorous testing policy. 


  • Discounts might be limited
  • Available through Amazon only
  • Individual results might vary

A Detailed Look At Pure Encapsulations Ingredients

On examining the supplement label, I found that Pure Encapsulations capsule is made with a safe and potent enzyme blend. I learned that these ingredients have digestive enzymes that make it a digestion support formula.


This is a crucial enzyme that is involved in carbohydrate metabolism. It helps your body break down starch into sugar which then can be easily used as energy. As per a research paper published by NIH, salivary amylase was found to play a crucial role in digestion and treating metabolic syndrome. What amylase does is hydrolyze complex carbohydrates and help with digestion.


The short form for proteolytic enzymes, protease breaks down protein, especially from sources such as fish meat, whey protein, soy, etc. According to a study published in Nature, protease was shown to have a major role in intestinal mucosal pathobiology. Protease can maintain a healthy inflammatory response and help treat stomach ulcers and skin burns.


Known for the breakdown of fats or fatty acids, lipase enzymes are found active in multiple tissues. A study published in Gut Liver Journal found that lipase intake before a high-fat meal can reduce stomach fullness and reduce symptoms of gastric discomfort such as gas and bloating. These enzymes also enhance nutrient absorption and support your immune system.


Essential for digesting dairy products, lactase is another crucial enzyme included in Pure Encapsulations pills. Research published in ScienceDirect established that lactase has a major role in lactose digestion in human beings. Lactase enzymes can also relieve you from bloating, gas, and diarrhea which is caused by lactose intolerance.


I found that this enzyme hydrolyzes sucrose into fructose and glucose. This helps your body to break down complex carbohydrates into blood sugar and hence can be easily used for various purposes. These enzymes are also found to have antioxidant properties and improve respiratory and immune function.


Another enzyme in the Pure Encapsulations digestion support formula, cellulase breaks down cellulose into sugar. These enzymes can balance your blood sugar levels. It eliminates toxic materials from your body and helps you lower your cholesterol levels.

Apart from these, the formula also contains Protease 6.0, Glucoamylase, Beta-glucanase, Alpha-galactosidase, Protease 3.0, Phytase, and Hemicellulase. If you are curious about clinical studies on these ingredients, you can write in the comments.

Pure Encapsulations Claims VS Facts

I have examined the claims made by Pure Encapsulations manufacturer and how much they prove credibility to the facts. You can find the claim vs facts reports below:

Claim 1: Pure Encapsulations is free from allergens

Fact: For many supplements, such a claim can feel a bit exaggerated but I have examined this one and found this statement to be true. The Pure Encapsulations ingredients undergo rigorous testing and quality analysis before combining to form the final product. It works based on a comprehensive Allergen SOP (Standard Operating Procedure) that ensures no cross-contamination of the ingredients.

Claim 2: Pure Encapsulation relieves you from bloating and gas

Fact: Based on personal experience and other Pure Encapsulations customer reviews, this claim is true to some extent. Also, the supplement is made with a digestive enzymes blend that has research-proven properties in easing up digestion. You can find relevant research backing up these ingredients from trusted sources such as NIH.

Claim 3: The supplement boosts nutrient absorption

Fact: This claim needs more research to be stated as a fact. Even though the enzymes in the Pure Encapsulations capsules can break down complex carbohydrates and proteins easily, how much they help in increasing bioavailability can depend on individual factors. 

Pure Encapsulations Manufacturing And Credibility Details

As part of my investigation, I thoroughly examined the manufacturing and credibility standards of Pure Encapsulations tablets. I found that it is manufactured by a leading dietary supplement company that is based on scientific research and clinical studies to formulate its products.

Additionally, I also found that Pure Encapsulations Digestive Enzyme Ultra formula is promoted by authentic platforms like Amazon which accentuates its reputation among consumers.

Pure Encapsulations Manufacturing Lab

Another factor that I wanted to check on the Pure Encapsulations was its transparency. The manufacturers have listed that as dietary supplements can’t be authorized by FDA guidelines, you can’t find any such accreditation. Still, the formula is made using carefully selected ingredients that are double-checked to ensure purity and are manufactured inside facilities that conform to federal regulations.

A detailed examination of the manufacturing processes helped me to find that Pure Encapsulations gut health boosters are made inside FDA and GMP-accredited facilities. Apart from that, raw materials are scientifically tested before their usage and the supplement is part of the PureGI ™ product line authorized by experts in the field.

Pure Encapsulations Side Effects And Interactions

Most of the dietary supplements available on the market cause some kind of side effects. But unlike them, Pure Encapsulations is made with quality and rigorous scrutiny and no considerable side effects have been reported from its intake. I have examined multiple customer reviews and testimonials on the formula online and most of them haven’t claimed any Pure Encapsulations side effects. A few of these customers have reported having some mild cases of nausea and sleepiness in the first few weeks but also noticed these symptoms quickly fade away after that.

Pure Encapsulations Supplement Facts

Still, you have to follow certain precautions before taking the capsules. Follow the correct dosage, 2 capsules a day. I have tried to follow a gut-friendly proper diet and exercise while taking these capsules. Also engaging in Yoga helped me to amplify the benefits. You can take the Pure Encapsulations tablets in lukewarm water instead of ice-cold ones. Also, make sure not to consume alcohol but in case you want it take it one hour before or after taking the supplement.

I have found that meticulous research and analysis have been executed in making these capsules. Even though they are made using allergen-free ingredients, you need to consult your doctor before combining the supplement with other medications. Try not to consume alcohol while taking the capsules as it might cause interactions. Also, if you are already under any treatment, show the Pure Encapsulations bottle to your doctor before starting it.

Pure Encapsulations Customer Reviews

Before purchasing the supplement, I checked the Pure Encapsulations reviews and testimonials available. In Amazon alone, the customer rating is 4.5 out of 5 for the formula. Most of these Pure Encapsulations customer reviews claim the supplement to be effective in digestive discomforts. They reported having faster results within 30 minutes of taking it and having zero side effects. I have compiled some of the customer testimonials here:

“I had tried every method to relieve bloating and gas after eating. Even after making countless visits to gastroenterologists, I couldn’t find any solution. One of my doctors suggested Pure Encapsulations. I tried the capsules for a month. It was unbelievable that the formula worked! Now I no longer feel any bloating and gas.”Remy, 34

“One of my friends recommended Pure Encapsulations. As someone who suffers from gastric discomforts daily, I could benefit from those tiny capsules. Now my stomach feels less bloated and it even acts as a fat burner! Thanks Pure Encapsulations!”Larry, 45

“ I was struggling to keep my bowel movements regular. This started hurting my daily life. I came across these tiny Pure Encapsulations capsules through an advertisement. After taking it for a whole, now I experience regular bowel movements and improved digestion”Lena, 29

Where To Purchase Pure Encapsulations?

You can’t purchase Pure Encapsulations through any pharmacy stores. I have found that the supplement is delivered by the trusted channel Amazon. Due to its popularity, it has a thriving competitor market where most of them are replicas.

So you are recommended to be cautious regarding where to purchase the supplement from. Please stay away from purchasing it using unauthorized sources. Multiple customers are reporting having side effects from consuming these fake replicas of Pure Encapsulations.

Pure Encapsulations’s Comparison With Alternatives

This section includes the comparison of Pure Encapsulations dietary aid with two similar digestive enzyme supplements. I have gone through various aspects of these alternative formulas and found them to be credible. Have a look at the comparison table below to know more details.

SupplementPure Encapsulations Digestive Enzymes UltraOx BileNow Supplement
ManufacturerPure EncapsulationsHorbaachNow Sports
EffectivenessFast, research-backed and strongStrongStrong
Safety100% safe100%100%
Chances of side effectsNoneNoneNone

An examination of all these supplements made me realize that all three are of safe and quality origin and provide gut health benefits. But in some aspects, the Pure Encapsulations capsule is a better choice than the other two.

Expert Opinion On Pure Encapsulations

Having years of experience in reviewing medical supplements, one thing I can assure you is that Pure Encapsulations is a genuine and safe digestive enzyme formula. It is made from an authentic manufacturer and follows industry standards and safety guidelines. You can even find clinical studies that support the properties of the ingredients and how they support digestion and metabolism.

But still, I should warn you that in any dietary supplement, you need to employ individual discretion before consuming it. Do not consume alcohol one hour before or after taking the capsules. Now if you are pregnant, breastfeeding, or have a medical condition, you should follow the advice from your doctor before taking the Pure Encapsulations digestive support pills. 

Final Thoughts: Pure Encapsulations Reviews

From this Pure Encapsulations review, I hope I made it clear that this dietary supplement supports healthy metabolism and digestion in the human body. A meticulous research on its various aspects and a review of customer testimonials led to the final verdict that the formula can be effective in reducing gastric discomfort. Ensured of allergen-free ingredients, Pure Encapsulations is made inside facilities that comply with FDA and GMP guidelines.

Currently, the availability is through trusted sources such as Amazon. Even though the Pure Encapsulations formula is legit, it is not a cure to treat any existing medical conditions. Individual discretion is mandatory before taking the capsule and in case of any difficulties, contact your doctor immediately.


Q.  As a person with GERD (Gastroesophageal reflux disease), can I take Pure Encapsulations for digestion relief?

Even though Pure Encapsulations Digestive Enzyme Ultra can help treat gastric disorders, you need to consult your doctor before starting any supplements.

Q. Should I follow any diet while taking Pure Encapsulations capsules?

There is no dietary restriction to be followed while taking the formula. Still, you are encouraged to follow a healthy lifestyle that includes an ideal diet.

Q. I have just completed a surgery. Can I take Pure Encapsulations pills?

If you have just undergone any medical procedures such as surgery, consult your doctor before taking the supplement.

Q. Does the Pure Encapsulations supplement contain any blood thinners?

No. Pure Encapsulations are made using quality ingredients selected based on rigorous testing and research. There are no blood thinners in it.

Q. Is my purchasing information secure through Amazon?

Yes. All your purchasing details are secure through Amazon.


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