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Power Bite Reviews: Is It A Wise Purchase For Improving Oral Health? A Detailed Analysis!

From where did you hear about Power Bite the first time? Was it from your dentist? I came across this dental health supplement only recently, ...

by Jason Wesley

From where did you hear about Power Bite the first time? Was it from your dentist? I came across this dental health supplement only recently, when some of my colleagues were having a discussion on the science behind it. From what I understood from the conversation, the formula has been getting quite popular a few months since it was launched and several of their patients are a part of its customer base.

Now, it would be pretty irresponsible of me to follow the hype of Power Bite formula, thinking people can use whatever they want on their teeth. Since oral health can influence numerous other things directly and indirectly, like our gut health, it is important to test to ensure the safety of such concoctions before recommending them to anyone.

That is why our organization decided to move forward with a thirty-day test of the formula in our lab to discover the truth of every single detail one needs to know before purchasing it. And I framed this Power Bite review on the basis of the findings and results from those tests, an attempt to provide clarity on the claims and promises made by the formula.

Power Bite Reviews: Are All The Claims Regarding Its Effectiveness Genuine?

Before moving further, i want to clarify that this review is not just a summary of our trials and lab results but also of the countless Power Bite reviews on the internet, including the ones from the brand’s official website. 

So, if you are curious to know what more is Power Bite than a mere dental supplement among a sea of similar dietary supplements and what makes it stand apart from the others, just read along, and you might find everything you need to know right here. 

Power Bite Review
Supplement Name Power Bite
ClassificationDental health suppplement
FormulationTablets ( candy form)
Recommended Dosage1 tablet per day
Quality FactorsMade in the USA
FDA-approved and GMP-certified facilities
Free of GMOs and chemicals
Ingredients UsedCalcium Carbonate
Wild Mint
Mediterranean Sea Salt
Clove Oil
Key BenefitsSupports strong teeth
Promotes fresh breath
Improves gum health
Side EffectsNot reported
Consumer ReportsFavorable
Return PolicyFor 60 days
Bonuses2 e-guides
Available PlatformPower Bite official website

Power Bite – A Quick Overview

Power Bite is an oral health supplement that comes in the form of dissolvable oral candies. Every bottle of the supplement contains 30 of them, equivalent to a 30-day supply. The formula has a refreshing flavor owing to the presence of ingredients like wild mint and clove oil. 

It combines a range of ingredients solely extracted from nature, to create a unique dental health remedy. If considered individually, none of these ingredients are exactly new to the realm of oral or dental care. Almost all of them have been part of different medications, mostly traditional ones, in different parts of the world. But the combination of these ingredients, in the right proportions, is one thing that is supposed to set Power Bite dental candies apart from those remedies.

This teeth health supplement presents a set of claims including plaque-free teeth and fresh breath, all of which were analyzed closely in our lab tests to verify their legitimacy. You will learn more about that in the later sections of this Power Bite review.

How Does Power Bite Work To Promote Oral Hygiene?

The ingredients list of the Power Bite oral care supplement itself shows a lot of potential and I will tell you about the role each of them plays in making the formula highly effective. All the plant and mineral extracts involved in developing the formula have nothing but one goal; to restore and maintain the health of your oral cavity in every way possible. This includes dental hygiene, gums protection from infections, plaque and dental caries prevention, and a refreshing breath. 

Power Bite tablet consists of seven key ingredients namely, Calcium Carbonate, Myrrh, Mediterranean Sea Salt, Clove oil, Lysozyme, Xylitol, and Wild Mint. the primary ingredient, Calcium Carbonate, is a common factor in almost all dental care products. The compound prevents dental caries by reducing intra-oral bioavailability in combination with fluoride ions.

Other Power Bite ingredients like Myrrh, Mediterranean Sea Salt, Lysozyme, and Xylitol reduce plaque buildup and prevent gingivitis by controlling the microflora inside the oral cavity. Xylitol also helps with tooth sensitivity and teeth remineralization, making them stronger and healthier. Both Xylitol and Mediterranean Sea Salt are anti-inflammatory, soothing inflammation and healing wounds inside the mouth, especially on the gums.

Clove Oil, which is known to help with toothache and mouth ulcers, and Wild Mint, which creates a refreshing feeling by stimulating the nervous system, are also as important as the rest of them in keeping the gums and teeth strong and healthy and supporting your overall oral health. 

Power Bite Pros And Cons

A candy formulated for dental health. Doesn’t that seem a little ironic? What would be the pros of such a formulation? Are there any cons? Let’s check out the pros and cons in this part of the Power Bite review . 


  • The formula contains no stimulants
  • It doesn’t have any Genetically Modified Organisms in the composition
  • The formula is entirely natural
  • It is easy to use
  • No reported Power Bite side effects
  • There is a 60-day money-back guarantee


  • Not available for purchase on popular e-commerce sites
  • Not recommended for use by individuals who are allergic to any of the ingredients used. 

Are The Power Bite Ingredients Natural And Safe?

The quality of a supplement hinges solely on its ingredients. They need to be the right ones, in the right combination, and in the right amount. Take a look at the Power Bite ingredients list here.

Power Bite Ingredients

Calcium Carbonate

Calcium Carbonate is a safe ingredient to use in dental care products. A study published on the NCBI has information on how the supplement helps with dental caries and reduces bioavailability while interacting with certain kinds of fluorides.


There are several articles published on the effects of Xylitol-based products on oral health. The compound, as per the article, helps with tooth sensitivity, teeth remineralization, dental caries, and mouth pH balancing. This Power Bite ingredient is anti-inflammatory, and anti-bacterial, and prevents plaque buildup. 

Mediterranean Sea Salt

Research published on the MDPI describes the inevitable role of sea salt in oral hygiene products including toothpaste and mouthwash. Mediterranean sea salt, the best of its kind, has antibacterial properties that balance the oral biome. It also helps heal wounds inside the oral cavity, reduces inflammation, and even gets rid of bad odor.


A study published on the Journal of Research in Medical and Dental Sciences talks about the effect of Myrrh on dental plaque and gingivitis. Formulations containing myrrh are effective in reducing gingival inflammation and preventing the accumulation of plaque. 

Power Bite oral care tablet also contains Clove oil which is a traditional remedy for toothache and mouth ulcers, Lysozyme, an antimicrobial enzyme that prevents bacterial infection in the oral cavity, and Wild Mint with germicidal properties to freshen your breath. 

How To Take Power Bite Tablets?

There is nothing complicated about the usage of this oral health candy. As per the supplement label, you are supposed to take one Power Bite candy a day, and that is enough to take care of your oral health problems. Also, it is preferred that you take the supplement at night, before bed. The candy is soothing and you will immediately feel refreshed.

Power Bite Supplement Facts

Another thing to remember is that the manufacturer has suggested not to chew the candy, but rather let it dissolve in your mouth. The Power Bite ingredients will get to work fast and you can expect visible results within a week’s time.

Claims VS Facts Report Of Power Bite Supplement

What claims does the Power Bite gum-support supplement make? How much of those are true? I guess you already have a vague idea since we have already been through the ingredients list. To get a better picture, go through the explanations given below, dissecting the claims. 

  • Claim: Fights dental caries

Fact: The ingredients of the Power Bite capsule like Calcium Carbonate, Xylitol, and Lysozyme deal with dental caries by killing streptococcus mutans and preventing the metabolization of sugar as well as the demineralization of teeth. Xylitol also helps with remineralization of teeth, which in turn rebuilds enamel and might even reverse tooth decay to an extent. 

  • Claim: Prevents the accumulation of plaque

Fact: Reducing plaque buildup is also a part of preventing tooth decay and bacterial infections. Myrrh, Xylitol, and Mediterranean Sea Salt are some of the Power Bite ingredients known to take care of plaque in different ways, either by dealing with the root cause or by dissolving the accumulated plaque.

  • Claim: Protects gums from bacterial infections

Fact: Xylitol, Mediterranean Sea Salt, Lysozyme, and Clove Oil are ingredients with antimicrobial and germicidal properties that help control the oral biome. Xylitol balances the mouth’s pH, creating an unfavorable environment for the growth of bad bacteria. Along with these, Myrrh is an anti-gingivitis agent that also works to protect the gums from diseases.

  • Claim: Freshens breath

Fact: Balanced mouth pH and a healthy oral biome are enough to get rid of the bad odor created by the bacterial accumulation inside the oral cavity. When they added Wild Mint to it, the Power Bite dental health formula became even better, providing a refreshed feeling with a fresh-smelling breath. 

There are further claims like reducing tooth sensitivity and prevention of mouth ulcers, all are proven to be true in our tests. Now, let us learn about the manufacturer and credibility of the Power Bite dietary supplement. 

Power Bite Manufacturer And Certification Details

Manufactured by the brand Power Bite, this oral health supplement is promoted and sold by one of the prominent retailers of the country, BuyGoods. This is the sole product ever manufactured by them, keeping the brand’s focus only on oral health.

The fact that the Food and Drug Administration does not approve the supplement is the one thing that raises a little concern. However, the whole manufacturing process takes place in an FDA-registered facility in the US, under GMP-certified practices. They have also subjected the Power Bite oral care formula to third-party clinical trials, adding to the credibility of the manufacturer as well as the supplement.  

Are There Any Report Of Power Bite Side Effects?

It is quite natural to be concerned about the side effects of a supplement no matter what it is for. As far as our test result goes, Power Bite dental candy has shown no traits that are harmful to the human body, neither in the present nor in the long run. The customer reviews also support this finding, with the majority not experiencing any side effects, except for a few who had a mild headache for the first few days. 

The Power Bite ingredients are added in their purest form and are 100% natural. So, it is important not to mix them with anything else, especially with alcohol. It is also advised that you stay away from alcoholic drinks as much as possible. If not fully possible, do not at least consume any, before or after an hour of taking the supplement. 

Expert Opinion And Advice

As a medical expert, I have certain things to tell everyone before you make Power Bite pill a part of your routine. From a scientific and medical point of view, the supplement seems to have the right composition, both in terms of the ingredients as well as their proportions. Also, the tests have revealed that it is safe for human use and won’t cause any undesirable effects.

However, it is important to execute caution no matter how safe the formula in theory is. As said before, do not consume it with, before, or after drinking alcohol. Also, if you are taking any other prescription medicine, are pregnant or nursing, seek your physician’s advice before starting with Power Bite oral support formula.

Power Bite Customer Reviews And Testimonials

Power Bite customer reviews are not that difficult to find. They are all over the internet, on various review websites as well as on YouTube. As per those, it seems that the supplement hasn’t disappointed anyone, but rather resolved a lot of their oral health issues. Take a look at some of those testimonials that I handpicked for this Power Bite review.

My dentist recommended Power Bite, and I'm so glad they did! I was almost done trying out new things for my periodontitis, and this was my last resort I tried without much hope. Nothing more to say, just, my gums have never been happier!” - Melissa Laurier
“I have been taking Power Bite candies for a month now, and I would be happy to recommend it to anyone who is looking for a good oral hygiene product. Loved the not-too-overpowering flavor, and more than that, the instant results.” - Elaine George
“Whoever created  Power Bite formula deserves an award. Nothing, ever, has worked for my breath as this one did. Smelly breath, what?!”- Hugh Finnegan

Power Bite Availability And Cost

Power Bite dental care capsules are available for purchase on the brand’s official website at a reasonalble price of $69. But when you purchase from sites other than the official one, be careful not to get scammed.

Compare the details of what is available on those sites with the original one and verify authenticity. This is why the manufacturer suggests you buy from the Power Bite official website, rather than taking a risk by purchasing it from elsewhere. 

Power Bite Return Policy

What would you do if something you bought doesn’t work for you? If it is a supplement or medication, you usually wouldn’t have any choice but to throw it away. But with Power Bite, you have another choice. You can return it back to the seller.

The brand has a 60-day 100% money-back guarantee that assures value for your money. If your body doesn’t like the formula and you don’t get the expected results, you can call or email the Power Bite customer service, send back the product, and your money will be refunded in no time.

Does Power Bite Offer Any Bonuses?

Another appealing factor about the Power Bite supplement is that it comes with bonuses. 

Power Bite Bonuses

➡️2-Minute “Sparkling Smile” Guide: This guide includes tips and tricks that would only require only two minutes a day, but help resolve all your gum and teeth issues. 

➡️Total Body Detox after Tooth & Gum Decay: Once you fix your oral health problems, it is time to focus on your body. The Power Bite bonus guide contains natural remedies that will help detox your entire body without long, time-consuming procedures.

Differences Between Power Bite And Similar Supplements

Power Bite supplement is available for purchase in three different packages and at an attractive price range. Although they don’t cost much, everyone would need to know if they are worth whatever amount one spends on them. One way to know that for sure is to compare them with similar supplements. Take a look at the table below.

Power Bite, ProDentim And Denticore Comparison
Products Power BiteProDentimDenticore
Manufacturer Power BiteProDentimDenticore
Credibility HighHighHigh
Results Noticeable changes within a weekUsually takes a few weeksResults may take up to a month
Price ▪️ $69/bottle (1 month supply)
▪️ $59/bottle (3-month supply)
▪️ $49/bottle (6-month supply)
▪️ $69/bottle (1 month supply)
▪️ $59/bottle (3-month supply)
▪️ $49/bottle (6-month supply)
▪️ $69/bottle (1 month supply)
▪️ $59/bottle (3-month supply)
▪️ $49/bottle (6-month supply)
Money-back guarantee60-day money-back guarantee60-day money-back guarantee60-day money-back guarantee

All three of them show similarities in different aspects including their prices, money-back guarantee, bonuses, and even their packaging. However, Power Bite candy could be pointed out as a better choice among the three considering the time taken to show the results.

Summing Up: Power Bite Reviews

As I finish my Power Bite review, I aim to confirm its ability to tackle concerns like tooth decay within dental care, plaque buildup, and discoloration. It also works as a gum health supplement that takes care of conditions like periodontitis, inflammation, bacterial infection, and bad breath. As far as my research goes, it could be a great addition to your oral hygiene routine, taking away all your worries about deteriorating oral health.

The supplement is receiving positive responses and appreciation from all sides, from the customers and the healthcare professionals alike. Power Bite oral health candy has made good on all its promises, making it a potent formula that people could prioritize as a top choice when it comes to dental care. Mind giving it a try? 


1. How fast can I expect results once I start with Power Bite dietary formula?

You can expect to see visible changes within a week itself. If you wait patiently for a few more weeks, you can observe the complete transformation of your oral health, all for the better.

2. Does the Power Bite supplement, in any way, affect my gut health?

Both your gut health and your oral health are interrelated to each other. Meaning, that any changes in the condition of one affect the other, but on what scale depends on a lot of other factors. If the formula brings a positive change in your oral health, you can most definitely expect it to reflect on your gut health as well.

3. Is it safe to take Power Bite dental candies with beverages like coffee or tea?

It is suggested not to take the candies with anything else but on its own. If you had a cup of tea or coffee, wait for an hour or two and then take the supplement.

4. Does Power Bite help with discoloration of my teeth?

It contains ingredients of various types, all specializing in different areas. These Power Bite ingredients also take care of discoloration of the teeth among other issues, giving you the confidence to smile more. 

5. How difficult is the return & refund process?

Not difficult at all. All you need to do is to mail or call the Power Bite customer service, return the product to the address provided, and they will take care of the rest.


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