What If Both Political Parties Worked For The Same Federal Reserve Bank and Corporations?

What If Both Political Parties Worked For The Same Federal Reserve Bank and Corporations?

Opinion: Americans On Both Sides Of The Political Fence Have Lost Their Minds

With the latest string of violent Trump rallies, presidential debates that have no substance and a population that has lost it’s ability to critically think… reality is getting a little blurry for people on both sides of the political fence. For the record, I don’t support any of the candidates. I think they’re all crooks and liars and will say or do anything to get elected. It’s truly disturbing how some Americans can be so embroiled with this election that they fail to see that their opinion has no detectable influence on the policies of their elected officials.

There is concrete evidence all around us demonstrating that the elections are rigged, that the U.S. is an Oligarchy and that your media reports government sponsored stories like the Videos Of Virginia Reporter Shooting Hoax without you knowing. It’s well known that the U.S. puts mind dumbing drugs like fluoride in our drinking water which is the main ingredient in rat poison and is found in psychotropic drugs such as Prozac, Luvox and Paxil. These mind warping pharmaceuticals have also been found in public drinking water which means our brains are being altered to one degree or another. We’ve all been indoctrinated into this fantasy of democracy from birth to believe the Democrat vs. Republican paradigm when in reality both parties work for the central banks and corporations. We were taught in school about having Thanksgiving dinner with Native Americans. IT WAS MASS GENOCIDE. As children, we were taught the pledge of allegiance and that there was Liberty and Justice for all. Then you grow up and realize you are not free, justice is bought and sold, you pay your taxes or you go to jail and he whole election is a sham.

Now Let’s Get To The “People Lost Their Minds” Part

Like I said before, I don’t support any of the candidates and this is unbiased. But for all the Donald Trump supporters please look at this video:

The Official Donald Trump Jam

If that doesn’t make you cringe then you’re not human or you have no limits to the extent at which you’d support Trump even if it defies common sense.

Definition of Delusion -an idiosyncratic belief or impression that is firmly maintained despite being contradicted by what is generally accepted as reality or rational argument, typically a symptom of mental disorder. With that said, it makes sense to one could say that to keep voting for the same corrupt, lying criminals election after election could be defined as delusional?

Let’s face it, the Trump Rallies are a three ring circus, the debates are like an episode of The Khardashians and lost in between is any meaningful debate that the public wants so badly. Yes they do debate issues like healthcare but both Trump and Sanders want to replace it with (most likely) the same thing if not worse. They did mention the TPP but failed to mention it was fast tracked by congress and recently signed by Obama, the TPP is unconstitutional and illegal. Candidates do attack each other but never address the real issue which is that congress in general has failed to protect it’s citizens. Education is debated but never addresses the school closings all over the country caused by the widespread fraud at the State and Local levels.

Bullshit Is The Glue That Binds The Nation

What Were You Thinking? Here’s a video of the LEADER of the Black Lives Matter movement regarding the Chicago Trump Rally:

There’s one thing for sure and that’s people are getting fed up with same old bullshit. and that is America and Sovereign Nations around the World are being robbed, poisoned and enslaved.

The one thing all these candidates have in common however is they all support war. War is good business for the central banks and the military industrial complex. Here’s how it works in case you missed it. The controlled media creates a new terrorist threat, we invade and destroy that country to the ground, then we finance the rebuilding of that country and prop up a new pro U.S. leader so we can get their oil and or natural resources.


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