Nuclear Expert: Fukushima 10 Times Worse Than Chernobyl — 1 Million Cancers

Nuclear expert Arnie Gundersen is raising the alarm for the people in Tokyo, warning that Fukushima is 10 times worse than Chernobyl and at least 1 million will get cancer over the next 20 years.

While many think they are out of the woods in respect to the Fukushima nuclear meltdown the disaster may no even have started and that has sent nuclear expert Arnie Gundersen on a personal quest to raise the alarm to residents in Japan.

Following the 1 year anniversary of the massive quake and following Tsunami that led to the reactor meltdowns Gundersen is now interviewing with Asia media outlets to let them know the severity of the situation.

Today he tells, Xinhua that he believes Fukushima is ten times worse than Chernobyl and over 1 million people will get cancer.

He says that the people in Tokyo should not feel safe because no one has confirmed to have been killed from the radiation to date because it takes a long time for cancer to develop and start showing up as an anomaly in populations, for example, it could be many months until someone starts to show developing signs of stage 4 mesothelioma symptoms.

EneNews provides excellent excerpts:

Title: Japan’s disaster as bad as or worse than Chernobyl
Source: Xinhua
Date: 2012-03-12 14:30

The severity of Japan’s Fukushima nuclear disaster may be as bad as or worse than Chernobyl, an American nuclear expert warned Sunday.Arnold Gundersen, a former nuclear power industry executive, said it was clear to him within two days of the Japan earthquake and tsunami that “Fukushima was as bad as or worse than Chernobyl.” […]

Gundersen, now chief engineer of the energy consulting company Fairewinds Associates, said he believed that Fukushima was 10 times worse than the 1986 Chernobyl meltdown in the former Soviet Union. Now it is in Ukraine.

Gundersen on Fukushima vs Chernobyl

Chernobyl was a single reactor running at about 7 percent capacity when ruptured
[Fukushima] had three reactors running at 100 percent capacity and seven other reactors with spent fuel pools that were crippled
Chernobyl stopped releasing radioactive material after about two weeks […] this is not the case at Fukushima one year on
Gundersen on Cancers and Other Health Problems

Although there have been no deaths related to the Fukushima meltdown to date, over the next 20 years there would be about 1 million additional cancers and other health problems from the accident
“But even in Tokyo most people think it is over and they survived it. But with the latency periods of these cancers it’s going to pop up 20 years out and people will wonder where it came from”
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I previously reported on the subject of belated cancers, warning takes up to 20 years for the cancer to develop and detailing what the citizens of Japan could expect in just Thyroid cancers alone.

Japan Radiation Survey Conducted In March Shows 1 In 20 Fukushima Children Will Develop Thyroid Cancer

Japan finally releases a nuclear radiation survey that reveals that 45% of Fukushima children had sustained thyroid radiation exposure by the end of March. Despite government attempts to downplay the survey results the data shows that at least 1 in 20 children will develop thyroid cancer. Unfortunately, this is just the latest side show in the 3 ring circus being ran by our corporate dictators.

Residents in Japan are being forced to take radioactive cleanup into their own hands in the absence of a plan from the government to remediate the problem of the nuclear radioactive fallout that is blanketing the nation. According to a report from Reuters, residents are shoveling radioactive topsoil from their lawns and dumping it into forests, parks and streams in an attempt to protect themselves from high levels of radiation. Reuters quotes one resident as saying a Geiger counter measured radiation levels of 10 microsieverts per hour being emitted from the topsoil in her lawn.

An indication of the severity of the radiation exposure can be derived from a Kyodo news article which reports that Japan has finally released the results of a radiation survey conducted over 2 months ago by the central government and several local government located within the Fukushima Prefecture. According to the article, the study revealed that 45% of the children surveyed in the Fukushima prefecture had already suffered thyroid radiation exposure by the time the survey was completed at the end of March. The survey found levels up to an equivalent of a 50 millisieverts per year of thyroid radiation exposure for 1 year olds. To put that in perspective, the US has an annual radiation exposure limit of 4 millisieverts per year in drinking water for adults.

Despite the findings of the survey, Japanese officials are still deceptively attempting to downplay the risks. For example, The Japan Times reports officials as saying the levels detected “in all cases were trace amounts that did not warrant further levels of investigation”. Officials further attempt to downplay the situation by stating “a 100 millisieverts total radiation exposure” will only increase of the “cancer mortality risk by 0.5 percent”.

Unspinning The Spin

Those who have been following the disaster in Japan will quickly point out that the phrasing chosen by the Japanese government officials closely mimics talking points in guidelines issued by the nuclear industry. As, the Guardian reports, those guidelines have been issued to governments as part of a deliberate conspiracy to launch a PR campaign to downplay the Fukushima disaster to protect the nuclear industry.

The statements are deceptive for several reasons. To begin with the government response indicates the increased cancer mortality rate for a total radiation dose of 100 millisieverts while the survey shows 50 millisieverts per year equivalent radiation dose. Next, the government quoted statistic also refers to a total radiation exposure to the entire body while the survey specifically measured the radiation dose received by the thyroid alone. Since the thyroid is known to accumulate radioactive iodine it is one the most sensitive organs in the body in regard to the risk of cancer due to radiation exposure. Finally, the government supplied statistic refers to the cancer mortality rates for a radiation dose received by the adult population while the survey was conducted on children, which is a demographic that is more sensitive to the effects of radiation and hence more likely to develop cancer as a result of radiation exposure.

Further analyzing the governments quote it is clear that the radiation isn’t going to magically disappear after just two years which makes one wonder why the government would even make reference to a 100 millisieverts total radiation dose in the first place. In fact, the latest data indicates that almost 4 months into the disaster there are 3 reactors are still in a constant state of meltdown.The radiation release from the reactors is still ongoing and the amounts of radiation already released from the reactors are comparable to amounts released from Chernobyl. Cesium is once again being detected in Tokyo drinking water for the first time since April. Other radioactive substances are either being detected for the first time or substances with short half-lives are being detected at March and April levels which are another clear indication of an ongoing meltdown. Even worse is news that Fukushima residents are urinating radiation.

Then the icy manipulators further attempt to deceive the public with their attempt to associate the survey results with an increase of “cancer mortality risk by 0.5 percent”, an association which at first appears to statistically insignificant. While initial intuition may lead one to assume that a 0.5 percent increase is not a significant or major increase, in terms of real people it means an additional 1 in 200 children will die. For those who end up being one of the parents of the 1 in 200 children who die from the radiation exposure the risk is indeed significant. Clearly those people are not going to be of the opinion that the risk should simply be ignored by the government or shrugged off as no big deal. This especially true considering the government alone has the power and responsibility to provide informed consent to the public as to the extent and the severity of the disaster. Yet instead of being honest about the risk, they choose to play hide and seek with crucial data and engage in all means available to cover up the severity of the disaster. These are moves are clearly aimed to protect TEPCO’s stock price when the government should be forcing the company to pay the bill to protect the people of Japan from the dangers of the radioactive fallout.

Furthermore, the government quotes a statistic dealing with the mortality rate for the entire population. Why is such statistic cited when the survey conducted measured the radiation exposure of thyroid of children? Why provide such an irrelevant statistic, which is for a full body radiation exposure to the adult population? From it must be assumed that the government is diluting real mortality rates of children by burying the expected death rates for children exposed in with statistics that are derived from the entire entire population. This implies that the actual mortality rate for children will in fact be much higher than the 1 in 200 deaths quoted by the government. This appears to be another feeble attempt by government of Japan to hide the true risks of the radiation exposure to the public. Instead, the government should be required to produce the applicable statistic based on a 50 millisieverts per year radiation dose to the thyroid of a child.

Finally, the governments statistical reference to the increase in mortality rates from cancer misleads the public by hiding the total number of children that will develop thyroid cancer due to the radiation exposure. Specifically, according to the American Cancer Society, the 5 year survival rate for stage 1 thyroid cancer is 100%. In fact, according to research conducted by Doctor James Norman, the 10 year survival rate of all thyroid cancer is between 80 and 90%. That means that as few as 1 in 10 cases of thyroid cancer ends in fatality. After applying a 90% survival rate to the 1 in 200 mortality rate quoted by the Japanese government means that 1 in 20 Fukushima children are expected to develop thyroid cancer.

The Real Cost Of Corporate Profits: The Health And Safety Of The Public

The spinsters will point out that 1 in 20 children developing thyroid cancer is only a mere 5% of the population. In a with a population of 300 million people that translates into 15 million people developing thyroid cancer and at the end of the day the nuclear apologists will argue that is a small sacrifice to pay in the name the cheap and so-called “clean electrically” produce by our corporate gods. Of course, unless somehow all of the other points raised above are magically declared null and void we are looking at a much higher number than 15 million people developing cancer, but even then it will be argued that in the greater scheme of things it is small sacrifice to be made in the name of corporate profits.

Nuclear apologists will be quick to say this is all hysteria and turn to their common talking points such as “show me one person who has become sick or has died from Fukushima radiation.” Even though it is well-known it can take up to 20 years after radiation exposure to develop cancer they stick to such cleverly constructed tricks which easily deceive the majority of the masses who are have not yet been equipped with the knowledge required to counter their propaganda. Yet we all know that statistics are easily manipulated and the endless funds of the nuclear industry twists and turns those statistics until they are stretched beyond the limits of our imagination. This is clearly evidence by nuclear industry studies from the Chernobyl disaster which claim only 6,000 people have died from the disaster. Such numbers are not surprising since increased levels of cancers in areas with elevated levels of radiation cannot be definitively tied to the radiation exposures and any studies claiming there is such a correlation can easily be discounted as relying on circumstantial or anecdotal evidence which is far short of scientific proof. Such a reality means radiation statistics lend themselves to easy manipulation by the industry even when our intuition tells us over 1 million statistically significant cancer related deaths in the areas of the Chernobyl fallout our were due to the radiation exposure. Making matters worse is most modern statistical correlations between radiation exposure and cancer rates are extrapolated from the limited and uncontrolled data sets that have been compiled from data collected on the nuclear fallout that was released from the atomic bombs being released on Hiroshima and Nagasaki.


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Arnie is not alone in his assessment of 1 million cancers either.

I previously reported on a study by Chris Busby predicting over 200,000 cancer deaths, which of course we now know was based on severely downplayed data released by the government of Japan by the end of march.

Radiation Study Estimates Over 220,000 Cases Of Cancer From Fukushima Nuclear Fallout

A disturbing study estimates over 220,000 cases of cancer will result from the Japan nuclear radiation fallout. Those numbers are based on officially released radiation data which we learn more every day are understated lies put out by governments to avert panic. For example, my next article will discuss breaking NHK news that the Japan Government has covered up data showing high radiation exposure to those outside the 30km evacuation zone. Furthermore the longer the disaster carries on the higher the number of deaths from cancer will be.

Radiation Experts Determine Over 200,000 Cancers Likely from Fukushima

By: Chris Busby, Green Audit; Occasional Paper 2011/7 Aberystwyth UK, 30th March 2011

The Health Outcome of the Fukushima Catastrophe Initial Analysis from Risk Model of the European Committee on Radiation Risk ECRR

Conclusions and recommendations
1. The ECRR risk model has been applied to the 3 million people living in the 100km radius of the Fukushima catastrophe. Assuming these people remain living there for one year the number of excess cancers predicted by the method is approximately 200,000 in the next 50 years with 100,000 being diagnosed in the next 10 years. If they are evacuated immediately, the number will fall by a significant amount. For those 7 million living between 100km and 200km from the site, the predicted number of cancers is slightly greater with 220,000 extra cancers in the next 50 years and about 100,000 being expressed in the next ten years. These predictions are based on the ECRR risk model and the findings of cancer risk on Sweden after the Chernobyl accident.


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In fact, by the time August came, Dr. Helen Caldicott working on updated research from Busby warned that not only would there be 1 million cancers but over 1 million deaths as a result of the fallout.

Experts: Lethal Levels of “Off-Scale” Radiation At Fukushima Infer Millions Dying

Experts warn off-scale levels of radiation, which are at their highest levels since the disaster began almost 5 months ago, infers hundreds millions dying from the nuclear fallout.

Fukushima nuclear power plant radiation recordings of external gamma radiation have been so high this week, they went off scale said veteran nuclear expert Arnie Gundersen on Thursday after the famous physicist, Dr. Chris Busby told the Japanese people this week that radioactive air contamination there now is 300 times that of Chernobyl and 1000 times the atomic bomb peak in 1963, possibly inferring that hundreds of millions of people are now dying from Fukushima radiation, including people in the United States.

If noticing unusual amounts of hair falling out, confusion, nose bleeds or other odd symptoms typical of radiation sickness, it might be due to the United States record high levels of radiation, now multiple times acceptable safety limits not only on the west coast, but also in other locations around the nation.

Because Fukushima radiation data retrieval and interpretation has been so complex or non-existent for the concerned public, citizen reporters in Japan and United States have now established easily accessible ways to view radiation levels on the internet.

Fukushima radiation depopulation unfathomable: Possibly 100s of millions deaths

Dr Janette Sherman, a highly respected physician and acknowledged expert in radiation exposure who has reported a north-east United States 35% baby death spike since Fukushima fall-out reached the nation, concurs with estimates that world-wide, the Chernobyl Kill is one million people killed to date reported NOVA News. Extrapolating, worldwide deaths by Fukushima radiation could eventually be hundreds of millions of people, becoming the most significant depopulation event to date.

Watch: Top U.S doctor says millions will die

“Soon after the Fukushima accident last month, I stated publicly that a nuclear event of this size and catastrophic potential could present a medical problem of very large dimensions. Events have proven this observation to be true despite the nuclear industry’s campaign about the “minimal” health effects of so-called low-level radiation.” –Dr. Helen Caldicott

Dr. Chris Busby, world-famous physicist, said tests conducted at the respected Harwell Radiation Laboratory in England demonstrate that airborne radiation in Japan is 1,000 times higher than radioactive “fallout” at the peak in 1963 of H-Bomb detonations by nuclear powers. In March, Busby had estimated that Fukushima radiation to be 72,000 times greater than what the United States released at Hiroshima.

“Let’s wipe the Tokyo Electric Power Company and the General Electric officials and policy makers off the face of the Earth, as they manifestly deserve,” asserted Dr. Busby when addressing the Japanese this week.

Watch: Lethal Levels of Radiation at Fukushima: What Are the Implications?

TEPCO has discovered locations on the Fukushima plant site with lethal levels of external gamma radiation. Fairewinds takes a close look at how this radiation might have been deposited and how similar radioactive material would have been released offsite.

Thirty-nine year nuclear industry veteran Arnie Gundersen of Fairewinds stated Tuesday,”There will continue to be enormous spikes for at least ten years.”

Dr. Busby advocates not only independent studies of the nuclear catastrophe. He received a resounding applause when he told the Japanese people this week that in his opinion, scientists who said this accident was not a problem must be prosecuted.

“Many nuclear scientists said it was not a problem when the knew it was a serious accident. People who listened to those scientists and did not run away when they should have. Because of that, people will die.”

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