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Noobru Reviews: Revealing The Reality Of This Trending Cognitive Enhancer!

We live in a fast-paced world and we need sharp minds with improved focus and memory to reach the top. Noobru is a cognitive support ...

by Kendra Reed

We live in a fast-paced world and we need sharp minds with improved focus and memory to reach the top. Noobru is a cognitive support supplement that claims to help you with that. Since its launch in the early 2020s, it has been making a wave of discussions on various platforms. Being a doctor by profession and a part-time medical reviewer, I noticed the hype around this supplement and became curious to know more about it.

With the help of a supplement testing organization, I examined the claims made by the formula and consumed it myself for the past few months. This Noobru review is the collection of all my findings on the formula.

Noobru Reviews: What I Found After An Extensive Research!

My detailed Noobru review will provide you with extensive detailing on what the supplement is about, how it works, what are its ingredients, what are the claims and how true they are, what are some of its alternatives in the market, and much more.

So buckle up and start your journey through the Noobru mental clarity supplements. 

Noobru Review
Full NameNoobru Advantage
Brand/ManufacturerNoobru ™ 
TypeCognitive health booster
FlavorStrawberry Lemonade 
Total Sachets20
Free from allergens, plastic, sugar & caffeine
Piper Nigrum Extract
Choline Bitartrate
Alpha GPC
Huperzine A
BenefitsIncreases focus and productivity
Enhances memory recall
Improves cognitive speed and performance
Side EffectsNothing reported as of yet

Introducing Noobru Advantage

I learned From my examination that Noobru Advantage Nootropic is a brain health supplement. Manufactured under the brand name, Noobru, the formula is the brainchild of Martyn Cook, an entrepreneur who is passionate about bringing innovations in the health industry. This natural brain booster formula is available in easy-to-use powder form and you can find them in sachets which is a more convenient way to take it.

I tasted it and found that the supplement is delicious and has a strawberry lemonade flavor. Noobru brain health boosters are specifically designed to improve your focus, enhance your energy, and help you relax after a long day. From the label, I could find that it is made with eleven natural ingredients that are plant-based and free from allergens, sugar, caffeine, GMOs, and plastic. The official delivery platform for Noobru supplement is Amazon. 

How Does Noobru Work?

It was crucial to know how the supplement works before trying it out for the first time. I referred to the details from Amazon and found out that Noobru cognitive enhancer works based on solid research and clinical studies. The core functionalities of the formula are carried out by its ingredients which are proven to have memory-boosting properties. While ingredients like Alpha GPC and choline bitartrate improve cognitive and motor performance other components like ashwagandha and l-theanine reduce stress response and enhance alertness.

The eleven potent nootropics in this can boost your brain function and provide focus and mental health support. Unlike the common stimulants like caffeine, these ingredients don’t cause any side effects such as jitteriness. So one can say that a proper amalgamation of the workings of all ingredients in the Noobru formula makes it an ideal cognitive support supplement.

Pros And Cons Of Noobru

I have understood from my professional experience that analyzing both the positives as well as negatives of a formula will help you make a valid decision. So in this segment of my Noobru review, I have collected the pros and cons of this brain health nutraceutical and hopefully, this might help you make a reasonable decision on its authenticity. 


  • Made with 11 plant-based ingredients.
  • Free from allergens, caffeine, sugar, GMOs, and plastic.
  • Easy to consume powder form.
  • Available in delicious strawberry-lemonade flavor.
  • No major Noobru side effects
  • Manufactured inside quality facilities.
  • No calories, fats, carbohydrates, and artificial sweeteners.


  • Only available on Amazon.
  • Not ideal for children under 18.

Noobru Ingredients And Their Benefits

This section will help you with the list of the Noobru ingredients that make this a natural brain booster. Check out the ingredients and their cognitive-boosting properties below:

Noobru Ingredients
  • Ashwagandha– A native to Asia and Africa, this plant has multiple benefits associated with stress relief, increased energy, reduced inflammation, etc. According to research published by NIH, ashwagandha was found to be safe and effective in improving cognitive functions and relieving stress in adults. As per NCCIH, ashwagandha taken for the short term which is at least 3 months is considered safe. 
  • Piper Nigrum Extract– Known as the ‘king of spices’, Piper Nigrum aka black pepper has a culinary role as well as medicinal benefits. A study published under MDPI Open Access Journals found that this extract can reduce oxidative stress and act as a neuroprotective agent against neurodegenerative diseases. This Noobru ingredient was shown to improve memory and prevent the onset of Alzheimer’s disease.
  • Choline Bitartrate– This ingredient can increase visuomotor performance and support healthy liver function. Research published in Nature magazine stated that choline is a crucial nutrient that enhances communication between motor neurons and skeletal muscle. It is also used to treat anxiety and other mental disorders.
  • Alpha GPC– This is a chemical produced in the body from choline that increases acetylcholine levels in the brain, which is an important brain chemical for memory and learning. According to the Journal of the International Society of Sports Nutrition, Alpha GPC can enhance both mental and physical performance. It increases focus and improves muscle strength.
  • Huperzine A– Extracted from the Chinese club moss plant, this compound in Noobru is made from laboratory manipulation. Studies have shown that huperzine A can improve memory functions in people with Alzheimer’s disease. It can also support focus and enhance learning ability.
  • L-theanine– An amino acid found in mushrooms and tea, l-theanine has proven to enhance focus and attention. It can relieve you from stress disorders and improve mood and sleep quality. A study published in the Journal of Medicinal Food has supported these claims and backed up the role of this amino acid in boosting cognitive function in middle-aged and older adults.

Other than these ingredients, Noobru brain booster is also made with Vitamin B5, Taurine, Phosphatidylserine, N-acetyl l-tyrosine, L-theanine, Vitamin B1, etc. Currently, there are no clinical trials available for the ingredients used and if you want to know more about this, write to the manufacturer in the comments.

How To Take Noobru Powder? 

If you are curious about how to consume Noobru powdered formula, let me help you. As mentioned earlier, this cognitive support supplement is available in an easy-to-use powder form and sachets. You can find that each sachets 3.2 grams and you can take one of them daily. A box of Noobru memory booster contains 20 sachets and it is suggested for a month’s usage.

Noobru Supplement Facts

Take a Noobru Advantage sachet, rip it, mix the contents with a glass of water, and shake well before drinking it up. Now the key to getting positive results is consistency. You need to take the formula regularly over a long period to get optimum results.

Noobru Supplement Claims Vs Facts

This section of the Noobru review will help you examine the claims made by the manufacturers and check whether it is based on facts or not. Look at the list below:

Claim 1- Noobru dietary supplement improves memory functions

Fact: The formula is marketed as a memory-boosting supplement and claims to elevate your cognitive performance. I checked the ingredients of the formula to know whether it promotes memory. I could find that ingredients in the Noobru powder such as choline bitartrate and phosphatidyl serine have research-proven memory-boosting properties which are validated by studies published by NIH.

Claim 2- Noobru relieves stress and anxiety

Fact: Another major claim made by the Noobru manufacturer is that it can reduce stress and anxiety levels. This needs more research and analysis. I found that most of the ingredients in the formula have research-backed adaptogenic properties that reduce stress. However individual results might vary.

Claim 3: Noobru increases your productivity 

Fact: This can be a bit general claim yet as the supplement can increase cognitive performance, it can lead to improved productivity. As detailed earlier, the Noobru mental clarity formula is made with ingredients that can enhance brain functions such as memory, learning, and focus which can contribute to increased productivity. But still, more research is needed to fully validate this claim.

Noobru Manufacturer Details And Credibility

When I first came across this formula, I checked the manufacturing and credibility details of this supplement. I could find that it is made under trustable manufacturing processes. Noobru Advantage is manufactured by Noobru, a trading name for Noolabs Trading Limited. It is promoted through trustworthy channels such as Amazon which again adds to its credibility.

The supplement is manufactured inside the United Kingdom in cutting-edge facilities that adhere to safety and quality guidelines prescribed by national standards. The Noobru ingredients are selected meticulously under expert supervision and are double-checked to ensure that it is free from harmful components.

Are There Any Noobru Side Effects Reported?

I have gone through multiple customer reviews and feedback on finding Noobru side effects. But after spending much time on it, I couldn’t find any considerable side effects reported from anywhere. Unlike other memory enhancement pills and brain enhancement pills on the market, this one doesn’t cause any life-threatening side effects.

There are a few customers who have reported having slight cases of nausea and sleepiness in the first few weeks. But later on, these symptoms completely vanish away. For myself, I couldn’t notice any side effects from Noobru cognitive booster except I felt more thirsty than usual. 

Even though there are no side effects from it, you should consume Noobru powder along with proper diet and exercise to amplify the benefits. It is ideal to consume the powder with water or natural juices without sugar. Also, it is recommended to take alcohol only 1 hour before or after taking it.

Noobru is made with plant-based ingredients and the chances of it getting interacted with other medications can be extremely low. Still, if you are already under any supplements or medications, kindly consult your doctor before taking the powder.

Noobru Customer Reviews And Testimonials

I had to make sure how other customers see this cognitive health booster and what kind of feedback is available. For that purpose, I examined thousands of Noobru customer reviews available online. I could find most of them through the Amazon website, medical forums, official websites, etc.

To my surprise, most of these customers have expressed their positive experiences with the formula. They have claimed to have a better memory and focus after taking the Noobru nootropic formula. Here are some of the testimonials I came across:

Noobru Customer Reviews

“ I started using Noobru after getting frequent bouts of brain fog and irritability. Even after consulting many doctors, my condition couldn’t subside. A friend of mine suggested Noobru and after taking this delicious drink, I could feel more mental clarity and acuity.” Thanks, Noobru!- Jordan, 57

“ I had always struggled with focus issues. Tried many things, Yoga, meditation, and focus exercises but nothing was of use. I started using Noobru supplement and things took a massive turn. Now I can easily focus on my work and my productivity has been on an upward trajectory since then”- Leila, 34

“ Since I was a kid, I have had stress and anxiety attacks. This started to impact my life more largely. My cousin suggested the Noobru Advantage powder and after taking it I felt more relaxed, calmer, and confident. This was beyond my expectations!”- Heily, 27

Where To Purchase Noobru Brain Health Supplement? How Much Does It Cost?

I have noticed that as Noobru brain health booster had much popularity in the market, there has been a parallel market of replicas thriving on one side. So it is of utmost importance for you not to fall for such imitations and choose the authentic product from them.

Currently, the availability of the Noobru packet is through Amazon at a reasonabe price of $45.82, so make sure you are using an authentic channel of distribution. This will save you from fake purchases and serious side effects from such fraudulent supplements. 

Noobru Comparison With Similar Supplements

Another thing that helped me to evaluate the quality of Noobru nootropic supplement was comparing it with other two similar products. Alpha Brain and Prevagen are two brain enhancement pills that are available on the market. Let us examine these two products with Noobru here.

Noobru Comparison With Similar Supplements
SupplementNoobruPrevagenAlpha Brain
EffectivenessHigh, fast, and strongHighHigh
ManufacturerNoobru ™ Quincy BioscienceONNIT
Ease of usingEasy-to-use powderCapsulesCapsules
Safety100% safety100%100%

You can see that all three supplements have similar aspects and can be used as a safe option to improve cognitive function. But in some aspects, Noobru brain enhancement powder is better than the other two so it can be claimed as a more legit option.

Expert Opinion And Advice Regarding Noobru

After a thorough examination of the Noobru supplement, I can assure you that it is an ideal choice to enhance your cognitive function. I have analyzed the formula from all possible sides and even have consumed it to have a direct experience. So based on all this, it can be claimed as genuine and safe.

But I would suggest that you need to have discretion before consuming any supplements and should follow a healthy lifestyle with brain health boosting foods and safe workout regimen to complement its work. If you usually consume alcohol, make sure to take it 1 hour before or after its intake. Also, in case you are pregnant, breastfeeding, or have an existing medical condition, consult your doctor before taking Noobru cognition support formula.


On finalizing my investigations through this Noobru review, it can be summarized that this is genuine and safe for human consumption. The conclusion has been made based on a thorough analysis of the formula by combining personal experience, meticulous research, and analyzing various customer feedbacks. It was found that Noobru powder is 100% plant-based, allergen-free, and made inside quality facilities. It sharpens mental acuity, aids in stress reduction, and improves memory and focus.

Noobru brain performance enhancer is manufactured inside the United Kingdom and all statutory guidelines have been followed in its making. The supplement is available through Amazon and customers are advised to be cautious on its replicas. Noobru is not a cure for any medical conditions and individual discretion should be used on consuming the formula. In case of any unexpected health effects, consult a doctor immediately. 


Q.  Can people with lactose intolerance consume Noobru?

Yes. It doesn’t contain any allergens such as dairy and hence it is safe for people with lactose intolerance.

Q. Does the Noobru drink mix powder have any psychedelic effects?

Even though it is a nootropic, it doesn’t contain any harmful or addictive substances found in psychedelics. So you can consume it without worrying about getting addicted to it.

Q. Can I take Noobru nootropic with my existing antidepressants?

If you are already under any prescription drugs, it is ideal to consult your doctor before starting Noobru.

Q. Can I use Noobru Advantage formula to increase my athletic performance? Is it legal?

It can improve your cognitive function and energy levels. As of now, you can safely use it before athletic events as none of the ingredients in Noobu are on the WADA-banned substances list.

Q. Is Noobru available through drug stores?

No. It is not available through any retail stores and please use Amazon for purchasing the authorized supplement.


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