New Detailed Video Flyover – How Many Nuclear Reactors Are Really Burning In Japan?

Detailed, interesting up close helicopter video flyover footage of the Japan Fukushimi nuclear reactors burning clouds of fresh radioactive smoke into the wind.

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Fly By of Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant 3/27/11 – Also How Many Nuclear Power Plants are in Meltdown in Japan? Seems Onagawa Nuclear Plant may have Melted Down.

It is said by the administrator of Tohoku Electric Power Co’s that the fire broke out during the earthquake and due to the failure of the cooling in the reactor. They said that “the process of cooling in the reactor is not going as planned” adding nuclear emergency situation in the state.

I am also concerned about initial reports of cooling system failure at the Tokai-2 reactor near Ibaraki followed by total silence.

From the source article at Sherrie Questioning All

It seems there may be another Nuclear Power Plant in Japan that might have melted down that the authorities there are not mentioning. The Onagawa Nuclear Power Plant farther north in Japan may have melted down. But the authorities there are not mentioning it and the media is not even questioning it.

In my opinion disclosure needs to be done of all the nuclear power plants that are in possible meltdown in Japan. This is not just a Japanese Country problem this affects the whole world. Where is the UN Nuclear committee with this? Why are they not holding Japanese officials to disclose all nuclear problems there? Is it because that would turn all the public’s opinion against nuclear power? Is it actually due to nuclear power influences of money etc that is causing them to hide what is going on with various Nuclear power plants in Japan besides the Fukushima nuclear power plant?

One other news information – the Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant workers were evacuated today the report is the radiation amount is 10 million times normal.  They have tried to back track on the 10 million number but they have not yet said the workers have returned.

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