Mysterious Booms Span 80 Miles Across Wisconsin On 4th Night

Mysterious Booms Span 80 Miles Across Wisconsin On 4th Night

Mysterious underground booms occurring in Wisconsin continue into their fourth night and are now being heard in a second town over 80 miles away.

Paul Joseph Watson
Thursday, March 22, 2012

Mysterious booms that have rocked the town of Clintonville, Wisconsin have spread to another town 80 miles away.

Police in Montello received reports of similar earth tremors at 5:30am this morning.

“They checked to see if anyone was drilling or doing underground work but came back empty handed,” reports NBC 26.

“Residents from Montello say they’re not crazy! In fact, they didn’t even hear about what’s going on in Clintonville until after they started doing some research online.”

The story of the mysterious booms has now gone viral and is getting nationwide coverage. In contrast to the “strange sounds” phenomenon which swept the Internet earlier this year, which was characterized by recordings of loud trumpet sounds made by breathless You Tube videographers, events in Wisconsin are considerably more fact-based.

Indeed, concern over the booms prompted a town hall public meeting last night in Clintonville and a promise to bring in sophisticated seismic technology to try and locate the epicenter of the noise.

Although Wednesday night was quieter in comparison to previous nights in Clintonville, police did receive a handful of reports of more booms and local reporters also heard the strange noise again at around 5am.

The most active night was Sunday, when police received over a hundred calls from concerned residents who felt their houses shake as a result of the boom.

Explanations for the source of the booms have varied, with residents speculating that the noises could be caused by secret underground military experiments, heavy construction, explosives used in mining, or even clandestine geoengineering projects focused around CO2 sequestration, which involves pumping CO2 into deep underground reservoirs and has been linked with man-made earthquakes.

The military has denied that it is responsible for the booms, but would not be expected to claim responsibility if it was conducting secret activities.

Similar unexplained booms have been reported for hundreds of years across the United States. “They tend to occur more in the Northeastern US and along the East Coast,” according to the USGS, which notes that the booms cannot be measured with traditional seismic technology used to record actual earthquakes, meaning it’s unlikely that Clintonville and other towns affected by the noises will ever be able to identify the true cause.


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