Must Watch Video: Debunking The Bullshit Corporate Media Lies We Are Told About Greece

Must Watch Video: Debunking The Bullshit Corporate Media Lies We Are Told About Greece


A video and a list of other FACTS to set the record straight on the bullshit stories the corporate media continues to run to justify the banker enslavement of the people of Greece..

The corporate media continues to run bullshit stories about Greece to justify the banker enslavement of the people of Greece.

Popular talking points range from the people of Greece are lazy and don’t want to work, to Greece produces nothing and has no natural resources.

This video goes along way in debunking the bullshit.


Of course there are other points that need to be straightened out as well.

The media likes to run stories saying the Greeks are rioting because they changed the retirement age to 50 years and make no mention of being forced to pay for a banker bailout. Truth is the retirement age was changed during the first round of austerity measures passed a long time ago so it really is no longer an issue and deceptive when the media continues to say that is the reason for the riots.

Another truth is the retirement age was changed to be pegged to the average life expectancy and not to 55 or 50 as the corporate media likes to falsely report. Here in the U.S that would be like pegging retirement, eg. social security, pensions, 401k, etc. to be based on the 78 year old average life expectancy of a male and the 81 year old average life expectancy of a female. To translate that people will be forced to work their entire lives and pay into these instruments and die before they ever get to retire and collect the money they paid in or earned.

Another point is that needs to be highlight is people in Greece are being forced to take additional austerity measures to receive international aid loans just to pay back the interest alone for the original banker bailout loans. Make no mistake, the bailout loans are to save the bankers asses and not the people of Greece.

Here are some highlights from the original austerity measures. I still need to modify these and make a list that includes the latest round of austerity measures that were passed.

America – Are You Ready For Greece Style Austerity Measures?


Here are the facts of the Greek Austerity Measures:


– Public sector pay freeze extended until 2014.

– Christmas, Easter and summer holiday bonuses in the public sector, also known as 13th and 14th salaries, are abolished for those earning above 3,000 euros a month and will be capped at 1,000 euros for those earning less. These bonus salaries had already been cut by 30 percent under a previous set of austerity measures announced in March.

– Public sector allowances to be cut by an additional 8 percent. These allowances, which account for a significant part of civil servants’ overall income, were already cut by 12 percent under the latest round of austerity measures announced in March.


– The main VAT rate is increased by 2 percentage points to 23 percent. It had already been raised to 21 percent from 19 percent in March.

– Excise taxes on fuel, cigarettes and alcohol are increased by a further 10 percent.

– The government expects to generate additional revenues through another one-off tax on highly profitable companies, as well as new gambling and gaming licenses, more property taxes and green taxes.


– The government said it will revise laws which currently bar companies from firing more than 2 percent of their total work force each month. Other changes will be made regarding severance payments. A new (lower) minimum wage will be introduced, applying to the young and the long-term unemployed.


– Liberalization in the energy, transport markets and opening up of closed professions.


– The retirement age, currently 65 years for men and 60 years for women, will be linked to average life expectancy.

– Minimum contribution period to qualify for full pension will be gradually increased to 40 years from 37 years by 2015.

– Early retirement will be curtailed, with a view to banning any retirement below 60.

– Pensions will be cut, to reflect a pensioner’s average pay over the entire working life rather than his or her final salary level.

Don’t kid yourself. There is no real crisis going on here.

This is a manufactured guise. It’s purpose is to allow the government to coerce us into making these extreme sacrifices without the forces behind the scenes taking the heat for forcing what can only be described as indentured servitude.

The situation is so bad that nation of Greece is being forced to pay for a banker bailout by borrowing money at interest rates up at nearly 40% on a 2 year government bond. That money that government borrows is then used to pay back the just interest on the original bailout loans. Do you see the vicious never ending downward spiral here?

Zero hedge speculates that the near 40% interest rate may send Greece into a temporary default within then next 48 hours.

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