Media Ignores The Spanish Revolution As It Turns To World Revolution

Camp Sites Around The World That Have Popped Up In The Name Of Revolution Calling For Real Democracy

The revolution that has started in Spain has spread all over Europe with over 676 protest sites popping up in many nations including several here in the US while the media ignores the story

I previously wrote that the revolution has began in Spain.

The Revolution Has Started In Spain (Update 5)

Revolution Has Started In Spain The revolution has started in Spain as tens of thousands take to the streets in protest of high unemployment and draconian austerity measures.Read more…

While that post has received the attention it has deserved by making it to the front page of social networking sites like reddit I am shocked the media – both the Mainstream media and the alternative media – has been quiet on this issue.

Regardless of the lack of coverage, check out this map of protests sites that have popped up around the world in the name of protest against the corrupt bankers and governments (details on the map below).

Camp Sites Around The World That Have Popped Up In The Name Of Revolution Calling For Real Democracy

To be fair, as I pointed out in the post above, there has been coverage on this story –  which has been buried –  in several corporate media publications but none that reveal that there is a worldwide call for revolution breaking out around the world.

Indeed the #SpanishRevolution has quickly grown beyond just being Spanish. First it grew into the #EuropeanRevolution with revolution protest sites being set up throughout Europe. Then with in a matter of days it has  become the #WorldRevolution as protests sites spread across the US. (More on these #hash tags below) (Yes.. the media hasn’t ran any stories but there are plenty of YouTube videos confirming #WorldRevolution protests through the United States… Come on Wake UP! Of course the media is going to bury this story)

In fact 676 different camp sites – locations in which revolutionary protestors have set up camps, including tents (see story above for details), in public owned areas – have been set up worldwide, with dozens of places of protests calling for revolution set up here in the United States and all organize online through sites like Facebook.

The media can ignore the revolution all they want but the fact is over 22 million citizens from around the world have joined the call for revolution because they are fed up. When you have this many people coming out in full force saying the revolution against corrupt governments and bankers has started you don’t need a mainstream media story to confirm it. Media coverage or not, over 22 million people hitting the streets saying this is a revolution, and as those numbers continue growing daily… well I call it a revolution.

With or without media coverage, people are organizing and spreading the word through online social networking tools. Here is a map that that has been set up to track revolution camp sites around the world and the number of revolution sites has grown to over 676 around the world with several sites here in the United States alone.

Map Of Revolution Camp Sites Set Up Around The World

You can put the revolution camp map on your website with this code…

<iframe style=”width: 600px; height: 350px; border: 0;” src=””>

Again word is being spread via social networking using hashtags including #SpanishRevolution, #EuropeRevolution and #WorldRevolution. The media is not covering this but be assured the movement is in fact real with millions of people hitting the streets around the world.

The question is America, are you ready to hit the street yet in protest of our own government? Several sites have already sprung up across the nation. Will you join in the protests?

To see this is real, you can visit the following revolution facebook pages which are popping up daily around the world:

The following twitter hash tags are being used to discuss via twitter.

So we have the Dutch, the French, the Portuguese, the Italian, The Greek, The Spanish, The English, The Irish, and in fact people all over the world coming out in revolutionary protest…



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