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Is Beef Jerky Good For Weight Loss? Is It Risky To Eat Everyday?

Losing weight is important for many reasons. It can improve your overall health and quality of life, and a more linear figure can help boost ...

by Karen Smit

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Losing weight is important for many reasons. It can improve your overall health and quality of life, and a more linear figure can help boost your confidence and self-respect. To lose excess weight, all you have to do is create a calorie deficit in your body by eating less and moving more. But when you increase your physical activity, it can naturally increase your appetite for food, resulting in overeating and possibly more weight gain.

But many people claim that eating some foods such as beef jerky can actually result in weight loss. Feel like a dream, doesn’t it? But is that true or is it just another folk tale? In this article, we will set the record straight on whether beef jerky is good for weight loss or not. 

Is Beef Jerky Good For Weight Loss? Factors Beneficial For Reducing Weight

Beef Jerky is dried beef that is usually covered in salt and other seasonings. It is quite tasty and you can eat it straight out of the package. It can indeed be beneficial for weight loss for several reasons, such as: 

Eating Beef Jerky Everyday
  1. High Protein Content: Beef jerky is high in protein, which is essential for building muscle mass and improving the metabolism of the body. More importantly, protein takes longer to digest which will keep you feeling fuller for a longer period.
  2. Nutrient Rich: The snack is packed with essential nutrients like zinc, magnesium, and B-12, which can support the overall health of your body. 
  3. Low-Calorie Option: Beef jerky is relatively low in calories, especially in comparison with other snacks. When you are looking to lose weight, you should aim for foods that are low in calories, making beef jerky, the perfect option.
  4. Low Carbs: Beef jerky is also low in carbs, making it suitable for low-carb diets such as ketogenic diet and paleo diet. It also wouldn’t have any significant impact on your glucose levels. 

Is It OK To Eat Beef Jerky Everyday?

It is fine to eat beef jerky every day as a part of a healthy diet. However, if weight loss is your goal, then keep the consumption to a minimum. Overconsumption of anything including beef jerky wouldn’t be good for your health. Not all jerky is the same, if you are planning on eating beef jerky every day, make sure you are choosing the ones that are: 

  1. Low in Sodium: Beef jerky is usually high in sodium content. Higher levels of sodium in the body may lead to increased risk of high blood pressure levels, heart disease, and stroke. Examine the label of the beef jerky you are choosing to make sure that it contains less than 400 mg of sodium per serving. 
  2. High in Protein: Some of the major weight loss benefits of eating beef jerky come from its protein content. So, it is important to ensure that the ones you are choosing contain at least 10 grams of protein per serving. 
  3. Made from Grass-Fed Beef: The quality of the protein varies depending on the type of beef used to make the jerky. Grass-fed beef is generally more nutrient-rich than others. 
  4. Low Sugar Beef Jerky: If you are trying to lose weight, sugar is the last thing you want in your diet. Choosing low-sugar beef jerky can be more beneficial. 

Is Beef Jerky Healthier Than Chips?

Chips are among the most widely consumed snacks on a global scale. They are tasty, savory, and delicious snacks that would usually make you go through a whole bag in one go. Though beef jerky is also a tasty snack, it is much healthier than traditional chips.

Chips are more calorie-dense and contain more sugar than jerky. It also falls far behind jerky in terms of protein and other nutrients. However, chips usually have less sodium content in comparison to beef jerky which means that if you normally have high sodium levels, chips might be a better choice. 

So, switching from chips to beef jerky can have a significant impact on your overall health and weight loss. However, it all comes down to the amount of calories you are consuming. Be it chips or jerky, it is best to keep yourself away from overindulging into any snacks. 


Beef jerky is a protein-dense snack that can support weight loss. The protein is essential in building lean muscle and trimming fat from your body. Beef jerky can also support your metabolism and make you feel full for longer, making it a good snack in between meals. Jerky is a good source of several vitamins and minerals that are essential for healthy body functions, and it is also low in calories, especially when compared to other snacks such as chips. 

Choosing low-sodium and low-sugar jerky that are high in protein can be more beneficial. However, moderation is key, especially when it comes to weight loss. Keep yourself in check and do not overindulge on any snack including beef jerky. 

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