Iran Sentences 4 Criminal Bankers To Death – In US They’d Walk Free

Iran Sentences 4 Criminal Bankers To Death – In US They’d Walk Free

Iran sentences 4 of 39 criminal bankers to death as America’s economy continues to be devastated by official US policy not to prosecute Wall Street fraud.

Ever since the Enron scandal the United State’s has made it official policy not to prosecute Wall Street criminals for various run of the mill financial fraud schemes.

Of course there are exceptions to the non-prosecute policy – such as in the case of Madoff where their entire scam is fraudulent – but for the run of the mill ‘legitimate’ Wall Street firm official policy is not to prosecute in order to limit the economic damage from the public revelations about the fraud.

In Iran, things are different – the do prosecute financial criminals and just announced that 4 of the biggest scammers have been sentenced to death.

Here in America, our economy continues to suffer as the public and investors from around the world now know that the game is rigged and if you get caught scamming people there are no real consequences – only fines for the corporations involved which only amount to the small percentage of the profits made by the fraud in the first place.

While some people are calling to ‘hang the criminal bankers’ perhaps lynchings and the death penalty go a little too far.

However one thing is certain – our economy will never recover until the criminals are prosecuted. The Great Depression and other crashes prior to the Great Depression (which the media likes to pretend never happened) was really due to the failure to prosecute financial fraud.

Today is no different and as long as the government continues to ‘massage economic statistics’ (a fraud within itself) our economy simply will not recover.

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