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How To Get Unbloated In 5 Minutes? Effective Tips For Instant Relief!

Bloating is a common condition that makes your stomach feel full and tight. Sometimes it may lead to abdominal pain and tightness. Even though it ...

by Kendra Reed

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Bloating is a common condition that makes your stomach feel full and tight. Sometimes it may lead to abdominal pain and tightness. Even though it is a common condition that is caused by no underlying condition, it can often lead to discomfort.  There are some quick ways to get rid of bloating. Before diving into the solution, take a look at the common causes of bloating to understand what kind of bloating you are experiencing. 

What Makes Me Bloated All The Time?

Constant Bloating

The buildup of gas is the common culprit for feeling bloated all the time. Sometimes constant bloating is a result of other common factors, which include:

  • Fluid Retention: Retaining excess fluid in the abdomen leads to bloating. Fluctuating hormone levels, liver conditions, or kidney problems can lead to fluid retention and bloating. 
  • Overeating: Eating a large meal on an empty stomach or after long periods of refraining from eating will overwhelm the digestive system and lead to bloating. 
  • Digestive problems: Irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), gluten or lactose intolerance, and constipation are some of the digestive issues that can lead to chronic bloating. 
  • Dietary choices: Eating salty, carbohydrate-rich food and fiber can make your belly bloated. Sometimes, taking too many carbonated drinks can also contribute to bloating. 
  • Underlying health conditions: Health issues such as ovarian cancer, bacterial overgrowth, Crohn’s disease, and celiac disease will also play a role in long-term bloating. 

If the bloating persists after dietary modifications and lifestyle changes, or if you experience other noticeable symptoms along with bloating, consulting a health care provider will help to offer proper guidance and diagnosis. 

Quick Tips To Get Rid Of Bloating 

There are some quick remedies to ameliorate bloating easily. These are six easy ways to find relief from excessive bloating. 

✅ Walking 

Walking is an easy way to reduce bloating naturally. Physical activity and digestion share a close connection. Going for a walk while experiencing bloating will help stimulate the abdominal muscles. This can help to release gas and promote the movement of food through the digestive system.

Constipation is another cause of bloating. Walking will help to improve bowel motility and alleviate constipation. Altogether, going for a walk will relax the body and have a profound impact on reducing abdominal bloating. 

✅ Use of Peppermint Capsules or Herbal Tea

The menthol in peppermint acts as a muscle relaxant and helps to relax digestive-tract muscles. It offers a soothing effect that can relieve spasms. Consuming herbal teas of peppermint, ginger, and chamomile will improve bloating.

The relaxing properties of peppermint relax the intestines and release trapped gas.  By influencing the flow of bile produced by the liver, peppermint prevents the accumulation of undigested food in the intestine and reduces chronic bloating.  

✅ Gas Relief Capsules

Most of the fast gas relief capsules contain simethicone, that can break down gas in the digestive tract quickly. Taking fast-acting gas relief capsules is a safe and effective option to improve sudden bloating. The minimal number of side effects makes these capsules safe for consumption. 

✅ Abdominal Massages and Gentle Exercise 

Light physical activities and resorting to abdominal massage techniques are extremely helpful in reducing bloating. Gentle massage will improve bowel movements and the release of gas.

You can practice different types of abdominal massages; however, if it leads to pain, you should immediately discontinue the technique. Gentle physical activities and yoga poses will also stimulate digestion and relieve bloating. 

✅ Taking A warm Bath 

Soaking yourself in warm water is a safe way to improve acute bloating. It will help a person to reduce abdominal bloating in various ways. Warm water can relax the muscles in the abdominal cavity, which can remove the tension in the muscles that causes bloating. Stress is another cause of bloating; taking a hot shower will help to reduce stress levels and relax the body. 

✅ Essential Oils 

Using peppermint, ginger, fennel, and lemon oil will reduce bloating. Studies have shown that essential oils can stimulate digestion and reduce inflammation in the gastrointestinal tract. Many essential oils have the potential to stimulate digestion by producing enzymes and digestive juices.

The anti-inflammatory properties found in the oils will provide a soothing effect and reduce discomfort caused by excessive bloating.  Do not consume essential oils directly; always dilute them in water before consuming. 

Remember, the above-mentioned techniques will only offer temporary relief from bloating. If you suffer from frequent bloating, it is important to consult an expert to find out the underlying cause of your abdominal bloating. 


All these easy home remedies can improve your bloating safely and naturally. Many of these techniques work by offering relaxation to the abdominal muscles. If the bloating gets worse after trying out any of the methods, consult your healthcare provider. 


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