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How To Fix Teeth Naturally Without Braces? Effective Methods!

It has to be known that there are no safe methods to straighten your teeth without the help of a dentist. No substantial benefits can ...

by Jason Wesley

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It has to be known that there are no safe methods to straighten your teeth without the help of a dentist. No substantial benefits can be achieved by gnawing on sticks, applying rubber bands, or applying force on your teeth with your fingers. Many people suffer great pain and damage to their teeth by resorting to one of these methods and have to take the help of a dental specialist to recover from their problems.

Here in this article, we will discuss some natural methods to straighten your teeth and the problems involved in doing so. We will also talk about safe alternatives available to fix your teeth that may be less expensive than initially thought.

The Risks Of Naturally Straightening Teeth

The dental experts point out that trying to straighten your teeth using unscientific methods may weaken your teeth. It can also result in pain and infections that may require advanced medical treatment.

Fix Teeth Naturally Without Braces

However, natural teeth straightening methods are being promoted as very safe. The reality is most of us have no clue as to how sensitive our teeth are. Your bite and the alignment of your upper and lower teeth have a huge impact on oral health.

Using natural methods can change this alignment forever and change your bite. This can make things worse and lead to problems such as tooth abrasion, jaw disorders, and gum irritation to name a few. 

2 Ways To Straighten Your Teeth Naturally

Now let’s discuss more about the two most common methods used to straighten teeth naturally. See below for details.

1. Pushing teeth using fingers

In this method, raw pressure is applied using one’s finger on the tooth that is out of alignment. It can cause great pain and injury to both your teeth and fingers. Doing this often can also pave the way for bacterial infections as your fingers may give easy access to germs in your mouth.

Besides, the threat of losing one or more of your teeth is very real as it can weaken the gums and lead to inflammation. 

2. Teeth straightening with floss and rubber bands

It is most common to use floss to close the gap between teeth, a condition known as diastema. Most often rubber bands are used to pull the gapped teeth closer to each other. This method is very dangerous as it exerts significant levels of pressure that can be detrimental to your teeth. The problem of uncontrollable force applied over your teeth can result in broken teeth. 

Better Alternatives To Natural Methods

The experts vote for braces and clear aligners as the most effective ways to straighten teeth scientifically. Let’s discuss them in detail.

  1. Regular Braces – The braces are types of equipment that use brackets cemented to the teeth. The brackets are connected via an archwire that extends over the teeth. It requires frequent tightening and it can be done during the regular visits made to the dentists. It exerts the right pressure on the teeth which makes them move into the correct position without any problem. 
  2. Clear Aligners – Clear aligners are often custom-made according to one’s individual needs and fit over teeth. It is placed after studying where your teeth are currently and where they need to be moved to achieve proper dental alignment that results in an optimal bite. These aligners lead to a series of trays being created that are responsible for progressively shifting the teeth. The good thing about them is that they can be removable and have to be worn for a specific amount of time before moving to the next one. 

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We have seen the natural ways to fix teeth and some of the grave challenges it poses in this article. We also discussed the other safe alternatives left with us and how they can systematically ensure the proper alignment of teeth and provide us with the optimal bite.

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