High Levels Of Radiation Reported At Perry Nuclear Power Plant In Ohio


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By Alex Thomas
April 27th, 2011

The Nuclear Regulatory Commission, a supposed government oversight agency that is actually funded by the nuclear industry itself, has started a special investigation into high levels of radiation reported at the Perry Nuclear Power Plant in Ohio.

The workers immediately evacuated on April 22nd after radiation levels rose when the plant was shutting down for a refueling outage.

Officials have been quiet on details, opting instead to force the public to believe an agency with a long history of cover ups.

“In a statement issued by the commission, “The plant is in a safe condition and there has been no impact to workers at the plant or members of the public from this issue.” The commission explained that trouble started when workers were removing a monitor that measures nuclear reactions during start-up, low-power operations and shutdown,” reported One India News.

While this most likely will turn out to be a minor radiation release, this event illustrates once again the dangers of nuclear power plants.

It is true that we may still need to use nuclear power on a much smaller basis but it is absolutely unacceptable to continue on with the lack oversight that the nuclear power industry currently receives.


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