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Feather Cut Or Layer Cut: Which Haircut Will Be Suitable For Your Hair?

Hair cuts help hair grow healthier and thicker. It also helps prevent breakage, promote hair growth, maintain shape and style, eliminate split ends, control damage, ...

by Debra Thomson

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Hair cuts help hair grow healthier and thicker. It also helps prevent breakage, promote hair growth, maintain shape and style, eliminate split ends, control damage, and improve hair texture. Regular cuts prevent the hair from further damage and improve overall hair health. Women search for appropriate haircuts to enhance their look and boost confidence. Let us see which hairstyle suits long and short hair. 

Which Haircut Will Be Suitable For Your Hair? Feather Cut Or Layer Cut

Feather cut is a layered hairstyle for women that resembles the layering of bird feathers. This haircut is suitable for all hair types as it looks good on straight, wavy, and curly hair. On the other hand, layer cut is an easy style to manage, and it is a hairstyle where hair is arranged into layers, with the top layers cut shorter than the layers beneath.

Layered Vs Non-Layered Long Hair

Feather cuts suit best on short to medium length and thick hair, whereas layer cuts suit any length and quantity of hair. However, layer cut looks best on lengthy hair. Feather cuts provide an illusion of thickness, which makes it ideal for those with fine or thin hair. It shapes the end of the tresses and is best for those with no time or less time to spend on their hair.

Layered Vs Non-Layered Long Hair

Layered vs non-layered long hair, which one is good? In layer cuts, the hair is cut in a variety of lengths. This hairstyle improves the hair’s volume as it creates many inside shapes and movements. Also, this hairstyle makes the hair lighter and does not weigh you down.

Styling hair will be easy and less time-consuming, thanks to the lighter hair. While long, non-layered hair is good layering hairstyle gives a major refresh. Layering is ideal for those looking to add volume to their hair. However, hairs without layer grows and lasts longer. 

Indeed, layer cut is stylish and makes hair look fresh. It also increases the hair density. But the downside of this haircut is that it will take a longer time to grow back and look fuller. Also, the wrong stylist can make the haircut disastrous.

Once you have a layer cut, it is necessary to have a styling routine, as the layers need regular fixing. Its maintenance includes using high-quality styling products, which can be expensive. On the other hand, non-layered hair is neat and can be styled using a hair serum.

The hair stays long and strong for a long time and doesn’t require much effort to maintain it. But one of the drawbacks is that noon-layered hair only suits some women. It often looks good on oval, round, and square faces but not on most other face cuts. Also, there are only limited hairstyles one can do with non-layered hair. 

Does Feather Cut Or Layer Cut Damage The Hair?

While both feather cut and layer cut require styling and maintenance, it does not likely damage the hair. Feather cut does not take away a lot of volume and suits most hair and face. It does not damage the strands but requires maintenance to prevent split ends. Layer cuts also, cause no harm to the hair, but maintaining those layers can be quite a task, especially for those, who have very little time. 

Both these haircuts do not prevent hair growth. It depends on a person’s hair and how healthy their scalp is. Cutting hair won’t slow down hair growth or change the speed of hair growth. Hair growth reflects genetics, diet, lifestyle, stress, and health issues. Both feather cuts and layer cuts have no impact on hair growth or loss. 

How Long Does Feather Cut And Layer Cut Last?

There is no specific answer to how long a hairstyle lasts because it depends on a person’s hair and how quickly their hair grows out of the hairstyle. However, feather cuts usually last six to eight weeks for they need trimming or maintenance.

Layer cuts last four to six weeks, but the trouble with this haircut is that all the layers grow back at different paces, which makes the hair look messy. So, those with layer cuts should go for a regular trim depending on how fast the hair grows to prevent split ends and messy hair. 


Choosing a hairstyle depends on one’s personal preference. There is no correct answer to which hair is better than the other as each hairstyle suits everyone, but it mostly depends on a person’s face cut. Feather cut is best for those with short to medium hair length, whereas layer cut suits best for those with longer hair. Also, make sure to maintain the hair and do regular trimming to prevent split ends and hair damage. Haircuts cause no damage to the hair and in fact, they can boost confidence, look, and overall hair health. However, certain hairstyles like buns, ponytails, cornrows, and pulling back hair tightly can damage the hair. 

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