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Does Rice Water Reduce Belly Fat Overnight? Real Facts Revealed!

Stubborn belly fat has become a major concern leading to excessive weight gain. Fats simply get stored in the belly due to excessive consumption of ...

by Karen Smit

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Stubborn belly fat has become a major concern leading to excessive weight gain. Fats simply get stored in the belly due to excessive consumption of calories and fats then they get burned. When the belly fats are not addressed right away, it gets harder to eliminate from the body. Other factors such as lack of physical exercise and a healthy diet can lead to weight gain. Stress and anxiety can also lead to accumulating more belly fat than it gets burned in the body. 

Too much belly fat has the risks of getting high blood pressure levels, type-2 diabetes, heart diseases, and many others. The best steps for beating belly fat are to do regular exercise, follow a healthy diet, and get an adequate amount of sleep. These factors can contribute to the reduction of belly fat. 

Apart from these, the consumption of rice water has been promoted to be essential in supporting weight management. Rice water indeed contains many beneficial components. Let’s see how it is different from rice and its role in reducing belly fat. 

What Is Rice Water And How Is It Different From Cooked Rice?

Rice water is prepared using many ways. The most common way of preparing rice water is to simply boil the rice in low flame. The water acquires all the beneficial compounds from the rice when it gets half-cooked. This water can be strained from the rice and used to drink by adding salt or sugar for the taste. 

Rice Water Reduce Belly Fat

This extraction of scratch from boiled rice is used for many health benefits. Unlike rice, it contains various types of vitamins and nutrients effective for overall health. Rice water does not contain excess amounts of carbohydrates like cooked rice. 

How does rice water reduce belly fat?

Drinking rice water can aid in weight loss by easing various body functions. The following are the ways rice water facilitates in reduction of belly fat:

Enhance digestion: Rice water eases the digestion process. It helps to deliver rich nutrients and vitamins for the digestive system and bacteria to operate effectively to lose weight

Improve metabolism – It increases the metabolic reaction enabling the body to get an adequate amount of nutrients. This helps to reduce hunger. Moreover, it helps the body stay hydrated and offers more energy from the carbohydrates 

Feeling fullness – The rice water may help to feel the belly satiated due to its starchy content. This can be advantageous for controlling the appetite which influences the overall calorie intake

Improve gut health –  The starchy content of rice water contains healthy bacteria that may help to revive gut health. It helps to eliminate harmful bacteria and encourages the growth of rich natural microbes for facilitating the function of gut health. Good gut health can process the food effectively. 

Low-Calorie content – Rice water is relatively low in calories. It helps the body to absorb other nutrients and vitamins that can access the fat metabolism in the body. Consumption of rice water won’t exceed the calorie value. 

Other potential benefits of rice water

In addition to weight loss, rice water contains several other healthy compounds that can aid in overall wellness. Some of the other potential health benefits from the rice water are given below:

Hair care – Rice water contains high starch content which is effective in promoting hair growth. It can also strengthen the hair and prevent breakage. It is rich in amino acids, vitamins, and minerals.  It helps to restore the texture and growth of hair.

Immune support – Rice water nourishes the gut health with healthy compounds that directly enhance the immune system. This helps the body’s immune defenses to recognize threats and combat them. 

Skin health improvement – Applying rice water to the skin can lead to the removal of dark spots, and restore the natural moisture due to the rich vitamins and high water content. It helps to soothe inflamed skin and improve overall texture. 

Rice water is essential for the overall wellness of the health. It provides numerous potential benefits. It is important to use an adequate amount of rice water. Since it is high in starch and protein it can lead to damage to the scalp and slower hair growth. Therefore, it is important to use moderately to gain overall benefits. 


Consumption of rice water won’t miraculously help in reducing weight. It only has healthy compounds that can assist in weight loss. For weight loss, it is advisable to focus on adopting a healthy and balanced diet that may include various types of rich nutrients such as fruits, grains, and vegetables to support the healthy functioning of the body. The nutritious benefits of teh rice water contribute to controlling hunger, and promoting fullness, and hydration. This may help the body to limit the extra stuffing of fats and calories. Additionally, incorporating daily workouts for one hour or more may significantly contribute to weight management. Overall, rice water has the potential to reduce belly fat when it is consumed moderately.

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