CNN: Ron Paul Campaign Files 2nd Appeal Over Robbed LA Delegates

CNN: Ron Paul Campaign Files 2nd Appeal Over Robbed LA Delegates


The Ron Paul presidential campaign has filed a second appeal to reclaim popularly elected delegates they have been cheated out of by the GOP.

In yet another state Ron Paul and his delegates are trying to address the nationwide voter fraud conducted by the national GOP establishment to suppress his rightfully and popularly elected delegates using legal channels.

Now Louisiana joins recently filings from Massachusetts and Maine.

Ron Paul campaign files second appeal for Louisiana delegates

Washington (CNN) – Ron Paul’s presidential campaign isn’t done fighting for more delegates at the Republican National Convention.

The Texas congressman’s campaign sent a memo to the all RNC members, its counsel’s office and the convention’s credentials committee Friday evening, ahead of its second appeal to strip Louisiana of its delegates to the convention because of rules that it says were violated during the state convention.

The first appeal was rejected by the committee earlier this month.

“There’s no way you can argue with a straight face that rules weren’t changed,” said Charlie Davis, Louisiana chairman of the Ron Paul campaign.

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From The  Daily Paul: This is the second story that’s been scrubbed by The Daily Paul (unfortunately)

Check link below: I would like to slap the talk out of Jason Dore right now. He and the state party is just trying to bend the rules to make delegates vote for Mitt Romney, whereas the purpose of being a delegate is to vote for the nominee that bests represents their views and political beliefs.

If Mitt Romney is not the person they want to vote for why can you force them? And you’re just making it hard on the GOP with the conflict of an affidavit; just let the delegates do their job.


The GOP has been forced to do this because despite the numerous media lies Mitt Romney still hasn’t won the republican nomination.

Of course what that all means  -> The RNC Confirms Ron Paul Will Be Up For Presidential Nomination In Tampa.

To avoid the problem of potential coup at the Republican National Convention a few powerful GOP leaders have decided to dictatorially they would hundreds of years of democracy in America out the window nominate Romney on their own.

To accomplish this they have simply replaced Ron Paul’s popularly elected delegates from those states with Romney delegates.

Republican party leaders seized the power of the people to nominate presidential candidates through popular and fair votes when they disqualified popular elected delegates nationwide who refused to sign affidavits pledging their support for Romney at the Republic National Convention in Tampa Bay Florida next month.

The dangerous new precedent of which concentrates the power to choose presidential nominees into the hands of a few powerful party leaders marks the beginning of a sad chapter in America’s history.

It is beginning to look like the thousands already planning to protest the Republican National Convention may be joined by thousands of more members of Republican itself.

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