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Can Salt Water Tighten Loose Teeth? Unveiling The Truth!

Oral health is paramount in keeping at bay several health problems. However, unhealthy diet and lifestyle changes tend to affect it more than anything else. ...

by Jason Wesley

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Oral health is paramount in keeping at bay several health problems. However, unhealthy diet and lifestyle changes tend to affect it more than anything else. If we were to take The National Institutes of Health (NIH) medical report into consideration, nearly half of the US population aged between 45 to 64 suffers from gum diseases.

What seems to concern the health experts is the fact that tooth decay affects around 90% of adults aged 20 to 64 years. It is in this wake that we need to see the problem of loose teeth, a problem that cannot be taken lightly.

We feel it is important to discuss the matter thoroughly so that there is no scope for any ambiguity. For that purpose, we will address the pertinent question of whether fixing teeth using salt water is possible.

But before that, it will be beneficial to learn some common causes of loose teeth. It is no secret that salt water has oral health benefits and we will learn them as well. Let’s proceed.

What Are The Most Common Causes Of Loose Teeth?

Causes Of Loose Teeth

The condition of loose teeth is not a sudden occurrence and various factors combinedly pave the way for it. As we call it, tartar or hardened plaque causes the gums to detach from your teeth and as a result, gaps are created.

After a while, it leads to infection and gradual breakdown of the tissue supporting the teeth posing the problem of loose teeth. The below list has some other causes that lead to tooth loss.

☑️ Teeth injuries

Teeth injuries contribute to loose teeth as they cause inflammation and may even force the teeth to fall off. In other cases, the teeth itself can be damaged due to the impact of the collision.

☑️ Osteoporosis

Osteoporosis can cause some oral health issues as the jawbone becomes less dense and can pave the way for tooth loss.

☑️ Gum diseases

Gum diseases can also lead to loose teeth as they can pull away from teeth and form spaces. These spaces get infected and later on, the bone and tissue that holds teeth can break down, and as a result tooth loss can occur.

☑️ Bacterial infections

Bacteria causes plaque buildup and elicits an inflammatory response resulting in the loss of periodontal tissue and loosening of teeth.

☑️ Inflammation

Inflammation occurs in the gum and then spreads to the ligaments that support teeth. Gradually it will lead to loosening of the teeth and its fall out.

Oral health benefits of using saltwater

Experts believe that no better alternative than saltwater exists to address oral health issues. It can address a wide range of problems from inflammation to stains on teeth. It becomes an onus on us to provide a much better overview of the benefits. Check out the following. 

✔️ Prevents bacterial overgrowth

Bacteria prefer acidic environments for survival and saltwater removes water from bacteria through a process known as osmosis. 

✔️ Reduces plaque formation

Saltwater annihilates the bad microbes causing bad breath and cavities and works to disintegrate the plaque in a bid to promote better oral health.  

✔️ Brings down inflammation

Saltwater also known as alkaline water, consists of a potent blend of minerals that reduces inflammation and helps reduce swelling.

✔️ Relieves sore throat

Gargling with salt water helps to draw liquids to the surface along with the viruses and bacteria in the throat. Spitting the saltwater out gets rid of the bad actors as well. 

Fixing loose teeth using saltwater

After going through the many aspects of saltwater, there cannot be any further doubts about its medicinal value. However, we have a much more pertinent question to answer. Does salt water help to tighten loose teeth? In logical terms, the answer is yes.

Rinsing with salt water will help to clear the bacteria from the mouth. Once this happens, then normally it will only take a few days for the bone and tissue to mend tightening your teeth in the process. It is always a good idea to visit your dentist if you feel the problems persist and require urgent treatment. 


We had a brief overview of saltwater and how it can be of aid in dealing with the many oral problems that we face. The most common causes of loose teeth were discussed briefly. We saw some of the major oral health benefits that the use of salt water can offer us.

In the preceding section, the core question of whether salt water is capable of fixing loose teeth was duly addressed.  


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