BP Mercenaries In Fatigues Spraying Dispersants From Carolina Skiffs (Photos)


Some people questioned the credibility of bloggers who ran the story and the credibility of the chemist who reported “BP mercenaries in fatigues were spraying dispersants from Carolina Skiffs” as part of black ops to cover up the BP Gulf Oil Spill. New photographs reveal the truth after all.

I previously ran a few stories about an independent chemist being harassed by BP Thugs.

Washington’s blog followed up and confirmed the chemist’s statement who added that BP Mercenaries wearing camouflage fatigues were spraying Corexit.

Those stories were followed up by stories from others such as Truthout who posted photos of fresh barrels of Corexit and contractors in Carolina Skiffs spraying dispersants.

But still the thought of BP mercenaries in fatigues spraying dispersants from Carolina Skiffs was still a little to over the top for some and they instead chose to question the credibility of the chemist for making such a claim.

I just received this photo on facebook.

Hi Alexander
Here is a lovely photograph of a BP contactor off Devil’s Bay LA, hes a bit camera shy due to the effect that hes been caught in a BP Black OPS in spreading his load of corexit. Enjoy the photo.


BP Mercanaries In Fatigues Spraying Dispersants From Carolina Skiffs

Thumbnail Credit: Private contractor in Carolina Skiff with tank of Corexit dispersant, August 10, south of Pass Christian Harbor, 9:30 AM. (Photo: Don Tillman) from Evidence Mounts of BP Spraying Toxic Dispersants via Truthout


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