Big Oil Plans Party Called Clean Gulf To Celebrate Gulf Rape — Corexit Protest October 19, 20 Tampa Florida


Big Oil is throwing a party for getting away with raping the Gulf but residents have planned a protest to raise awareness of the danger of Corexit and to push lawmakers to ban it. If you can attend then RSVP below. If not pass it on to everyone you know.

Just in via Facebook:

2Anita Stewart

These evil people are actually having a conference for the OIL SPILL CLEANUP industry in Tampa and Orlando. We are planning a protest and a press conference OUTSIDE. If you want to be a part of this, please RSVP on the event page and make it a point to BE THERE…and be sure to pass this on to your peeps in Tampa and Orlando…

And they are even calling this event:

Anti Dispersant Demonstration
Location:The Tampa Convention Center
Time:12:00PM Tuesday, October 19th and 12:00PM Tuesday, October 20th

And from the Event Demonstration Page:

Tuesday, October 19 · 12:00pm – 4:00pm

Location The Tampa Convention Center

333 S Franklin St
Tampa, FL

Created By

More Info Oct 20th as well same time .NALCO will be af vendor at this event. Our aim is two fold raise public awareness about the dangers of dispersants and eventually get the EPA to ban the use of Corexit. Several Gulf states are sponsoring this convention which they are calling “Clean Gulf”.

From CleanGulf:


250+ Exhibitors. More than 65 Speakers. Over 20 training sessions, panel discussions and workshops. Plan now to attend North America’s largest oil spill event for operators, responders and regulators.


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Instead of a convention to help clean the Gulf it sounds to me like Big Oil is throwing a party for getting away with raping the Gulf.

If you can attend the demonstration then RSVP here.

If not pass this on to everyone you know.


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