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Best Leg Press Alternatives – Effective Lower Body Workout!

The Leg press is one of the popular exercises that strengthens the lower body and legs. It is done using a dedicated Leg press machine, ...

by Jessica Bennet

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The Leg press is one of the popular exercises that strengthens the lower body and legs. It is done using a dedicated Leg press machine, a common piece of equipment that you can find in any decent gym.

To perform this exercise, you should sit inside the machine, and press the platform away from yourself using your lower body muscles. Well, what if you run out of luck and have no access to a dedicated leg press machine? Well, in this article, we will talk about some other exercises that engage the same muscle groups and can be performed using other machines. 

Main Benefits Of Leg Press

The leg press is an isolation exercise that targets the quadriceps, joint, and knee muscles. In a plain sense, it helps your lower body interact with more weight to achieve hypertrophy. Here, we will see some of the benefits of leg press. Check out the following.

Takes A Short Time To Master:

The most important aspect of the leg press exercise is that it only takes a few sessions to master it. Those who are new to strength training, always prefer this exercise as it is pretty easy to perform than regular squats.

Promotes Back Support:

The Leg press machine offers back support so that you do not experience stress while performing the exercise. This feature is missing in other compound exercises such as back squats. 

A Safe And Effective Exercise:

The leg machine has safety aspects that allow you to rack the weight at any time. It is very helpful indeed, in instances where you face difficulties in completing the last rep.

Offers Weight Training:

Leg press offers intensity workouts and allows you to do a set with a heavy load. If you want you can remove the plates and perform a few more reps till you are exhausted. 

Provides Overloading Potential:

Leg press provides the opportunity to put your legs to the test by adding more weight and lifting them. It will help you to feel stronger and result in excellent quad growth.

Leg Press And Muscle Training

Leg Extension Exercise

The Leg press is considered an isolation exercise and helps to train the quadriceps which make up the front portion of your thighs. It also involves the glutes, calves, and hamstrings and offers a greater range of motion in terms of muscle activation.

The abductors benefit the most however the quadriceps also get to work. This is because placing your feet on the platform makes leg presses more knee-dominant and offers quadriceps activation.

Besides, placing the feet higher on the platform and training through a more extended range of motion also assures greater glute involvement. 

5 Best Leg Press Alternatives

In the preceding sections, we have gone through some aspects that make leg presses quite popular among gymgoers. It is time now to introduce the other best alternatives that can replace a leg press machine and offer the same benefits. See below for details.

๐ŸŽ‹ Smith Machine Leg Press

Smith machine leg press can be used in case your gym has no vertical leg press machine. To use it, you must lie on the floor and place your feet against the Smith machine bar in the upper direction. The direction of pressing is straight up and you can get started with an empty bar. 

๐ŸŽ‹ Hack Squat Machine

A Hack Squat Machine is more similar to a regular barbell squat where you need to place the weight on your shoulders and move up and down by bending your knees. The primary difference between a Leg press and a Hack squat is the direction of pressing as the former requires you to push the weight horizontally.

๐ŸŽ‹ Leg Extension Machine

A Leg extension machine and a Leg press have similar aspects that make them interchangeable. The leg extension has decent overloading potential and mainly targets the quadriceps. The aspect that resembles each other is that both exercises do not put stress on the back.

๐ŸŽ‹ Smith Machine Squat

In the case of the Smith machine squat, it trains the same muscles as that of leg presses which makes it an ideal alternative. The only drawback is that Smith machine squats make you rely on proper midsection bracing to keep your spine in a stable position.

๐ŸŽ‹ Goblet Squat

The Goblet squat is a simple exercise that demands you to hold a weight in front of your chest, where you need to maintain an upright torso. When you do this exercise, your quadriceps do most work and the hip extension occurs to a much smaller degree.  

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It is a fact that Leg press is one of the best weight training exercises that provides excellent back support and strengthens lower body and leg muscles. Yet, as we discussed, you can easily find the leg press alternative exercises that put at work the same muscles and offer amazing results.

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