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All Day Slimming Tea Reviews: (Herbal Weight Loss Tea) Genuine Reports After A Comprehensive Testing!

The All Day Slimming Tea is a dietary formula that supports weight loss, increased metabolism, healthier digestion, reduced cravings, and better sleep. The before and ...

by Teresa DiLaurentis

The All Day Slimming Tea is a dietary formula that supports weight loss, increased metabolism, healthier digestion, reduced cravings, and better sleep. The before and after photos of individuals who have used this tea recipe have put fitness gurus and enthusiasts clamoring about it. As someone who closely monitors the health supplement industry, the hype around this was enough for me to dig a bit deep into it to find the raw truth, which I am revealing in this review. 

Before getting started with the All Day Slimming Tea review, let me introduce who we are, so that you can know why you should care about our opinion. We are a supplement testing organization that is composed of professionals and experts from many facets of the healthcare industry. In my role as a medical reviewer, I’ve spent more than a month evaluating All Day Slimming Tea, compiling all my discoveries into this comprehensive report for your thorough understanding.

All Day Slimming Tea Reviews: Will It Live Up To Its Marketing Hype? Find Out!

To write this All Day Slimming Tea review, I have researched all aspects of the supplement from its official website and from other credible sources. Here I’ll be explaining what this is, how it works, what are its ingredients, whether is it safe, and more.

By the end of this review, you’ll know whether the All Day Slimming Tea formula is legitimate or not. 

All Day Slimming Tea Review
Name All Day Slimming Tea
BrandAll Slimming Herbs
Consists OfMorning energy tea and Evening detox tea
Main PurposeSupport healthy weight loss
FormHerbal tea mix
Morning Energy Tea IngredientsGreen Tea, Oolong tea, Orange peel, Lemongrass, Ginger, Dandelion leaf, Ginseng Root, Garcinia Cambogia, Monk Fruit, Natural Mint, and Lemon Flavor
Evening Detox Tea IngredientsSenna leaves, Licorice root Peppermint Leaves, Fennel fruit, Orange peel, Cinnamon bark, Dandelion Leaves, Lemongrass, Ginger, Monk Fruit, Natural Honey and Lemon Flavor
Quality Factors100% Natural Ingredients
FDA-registered premium facility
Made in the USA
Key BenefitsBoosts metabolism
Improves sleep quality
Supports healthy digestion
Enhance energy levels
Promotes detoxification
Side EffectsNot reported
Consumer ReportsFavorable
Return PolicyFor 60 days
Bonuses3 bonuses available
Available PlatformAll Day Slimming Tea official website

Introducing All Day Slimming Tea

There are many weight loss supplements available in the market, but what makes All Day Slimming Tea different is that it comes in delicious tea bags, making the process of taking it enjoyable and something you’d look forward to. The manufacturers claim that it is derived from the traditional tea recipe from Nicoya peninsula in Costa Rica one of the healthiest places in the world. People who are trying to lose weight can take this for healthy weight reduction, detox, better digestion, and improved sleep quality. 

Through my research, I was able to find out that the All Day Slimming Tea supplement is made with all-natural ingredients from an FDA-registered facility in the United States. The manufacturing facility follows GMP guidelines, making it free from contaminations and toxic ingredients. 

With each All Day Slimming Tea purchase, you’ll receive two sets of teabags, one for the morning and the other for the evening. A pack can last for up to 30 days. The delivery is fulfilled by UPS and it typically arrives within 5 to 7 business days from placing the order. 

How Does All Day Slimming Tea Work?

According to the manufacturer, the All Day Slimming Tea mix is made based on the traditional tea recipe that has made the Nicoya peninsula in Costa Rica one of the healthiest places in the world. The average life expectancy of Nicoya is 85 years, whereas the average life expectancy in the US is just around 76. 

The All Day Slimming Tea Morning Energy mix contains ingredients that are traditionally used to improve digestion and metabolism. The increased digestive health can make sure that you are getting enough nutrients, while the enhanced metabolism improves fat and carbs burning to create energy. The supplement is also helpful in reducing your cravings and appetite leading to less food intake. This combined effect on your body can lead to weight loss. 

All Day Slimming Tea Before And After
All Day Slimming Tea Before And After

The All Day Slimming Tea Evening Detox mix is potentially palatable for anyone. My research shows that the evening tea’s primary focus is to detoxify your body from toxic substances to promote optimal health. Ingredients in the evening tea such as oolong tea provide better brain health, leading to reduced anxiety, and improved sleep quality. The tea can also reduce constipation, cravings, appetite, and bloating. 

Pros & Cons Of All Day Slimming Tea

If you have come this far along with me to understand the All Day Slimming Tea weight loss powder in detail, chances are you are seriously considering trying it out. But before jumping into a decision, it is always best to make a pros and cons list (not like what Ross did to Rachel^_^).

Here is an All Day Slimming Tea pros and cons list: 


  • Natural formula based on traditional recipe 
  • Supports healthy weight and increased energy levels
  • All-day support 
  • Non-GMO, gluten-free, and no harsh stimulants  
  • 60-day money-back guarantee
  • All Day Slimming Tea side effects are minimal to none


  • Not available on any other stores or platforms other than the All Day Slimming Tea official website
  • Shipping costs are extra for the sample package

All Day Slimming Tea Ingredients And Their Core Benefits

As we have discussed before, All Day Slimming Tea fat burner has two different types of teas, one for the morning and one for the evening. Though these two may taste kind of similar, they both serve different purposes in your body and have different sets of ingredients.

Let’s analyze the major All Day Slimming Tea ingredients present in morning energy tea and evening detox tea separately. 

All Day Slimming Tea Ingredients

Ingredients of Morning Energy Tea

  1. Green Tea: It is one of the least processed types of tea. It contains beneficial antioxidants and polyphenols which otherwise would get lost. Studies indicate that green tea can be beneficial in weight loss, liver disorders, type 2 diabetes, and Alzheimer’s disease. Moderate usage of green tea is generally considered safe.
  2. Oolong Tea: This is another medicinal tea in the All Day Slimming Tea morning energy mix that combines the quality of both dark and green teas. It also contains a range of antioxidants that can prevent cell damage and reduce signs of aging. An article reviewed by Dr. Danny P. Baby suggests that the health benefits of oolong tea include lower risk of diabetes, heart health, weight management, and cognitive support. Oolong contains caffeine, so you may not take it if you are allergic to caffeine.
  3. Orange Peel: Orange peels are commonly used in cooking and traditional medications to add flavors. It is also used in teas for its refreshing aroma. Though studies on the health benefits of orange peel are limited, it is thought to support digestion and reduce inflammation. It is also a good source of vitamin C. Orange peel is not known to cause allergic reactions.
  4. Other Ingredients: Lemongrass, Ginger, Dandelion leaf, Ginseng Root, Garcinia Cambogia, Monk Fruit, Natural Mint, and Lemon Flavor.

Ingredients of Evening Detox Tea

  1. Senna Leaves: Senna Leaves are commonly used for making medicines including laxatives. Though there is no scientific evidence available yet, individuals who have used senna leaves have reported improved metabolism, weight loss, and detox. All Day Slimming Tea contains small amounts of senna leaves, which is considered safe for most adults.
  2. Licorice Root: Derived from the Glycyrrhiza glabra plant, it is used in many traditional medicines for treating various conditions. It can be helpful in the treatment of digestive issues, menopausal symptoms, coughs, and bacterial infections. A National Library of Medicine article states that the consumption of licorice can lead to fat reduction. All Day Slimming Tea evening detox mix only contains safe amounts of licorice root. 
  3. Other Ingredients: Peppermint Leaves, Fennel fruit, Orange peel, Cinnamon bark, Dandelion Leaves, Lemongrass, Ginger, Monk Fruit for sweetness without the calories, and Natural Honey and Lemon Flavor.

The above ingredient analysis indicates that the All Day Slimming Tea recipe is made with natural ingredients that are scientifically proven to provide weight loss support. That being said, there are no clinical trials done on this yet. Though it takes a lot of preparation and expenditure, we can provide you with the same if you are interested in it. Just let us know in the comment section, whether you’d like to see the data from a clinical study or not.

All Day Slimming Tea Claims VS Facts

In this digital era, I don’t need to explain why it is important for you to fact-check a claim before believing it. The same goes for supplements too. So, here are some of the major claims by All Day Slimming Tea manufacturers and how they hold up in the real world. 

  • Claim: 100% natural tea, based on a traditional tea recipe from Nicoya, one of the healthiest places in the world.
    Fact: Upon analyzing the All Day Slimming Tea ingredients, it is pretty clear that the supplement is made with natural ingredients that are used in traditional medicines.
  • Claim: Support high energy levels all day long.
    Fact: It contains ingredients that can increase metabolism, which can inadvertently improve your energy levels. The presence of antioxidants in the formula can also play a role in improving energy.
  • Claim: Regular take of All Day Slimming Tea can improve digestion and reduce cravings.
    Fact: Studies indicate that ingredients such as ginger can alleviate digestive issues and reduce cravings for carbs or salty snacks.
  • Claim: All Day Slimming Tea weight loss formula is manufactured from an FDA-approved facility that follows GMP (good manufacturing guidelines).
    Fact: In our own independent investigation, we’ve found out that the formula is in fact manufactured in a US facility that is approved by the FDA and they follow GMP guidelines. 

Manufacturer & Credibility Of All Day Slimming Tea

One of the major aspects that makes All Day Slimming Tea stand tall from many other health supplements is its goodwill. The manufacturer donates a portion of every purchase you make to feed the starving children. This selfless good deed makes the manufacturer a great example to the rest of the industry.

In my experience, the manufacturer of the All Day Slimming Tea herbal formula also keeps this high standard in their approach to its customers as well. They are given all the necessary details regarding the supplement including its ingredients list, safety regulations, and what to do when it doesn’t work for them. This honest approach could be a reason why a reputable retailer like ClickBank decided to associate with the supplement

On top of it all, the manufacturing facility of the All Day Slimming Tea supplement is approved by the FDA, meaning they are made by using state-of-the-art machinery, ensuring precision and accuracy in the concentration of its ingredients. The facility also upholds Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP), making the chance of contamination next to zero. 

All Day Slimming Tea Side Effects And Risks

All Day Slimming Tea side effects are not reported anywhere as it is made with natural ingredients that are well tolerated by adults, making it free from any adverse risks. That being said, the experience may vary from person to person. Some may experience mild side effects from detox teas like stomach cramps, nausea, and restlessness, which usually fade away with regular usage of the supplement. But in the case of All Day Slimming Tea, it is rare. In case of any serious side effects, stop it immediately and consult a health care provider. 

To assure safety, make the tea by using filtered and clean drinking water. You may take it with or without food according to your convenience. However, make sure to stay away from consuming alcohol at least 1 hour before and after the All Day Slimming Tea supplement. If you are taking any medications for an existing health issue, it is best to consult a doctor before taking it.

A Quick Look At All Day Slimming Tea Customer Reviews And Testimonials

As I mentioned at the beginning of this All Day Slimming Tea review, one of the first things I noticed about the supplement is the before and after photos that the users posted on the internet. That in itself meant that the users were happy with the results they were experiencing.

All Day Slimming Tea customer reviews are also positive and it does not have a lot of criticisms regarding the efficacy or safety. Let’s see some of the testimonials from genuine buyers to better understand what the user experiences are. 

All Day Slimming Tea Customer Reviews

Monica Joan, Seattle 

After started using it, I have become more energetic and my cravings for junk foods have considerably reduced. All thanks to All Day Slimming Tea, I have achieved a bodyweight that I’ve always dreamt of.

Naomi Trevor, Texas

Why no one told me about All Day Slimming Tea, all these years! Losing weight was almost impossible for me before taking this supplement. No exercise and diet worked as I hoped it would, but with this tasty tea, I am seeing a dramatic change. I’ve loss 15 pounds within four weeks.

Micheal Ken (he/him), LA

As someone who has always been insecure with my body, the All Day Slimming Tea has been one of the biggest blessings that has ever happened in my life. After using the supplement, I have started being more confident and comfortable in a leaner body, and more importantly, I can look in the mirror without judging myself.

Expert Advice Before Trying All Day Slimming Tea

After thorough research about the supplement, I can say without a doubt that the All Day Slimming Tea recipe is worth trying. It comes from a credible manufacturer, uses scientifically backed ingredients, and is safe for most people.

Although you don’t need a prescription to use All Day Slimming Tea, it is still recommended to consult a doctor before taking the supplement, especially if you are pregnant or suspect pregnancy, under medical treatments for known conditions, or if you are children under 18 years old. 

Generally speaking, people who are taking cancer medications or chemotherapy may not take any health supplements including All Day Slimming Tea herbal formula, as there is a possibility of interaction. 

Where To Purchase All Day Slimming Tea?

I always recommend my readers buy any health supplements only from its official website. This can make sure that you are purchasing the original All Day Slimming Tea supplement and not a fraudulent one that uses the same label. Also, make sure that you are filling in your credit card details on a secured payment gateway like the one ClickBank, or BuyGoods provides to stay away from data breaches and unauthorized transactions. It is available only at a reasonable price of $49.

All Day Slimming Tea Bonuses

Apart from that, All Day Slimming Tea also offers 3 bonuses which are listed below:

➡️Bonus #1: Slim Over 55 Program

➡️Bonus #2: Healthy Fat Loss Desserts Cookbook and Videos

➡️Bonus #3: 57 Secrets To Reverse Aging (e-book)

All Day Slimming Tea Return Policy

The All Day Slimming Tea manufacturer is confident about the efficacy of the supplement and they are providing a 60-day money-back guarantee with every purchase. If you are not satisfied with the results you are experiencing, you can return the supplement for a refund of your purchase. Now that is a gamble that I am willing to do. 

All Day Slimming Tea’s Comparison With Alternatives

I’m sure you might have heard about many other weight management supplements other than All Day Slimming Tea. To better understand why is it a better choice, let’s compare it with other similar supplements. 

All Day Slimming TeaYoga Burn Coffee IgniteSmoothie Greens Ultra Cleanse
ManufacturerAll Slimming HerbsYoga BurnPequeno Angel
Credibility The manufacturer holds high morals and consumer-friendly standards, making them a credible source.The supplement is manufactured in an FDA-approved, GMP-certified facility and every batch goes through third-party quality testing laboratories, making the product credible and legitimate.The supplement is sold by ClickBank, a global e-commerce platform that provides its customers with high-quality products.  
Results ▪️ Weight loss 
▪️ Higher metabolism 
▪️ Increased energy levels
▪️ Faster detox and better sleep
▪️ Increased metabolism
▪️ Reduced appetite 
▪️ Enhanced energy levels
▪️ Weight loss
▪️ Improved overall health and wellness
▪️ Increased energy levels
Price per bottle$49$34$134

The supplements we have used in this comparison table are targeted to address obesity and overweight. They all have their own uniqueness, and I’d say that all of them are worth trying. However, All Day Slimming Tea mix has an edge because it is enjoyable to consume and has a good track record of helping more than thousands of people. 

Conclusion: All Day Slimming Tea Reviews

As I wrap up this All Day Slimming Tea review, let me offer a concise summary one more time. This tea is based on a traditional recipe that is popular in the Nicoya region of Costa Rica, which is regarded as one of the healthiest places in the world. The ingredients used are 100% natural and have been used in traditional medications for ages. The daily use of All Day Slimming Tea can lead to weight loss, increased energy levels, improved digestion and metabolism, and reduced cravings. 

The customers seem happy with the results they are seeing and the supplement is safe for most adults. Overall, my experience with the All Day Slimming Tea recipe suggests that it is a legitimate supplement that can be helpful for people who are struggling to lose weight.


1. How to maximize the All Day Slimming Tea?

Following a balanced diet and doing moderate to intense exercise can be beneficial to get the most out of All Day Slimming Tea

2. What is the best time to take All Day Slimming Tea?

Take the morning energy tea first thing in the morning and take the evening detox tea with low-calorie snacks between lunch and dinner.

3. Does All Day Slimming Tea detox work for everyone?

Yes, the supplement has worked for both men and women who belong to a diverse age group. However, individual results may vary. 

4. How long would it take All Day Slimming Tea to show results?

The manufacturer recommends at least 3 to 6 months of regular usage to get the best results. 

5. Is All Day Slimming Tea a one-time purchase?

It is a one-time payment, not a recurring subscription. 


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