Alexander Higgins On Russia Today – Occupy Wall Street — Police Brutality, Arrests, MSM blackout

Russia Today Reports On Police Brutality, Arrests, And The MSM Media Black Out


Russia today reports on the mainstream media black out and the egregious police brutality at the Occupy Wall Street protests.

Alexander Higgins, protestors who were arrested and assaulted, and organizers are interviewed as Russia Today reports on alternative news sources being the only ones who are spreading the news far and wide.

Russia Today Interviews Alexander Higgins On Wall Street Police Brutality And Media Blackout

Occupy Wall Street — Police Brutality, Arrests, MSM blackout

As Occupy Wall Street demonstrations enter their second week, over 80 people get arrested over the weekend, and police brutality kicks off. Many protesters say the mainstream media is in a black-out, since many corporate networks sleep in the same bed with Wall Street. RT’s Anastasia Churkina reports.

Another news report from Russia Today on the M$M blackout.

Mainstream ignores Occupy Wall Street

It has taken a while for the mainstream media to cover the Occupy Wall Street demonstrations. Now 10 days into the protests the coverage has begun, but is the media spinning the purpose of the demonstration? Marcel Cartier, a rapper and activist who was at the protests, shares what it was like. He is joined by Chris Chambers, a journalism professor at Georgetown University, to give us some insight on why the media avoids covering the protests.

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