After Over A Week US Media Finally Acknowledges Fukushima Nuclear Meltdown In 3 Reactors

After Over A Week US Media Finally Acknowledges Fukushima Nuclear Meltdown In 3 Reactors


After over a week has passed since TEPCO first admitted to nuclear meltdowns in 3 of the Fukushima nuclear reactors, the US corporate media finally acknowledges the reports.

On May 17th, I reported that TEPCO confirmed that a nuclear meltdown occurred in 3 of the Fuksuhima nuclear reactors, but the US corporate media remain silent.

Japan Confirms Complete Core Nuclear Meltdown In 3 Fukushima Reactors

Japan Confirms Complete Nuclear Meltdown At Three Fukushima Nuclear Reactors Over two months after the earthquake and tsunami hit the Fukushima nuclear power plant, Japan finally admits that a complete core nuclear meltdown has occurred in three of the Fukushima nuclear reactors.Read more…

Even before that I gave a complete break down of the nuclear meltdown in reactor 1 based on a TEPCO press release.

In-Depth Technical Overview Of The Rapid Nuclear Meltdown At Fukushima Reactor 1

Japan Nuclear Meltdown - Fukushima Reactor 1 Reported RPV Temperatures - 275 An in-depth overview of the timeline of the rapid nuclear meltdown at the Fukushima reactor 1, including temperature data, water levels and the state of the fuel rods as the crisis unfolded.Read more…

Yet, even though the news came directly from TEPCO it was still ignored because corporate news hadn’t reported and the reports here and other sites were banished to the “conspiracy” section of the internet.

Apparently corporate media could ignore the reports any longer, a finally after over a week has passed the internet is buzzing with reports from CNN and other corporate news sites finally confirming the meltdowns. I mean twitter searches for Fukushima is nothing but a constant stream of links to this CNN article.


Corporate Media Finally Reports On Fukushima Nuclear Meltdown Over A Week After Announced


And even that article is full of bull shit lies. TEPCO has confirmed nuclear meltdown in the 3 reactors but the headline reads “may have” had a “partial meltdown”.


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