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20 Videos Police Brutality: Recording The Police Is Dangerous, But Necessary!

20 Videos Police Brutality: Recording The Police Is Dangerous, But Necessary!   These videos are an example of the importance of filming the police because it provides transparency, accountability, and


Israel: Iran Months From Nukes As Staged Event Mulled To Justify War

    Globalist Think Tank suggests using a staged event as an excuse to invade Iran while Israel warns the UN Iran is months away from nuclear weapons. Earlier today


Cops Track Your Face Through Phones: Big Brother Watch

Abby Martin discusses how the secret police monitor and track you using your phone and facial recognition technology. SUBSCRIBE to Breaking the Set Abby Martin takes a look at


9 Year Old Autistic Child Beat By Police, Arrested For Aggravated Battery

A 9 year old autistic child was taken from his special needs classroom with bruises all over his face and incarcerated after he was beat up by police. By JG


Media Scrubs 2012 Three Mile Island Nuclear Accident From Internet In 2015

Following the scrubbing of reports on Fort Calhoun nuclear reactor ABC and other mainstream media outlets apparently scrubbed a story about the Three Mile Island Nuclear Accident in 2012. Another


Weapons Of Mass Distraction: Europe Protests Vs OWS Coverage

Abby Martin talks about the American corporate media’s unfair coverage of domestic issues pointing out the comparison between protests in Spain and Greece alongside the Occupy Wall Street demonstrations in


Governor of Fukushima and Mayor of Town Near Nuclear Reactors Slam Government Response to Nuclear Crisis

  The governor of Fukushima slammed Japan’s nuclear agency for failing to provide timely radiation data. As Japan Today notes: Fukushima Gov Yuhei Sato expressed anger at the central government’s


Government Storage Of Online Surveillance Data Surges

Concerns over hackers accessing your personal private data arise as Big brother’s snooping through emails and phone calls has skyrocketed under Obama. The amount of online data being stored has


Phoenix Mayor Loses 4 Pounds In One Week On Food Stamp Budget

Despite what politicians and experts tell us or what many Americans want to believe this ends with millions starving on the streets. Powerful forces controlling the flow of money into


Americans Already Detained Under NDAA?

Obama refuses to answer whether Americans are currently being held without trial or charge while insisting the NDAA be kept on the books to have the right to do so.