Hillary Clinton Loses 18,422 Votes in Day 3 of Wisconsin Recount

In the Wisconsin Day 3 Recount Update 18,422 votes for Hillary Clinton were erased resulting in a 15,133 vote net increase for Donald Trump.

Update: Hillary Clinton Loses 32,423 Votes in Day 5 of Wisconsin Recount. There are major discrepancies in original and the recount totals for Milwaukee county which could indicate absentee ballot fraud. In Michigan, over 1/2 of Hillary Clinton’s Detroit vote count is faces disqualification.

Trump won Wisconsin by over 22,000 votes in Wisconsin but thanks to Jill Stein a recount is currently underway.

So far the recount has made little news because, as Heavy reported at the end of day 2 of the recount, the net vote in Wisconsin had only changed by 3 votes.

However, the Wisconsin Board of Elections just posted updated recount results for Day 3 on their recount update page and today’s net changes are much more dramatic.

In the Day 3 recount update, Hillary Clinton has a net total loss of 18,422 votes in from the original count in areas that have been recounted so far.

In contrast, Donald Trump has a net total loss of 3,289 votes from the original count in areas that have been recounted so far.

The resulting total difference is a net change of 15,133 votes in favor of Donald Trump after the completion of the 3rd day of the recount.

These are not final results and the recount is still underway. These counts reflect the difference between the votes counted in the recount verse the votes counted in the original election.

This screen shot below shows the sum of the net total changes for Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton after the 3rd day of the recount.


In the City of Milwaukee Hillary lost 17,990 votes and Trump lost 1783 votes:


In the entire county of Milwaukee County Hillary lost 18820 votes and Trump Lost 3534 votes.


These changes are of course altered but net losses and additions in other precincts.

Unless the official data is in some manner inaccurate or incomplete, this would suggest that 10,000s of thousands of votes are being during the recount process

Coincidentally, Jill Stein has just withdrew her Pennsylvania recount petition claiming she couldn’t afford to posted the 1 million bond required.

Of course that is absolutely false given she has raised nearly $7 million from donors to fund her recount and the withdrawal comes as Trump’s lead in PA has shrunk from 71,000 to 49,000 after officials included overseas and absentee ballots that were originally not included.

The recount in concession effectively ends any chance of the election being overturned in Hillary’s favor unless recount petitions are filed in additional states.

A spreadsheet showing the counts in the screen shot can be downloaded here.

Anyone can reproduce these results as follows from the original spreadsheet using the following method:

  1. Download the Day 3 updates from the Wisconsin Election Board website here.
  2. Insert 3 columns after row N
  3. Label the new columns N – Counted, M Change Trump, N Change Clinton. At this point
    1. Column Y will show the recount change for Donald Trump
    2. Column Z will show the recount change for Clinton
    3. The values in Y and Z will be negative for the entire original vote if the recount hasn’t been completed otherwise it will show the net change from the updated results.
    4. We will use column N to double checked recount has been performed to excluded losses that haven’t been counted.
  4. Entire the following formulas in row 3 for each column:
    1. N =IF(Q2=””,0,1)
    2. M =IF(Q2=””,0,Y2)
    3. O =IF(R2=””,0,Z2)
  5. Select in Row 2 select Cells in N, M, and 0 and while holding shift scroll down to the last cells in the sheet and then Choose Fill and Down from the home menu.
  6. Sum the results by adding the following formulas:
    1. In cell O3638 enter the formula =SUM(O2:O3637)
    2. In cell P3638=SUM(P2:P3637)
  7. Totals should now match the screen shots above.


Notes on the spreadsheet, some have suggested the math is wrong or the data is being read wrong.

The math is not wrong and it has been double checked by hand. The data, as explained below is self-explanatory is not being read wrong either.

The only explanation is the Wisconsin Board of Election for some reason posted incomplete or inaccurate data or for some reason tens of thousands of votes are being invalidated during the recount process.

So far the Wisconsin Board of Elections has only posted commentary of the addition of new votes being added to the original results and has not commented on why any votes have been removed from the original results.

Columns F-L contain the current official vote counts. This can easily be verified by comparing sums for all precincts in each county to the official county by county results which are online here.

Here’s the official Adams count results:


These can be confirmed as columns L-F in the spreadsheet by inserting a column and summing up the votes for the county.


Columns Q-R show the recount results.

If these columns Q-R are populated, then the recount has been done for the precinct and the difference between the original vote count and the recount vote count is displayed in Columns Y-AE.

If columns Q-R are not populated, the recount has not yet been reported and Columns Y-AE show the negation of the original recount columns.

Finally, not shown are Columns AG-AM which are merely the percentage change from the original count and the recount.


Since there are no results for most of the precincts we can filter to only show the precincts which have been recounted by clicking the filter icon in our modified spread sheet and unchecking the “O” checkbox.

This will show only the relevant precincts were the recount has been completed.




  1. Pepelicious
    Pepelicious 4 December, 2016, 06:26

    You can just do
    =SUMIF(N2:N3637, “>0”, V2:V3637) – number of votes that Trump lost/gained = -3289
    =SUMIF(O2:O3637, “>0”, W2:W3637) – number of voted that Clinton lost/gained = -18422

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  2. 400lbs hacker
    400lbs hacker 4 December, 2016, 06:28

    =SUMIF(N2:N3637, “>0”, V2:V3637) – number of votes that Trump lost/gained = -3289
    =SUMIF(O2:O3637, “>0”, W2:W3637) – number of voted that Clinton lost/gained = -18422

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  3. SuzyQ
    SuzyQ 4 December, 2016, 20:12

    Such a waste of time and money

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  4. likemarsen
    likemarsen 4 December, 2016, 22:07

    The reason for the large discrepancy was given by Wisconsin on the page where you download these files. Absentee ballots haven’t been recounted yet. So districts like Milwaukee will have large drops in their recount values until they are recounted.

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  5. SteveP
    SteveP 5 December, 2016, 04:27

    Not sure how you got your nums, but the nums are as follow:
    Trump -1174; Clinton -719; Stein -13;
    All you have to do is sort columns X-T that has any numbers in them. If X-T has a num, then it’s been recounted. Problem with any of this, we are assuming that this is the FINAL recount for that Ward if it has been entered in X-T.

    When all sorted, Sum up Columns W thru AC including ONLY those that have numbers in columns X-T.

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  6. SteveP
    SteveP 5 December, 2016, 04:33

    Also… You should note – these numbers do not include absentee in Milwaukee, so any difference in Milwaukee cannot be considered until they put those in the system.

    From Board of Elections:
    Numbers for the City of Milwaukee do not include absentee ballots, which have not yet been recounted. Milwaukee counts its absentee ballots centrally (not at the polling place) on Election Night. When those absentee ballots have been counted the numbers will be updated.

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  7. Fed Up
    Fed Up 5 December, 2016, 08:49

    This belongs in the “Too Funny for Words” Department. Seriously, HOW MANY illegal aliens and other non-citizens were illegally registered and allowed to vote — For Clinton? How much plain old “Dead Men’s Votes” went to Hillary? How much old-fashioned ballot box stuffing (electronic tampering) helped Clinton? Inquiring minds would like to know.

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  8. Dan Marsh
    Dan Marsh 6 December, 2016, 01:03

    Looks like the explanation is that the Milwaukee totals do not yet include absentee ballots.

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  9. LouisianaPatriot
    LouisianaPatriot 6 December, 2016, 01:35

    Thank you for compiling and posting this information. It is not unexpected, based on stories of voter fraud I’ve been following, but it is fascinating. If it weren’t for folks such as yourself, “real” news would never, ever be heard. I and many others are very grateful.

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  10. Forever Metals
    Forever Metals 13 December, 2016, 09:22

    How does HNN announce such information 18,422 Votes … Day 3, and the Wisconsin Elections Commission announces 131 votes. If there is Election fraud, this needs to be exposed, not put to rest.

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