Wired Readers Lash Out At Obvious Syria Propaganda Article

Wired Readers Lash Out At Obvious Syria Propaganda Article


A Wired article touting the success of Syria Terrorists at taking out government aircraft is immediately outed as obvious government propaganda by readers.

Just last week I penned an article pointing out the CIA smuggled missiles to their terrorist mercenaries operation in Syria.

AP: CIA Spies Smuggling Missiles To Their Syria Terrorists

The UK Mirror has ran an Associated Press with the headline ‘CIA spies smuggle 14 Stinger missiles into Syria so rebels can take out regime warplanes’ .

OOPs! Looks like someone somewhere screwed up and forced the corporate media to finally run a REPORT admitting the CIA is smuggling stinger missiles to their terrorist rebels in Syria.

While it has been known for sometime that the terrorists have had Stinger missiles being bought for by Saudi Arabia and Qatar this is the first ADMISSION from the corporate media that the CIA is smuggling them to the terrorists.

The revelation comes from an AP article printed on the UK Mirror which reveals the reveals that 14 stinger missiles smuggled by the CIA were partly funded by Saudi Arabia.

The report reveals the missiles the CIA smuggle the missiles through NATO member Turkey after which they were given the terrorist rebels along the border of Syria.


Read entire article…

Of course that article was ignored by the media.

Now Wired has penned an article referencing the same story albeit one that is a clearly blatant propaganda piece that touts the success of the terrorists in taking out the military aircraft the government is trying to use to PROTECT its citizens from onslaught of the Al Qaeda terrorists on the ground.

However, it appears that the winds of fortune are changing and instead of the typical nauseating comments rooting for beheading of Assad the comments exhibited clear critical thinking skills and outed the article almost immediately as the propaganda piece that article is highlighting the “cognitive dissonance of backing” in true Orwellian fashion “the very terrorists the government used as the pretext for staging the imperial occupation of the Middle East ten years ago”

Since this article is clearly a propaganda piece, written by an information agent of the US government at the cost of the US Taxpayer, it is public domain and as such I am reprinting the full text of the article. And even if I can prove said claim, for the purpose of REPORTING news and criticizing the blatant bias contained within, reprinting in full is covered under fair use laws.

Notice as you read the propaganda tactics used. Also NOTE how the author pretends to be objective only to lead the reader to doubt the other side of the story.

Shamefully, from Wired:

Syrian Rebels Hit Back At Regime Warplanes

Syrian president Bashar Al Assad’s jet fighters and helicopters CONTINUE to pound Free Syrian Army rebels in Damascus, Aleppo and other battleground cities, contributing to a death toll reportedly as high as 320 in one town in a single week. Attacks by jet fighters on rebels in Damascus yesterday reportedly killed 60 people.

But the rebels are fighting back, aiming heavy machine guns — and, if one report is to be believed, U.S.-supplied Stinger missiles — at Al Assad’s aircraft. Yesterday rebels apparently downed a Russian-made helicopter over Damascus, as seen in the video above. If CONFIRMED, the smashed copter could boost the rebels’ tally of destroyed aircraft to at least six, including an L-39 jet forced to crash, a MiG-23 fighter-bomber apparently brought down over eastern Syria and another MiG blown up on the ground.

Heavy machine guns appear to be the rebels’ best defense against Al Assad’s aircraft, even when they miss. “We’re using these anti-aircraft guns to force their planes to fly higher so they can’t hit their TARGETS so accurately,” Malik Al Kurdi, deputy commander of the Free Syrian Army, told Al Jazeera on Aug. 17.

At the time Al Kurdi DENIED the rebels had received heat-seeking Stinger missiles from the U.S. — though he wished they had. “If we had those missiles, we’d use them straight away,” Al Kurdi said.

But the same day, an unnamed “a source in the Syrian opposition” told Al Arabiya the Free Syrian Army had taken delivery of 14 Stingers. In the 1980s, the CIA famously passed Stingers to mujahedeen fighters battling the Soviet Union in Afghanistan. There the shoulder-fired missiles took a heavy toll on Soviet warplanes, hastening the Soviets’ retreat. In Iraq and Libya and America’s own Afghanistan war, the fear of Stinger-style missiles kept U.S. air planners awake at night.

In parallel with beefing up their air defenses, the Syrian rebels have been lobbying the U.N. and sympathetic governments to INSTALL a no-fly zone enforced by jet fighters, similar to that imposed over Libya early last year. Two weeks ago U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton confirmed a no-fly zone was on the table. But resistance from Al Assad-backer Russia — not to mention logistical and basing concerns — could make the PROTECTIVE zone unfeasible.

In any EVENT, the Syrian regime is losing more and more aircraft as the fighting nears its 18th bloody month. The destruction of six or more of Al Assad’s planes and copters might not mean the end of the airborne onslaught — Damascus does, after all, possess hundreds of aircraft. But the erosion of the government’s aerial advantage could help sustain the insurgency after repeated setbacks in bitter urban ground fighting.

With both sides deploying heavier weaponry, and using it to greater effect, the Syrian civil war shows every sign of escalating … and no sign of a rapid resolution.


Now TAKE A LOOK at the readers reactions to the story.

Since we’re into linking to insurgent websites and their stenographers, The Islamic Emirates of Afghanistan would be a good source for Afghan news. They don’t exaggerate, much, like the “Syrian Observatory.” (snark) Alas, the IEA website is down at the moment. So no wild claims from Afghanistan, only from Syria.

“David Axe reports from war zones, shoots television and writes comic books.” One and two are out here, so — it’s three. Where’s Spence? (snark II)

BTW, there was a video just uploaded to Liveleak, of a bunch’a snackbar chanting FSA members getting their hands on a WAREHO– USE full of SA-5s. Not that the SA-5 is going to do them any good without access to an integrated air defense system – but if they can ransack a building full of Syria’s most advanced/expensive air defenses, I can’t imagine why they wouldn’t have already pillaged a number of MANPADs from the same place
Zodiac Rebel:

So in the last two weeks the rebels have brought down a Mig-23, a MI-8 helicopter, possibly one of those L-39s that have been strafing Aleppo. And captured a couple possibly Iranian mystery drones. And thats all without any clear indication of using MANPADS.

It seems the love Arab dictators have for mobile anti-aircraft guns such as the ZU-23-2 is finally biting them in the ass.


I wonder if you could make a Stinger-MANPADS that you could give to rebels-x and won’t come back to bite you in the butt 10 years later. Maybe like an EXPIRATION date, plus GPS (to be used only in country-x) and with an upgraded imaging infra-red sensor, that can discern threat aircraft from civil and NATO types, and will not seek on those.

One or more of those could be hacked to some DEGREE, but with multiple routines together it would be extremely hard.


Having watched the sick propaganda flowing from both sides since the start of this conflict – combined with the obvious backwards STEPS taken in every other “successful” Arab Spring revolution – I’d prefer we don’t do anything to help either side.

Syria absolutely WILL NOT be a better place for anybody (Syrians, and neighbors alike), if the FSA WINS this war.


Immediately one knows it’s US propaganda when “regime” is used, followed by “a death toll reportedly as high as 320 in one town in a SINGLE week” which came from a London propaganda organ, the so-called “Syrian Observatory of Human Rights.”

Then comes the personalization of the despicable enemy. They’re not Syrian aircraft they’re “Al Assad’s aircraft,” etc. ending with ” its “18th bloody month” which is of course nothing compared to ten bloody YEARS in Afghanistan with Afghans fighting the Obama regime.

Soylent Green Is People:

So who’s side are you on in this one, anyhow? I mean, it kinda sounds like you’re backing Assad.


smedleybutlersociety is absolutely right; this is atrocious REPORTING”.

I’d pick Assad over the imported jihadis any day. I don’t remember any violence in Syria two years ago before the imperialists started inserting armed terrorists through the Turkish border.

Who’s side are you on? The very terrorists the government used as the pretext for staging the imperial occupation of the Middle East ten years ago? Doesn’t the cognitive dissonance of backing YOUR enemy and fighting him at the same time give you a headache.

Oh, the winds of change certainly seem to be blowing and people are certainly starting to question the government propaganda that has been secretly spoon fed to them for all to long.

More notable is that we are seeing emergence of the questioning from sources such as Wired which have grown a large following and EARNED the trust of their readership.

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