WikiLeaks Roundup: Gitmo Only The Latest Target


WikiLeaks has released close to 800 secret military documents that reveal fascinating insights into al Qaeda and terrorist detainees at Guantanamo Bay prison in Cuba, including close-up photographs of detainees. One document reveals that a detainee threatened guards by saying he would fly airplanes into houses. Another said that Osama bin Laden was, at one point, in good health despite having only one kidney.

American soldier Pfc. Bradley Manning is suspected to have leaked the documents to WikiLeaks. Manning, a 23-year-old from Oklahoma, is being held in Fort Leavenworth Prison in Kansas.

The Guantanamo document dump is only the latest in 2011 from WikiLeaks, which gained international prominence in 2010 when it leaked thousands of papers about the U.S.-led war in Afghanistan. Late last year, WikiLeaks began publishing 251,287 leaked United States Embassy cables dating from 1966 to February 2011. The cables are still being slowly released. The content is so broad, and involves so many countries, there isn’t room enough on this blog to adequately describe it. Need a WikiLeaks refresher? Watch this.

A few notable 2011 WikiLeaks revelations:

Tunisia – WikiLeaks released cables alleging the president of Tunisia’s corruption and high spending. The documents painted a scathing portrait of Zine El Abidine Ben Ali and his relatives by describing them as a “quasi-mafia” that pushed businesses for a slice of any venture they were involved in.

How did the cables fuel the Tunisian revolution?

Syria – In the past few days, Syria has erupted in violence, and witnesses tell CNN that authorities are going door to door shooting people. On April 19, the U.S. State Department denied it was seeking to undermine the regime of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, despite the revelation in diplomatic cables unveiled by WikiLeaks that the U.S. is financing groups seeking to overthrow him.

Libya – Cables related to Libya were credited by some for helping fuel the fighting in the country. A cable described the town of Derna, Libya, as a “wellspring” of Libyan foreign fighters for al Qaeda in Iraq. They also revealed much about Libyan President Moammar Gadhafi’s odd personal life, his penchant for hiring celebrities and his love of a good party.

Mexico – The U.S. ambassador to Mexico resigned after a January 2010 WikiLeaks leaked cable described the Mexican army as “slow” and “risk averse” and concluded that only 2% of people arrested in Ciudad Juarez, the most violent city in Mexico, were charged with a crime.

Bahrain – A cable showed the “deep suspicion” that Bahrain has for its Persian Gulf neighbor, Iran.

Iran – WikiLeaks exposed an alleged secret plot to assassinate an Iranian-American dissident.

Egypt – A cable revealed details about Mohammed Hussein Tantawi, Egypt’s new deputy prime minister, as more details and images emerged from the country that experienced a historic revolution this year.

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