WikiLeaks: Not Just Brazile – 4 Others Rigged Debates For Hillary

Wikileaks announced it was not just Donna Brazile and names four other parties directly involved in rigging the debates for Hillary Clinton.

DNC chair Donna Brazile was just forced out of CNN and ABC.

CNN made the announcement after a second WikiLeaks revealed Brazile leaked debate questions to Hillary Clinton in a second debate, this time at a Town Hall event in Michigan against Bernie Sanders.

Amid calls for Brazile to step down as DNC chair WikiLeaks has informed its nearly 4 million followers on Twitter that others are directly involved in debate rigging: Jennifer Plamieri,  John Podesta,  Betsaida Alcantara, and Minyon Moore.

Via WikiLeaks:


In the wake of the scandal Donald Trump is also leaning on the Press to hold others involved accountable including Hillary Clinton.

Trump has been making it part of his rallies to point out that the Hillary Campaign should have reported Brazile.

In the mean time as the controversy over Brazile continues to swirl, the woman who asked the leaked question at the second debate is calling for Hillary to resign.

She also called Hillary’s answer to the question “disgusting” which is quite odd given Hillary had the question in advance and still failed to give a good answer.

The question was about the ongoing scandal with government officials covering up lead and other toxic chemicals in the water supply in Flint Michigan.

The woman and her family have become sick from drinking the lead and chemical tainted water and asked during the debate what Hillary would do to fix the question.

In typical Hillary fashion she dodged the question directly while making a promise to begin fixing tainted water supplies within 5 years of taking office.

The woman did not by the answer as being authentic given Presidential terms are only 4 years there is no guarantee that if elected Hillary would be re-elected in 5 years.

It the meantime the woman and many other residents have tainted water supplies and are facing serious health conditions.


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