WikiLeaks Exposes Grounds For Criminal RICO Charges Against Clinton Foundation

WikiLeaks exposes Clinton’s violation of RICO laws in netting over $100 million “for-profit” under the non-profit guise of then Clinton Foundation

Longstanding accusations have surrounded the Clinton Foundation and it’s various umbrella organizations as being nothing more than a Pay-To-Play fronts for insider access to the highest levels of the United States governments.

Until now it has been nothing more than conspiracy surrounded by mountains of circumstantial evidence that no government official would go after for fear of unimaginable retribution.

Yesterdays’ batch of Podesta email’s published by WikiLeaks gave strong indications that the Hillary Clinton campaign was highly worried about the the Clinton Foundation’s activities.

In those emails, a list of vulnerabilities was revealed which compounded revelations in earlier emails in which campaign aides highly advocated Hillary immediately dissociate with all foundation activities and ties.

Instead, Hillary’s arrogance has been shown over and over again and the concerns of aides were overruled.

Be it ending foreign donations or cancelling the Political and Wall Street speeches set up while the campaign was secretly Hillary insisted on cashing in and taking the money.

Regardless, many of the prior revelations simply added truckloads of paydirt on top of mountains  of circumstantial evidence.

A mountain of circumstantial evidence from which it might be hard to convince any given Pro-Hillary prosecutor there is a prima facia case for an indictment.

However, the latest batch of the Podesta email’s has now supplied a smoking gun for which prosecution can no longer be ignored.

The email in question contains a confidential memo which reveals the Clinton Foundation has been engaging in “For-Profit” activities, to the tune of $110 million dollars for Bill Clinton alone, while charging all of the costs to non-profit activities of the Clinton Foundation.

In fact, several WikiLeaks emails published as part of the Podesta Leaks focus around infighting within the organization due to things such “conflicts of interests”, lavishing spending in violation of IRS laws for non-profits, and donors being mislead on the use of donated funds.

All of the prior infighting is explain by the latest release, which reveals at a minimum the laws surrounding activities involving non-profit corporations, including IRS tax laws, were blatantly violated.

Additionally, while perhaps not quite clear from this memo alone but by all means clear when considering the revelations of other Podesta leaks involving then foundation, there is now a prima facia case to bring criminal racketeering charges against the foundation.

In short, the memo along with the other emails, that in order to play:

  • If you wanted the ear of the Clinton’s in a public setting (soft acces), to negotiate a higher donation for access, you hired them for a “For-Profit” engagement, such as a paid speech. Pay to play soft access included engagements such as
    • Political Speeches
    • Foundation Events
    • Foundation Initiatives
    • Political meetings
    • Structuring of deals
    • Structuring of Policy
  • If you donated over $1 million you received one on one private access (hard access) to the Clinton’s to put forward any demand for access you wished The leaked emails reveal that Hillary would not cancel hard access appointments no matter what the potential consequence.
    • [insert citation of leak discussing Hillary’s refusal to cancel Bill’s speech]
    • [insert citation of leak discussing Hillary’s refusal to cancel appointment with Morroco?]
    • [insert 2 more citations of similar matters of Hillary’s refusal to cancel hard appointments]
    • [iOnly half of the leaks have been published, more to come

The memo and other leaked emails reveal what kind of kind of play was received (citations will be added):

  1. Access to United States Government Political positions [cite podesta emails showing positions all appointed by Wall Street]
  2. Being removed from the terror watch list
    • Billions in Arms deals despite being in a coutry known to:
      1. Provide Clandestine support ISIS [cite podesta emails detailing arms deals]  [cite podesta emails detailing support of Isis]
      2. Have Horrible Human rights violations against minority races, religions and sexual preferences. [cite podesta emails detailing arms deals]  [cite human rights violations]
    • Launder millions of dollars in Russia [cite podesta email]
    •  Puurchase 20% of the United States Uranium supply [cite podesta email] [ cite news articles detailing deal]
    • Push trade deals such as the TPP [cite podesta email] and modify them as you wish [cite podesta email]

    These leaks clearly layout a Prima Facie case for a criminal indictment  on several charges raging from tax evasion to violation of Federal Campaign laws to Federal RICO charges involving Racketeering and Corruption to a myriad of other charges.

    The financial website Zero Hedge lays out the basic for the charges :

    Confidential Memo Exposes Ties Between Clinton Foundation Donors And Bill’s “For-Profit” Activities

    We have written frequently in recent weeks about a feud that erupted between Chelsea Clinton and Doug Band back in 2011 after Chelsea raised concerns about potential conflicts of interest between Band’s firm, Teneo, the Clinton Foundation and the State Department (see here, here, here and here).  The feud ultimately resulted in Band being forced to draft a memo spelling out, in vivid detail, the many entangled relationships between himself, Teneo, the Clinton Foundation and the State Department.  Fortunately, today’s Wikileaks dump included that memo which reveals, for the first time, the precise financial flows between the Clinton Foundation, Band’s firm Teneo Consulting, and the Clinton family’s private business endeavors.

    The memo starts with a brief background on Teneo, which was created in June 2011, shortly after Declan Kelly resigned from his position as “United States Economic Envoy to Northern Ireland,” a position to which he was appointed by Secretary Clinton.

    In June 2009, DK Consulting was founded by Declan Kelley.   Mr. Kelly served as COO of FTI Consulting until June 2009, when he stepped down and established DK Consulting.  At that time, he also became the United States Economic Envoy to Northern Ireland.  Pursuant to the terms of his exit agreement with FTI and consistent with the ethics agreement of his uncompensated special government employee appointment at the State Department, Mr. Kelly retained and continued to provide services to three paying clients (Coke, Dow, and UBS) and one pro bono client (Allstate).  In late 2009, Declan retained me as a consultant to DK Consulting to help support the needs of these clients.


    In May 2011, Mr. Kelly resigned his Envoy position at the State Department.  In June 2011, Mr. Kelly and I founded Teneo Strategies; simultaneously, Mr. Kelly closed DK Consulting and shifted its clients to Teneo.


    Throughout the past almost 11 years since President Clinton left office, I have sought to leverage my activities, including my partner role at Teneo, to support and to raise funds for the Foundation. This memorandum strives to set forth how I have endeavored to support the Clinton Foundation and President Clinton personally.

    In a subsequent section of the memo entitled “Leveraging Teneo For The Foundation,” Band spells all of the donations he solicited from Teneo “clients” for the Clinton Foundation.  In all, there are roughly $14mm of donations listed with the largest contributors being Coca-Cola, Barclays, The Rockefeller Foundation and Laureate International Universities.

    Foundation Donations

    Foundation Donations


    The donations from Dow Chemical are particularly notable for several reasons.  First, because of other emails revealed by WikiLeaks and other FOIA requests, we now know that Dow Chemical CEO, Andrew Liveris, was granted special access to then Secretary Clinton back in July 2009 at the same time he was embroiled in ongoing litigation with another Clinton Foundation donor, Kuwait, over a failed joint-venture that would have netted Dow $9BN in cash.  As Band notes in his memo, 1 month after being granted special access to Secretary Clinton, Liveris invited President Clinton and Band out for a day of golf.  Moreover, shortly after his meeting with Secretary Clinton and golf outing with President Clinton, Liveris decided to donate $500,000 to the Clinton Global Initiative…very convenient timing for all involved.

    In August of 2009, Mr. Kelly invited Mr. Liveris to play golf with President Clinton and me.   Mr. Kelly subsequently asked Dow to become a CGI sponsor at the $500,000 level, which they did, as well as making a $150,000 donation to the Foundation for President Clinton to attend a Dow dinner in Davos.

    The story gets even more bizarre when Band reveals in the following footnote that Liveris provided the Dow Chemical plane to fly President Clinton and his staff from New York to California and then California to North Korea for their golf outing.  We would assume this is a simple typo by Band and/or he’s just geographically challenged…if not, this certainly raises a whole other set of questions for Bill.

    Mr. Liveris provided the Dow plane to fly President Clinton and his staff to and from California for our trip to, and from, North Korea.  As a private trip, the Foundation had to pay the costs of airfare; Mr. Liveris’ in kind contribution saved the Foundation in excess of $100,000.

    According to the Dialy Caller, Dow Chemical paid Teneo $2.8 million in 2011 and $16 million in 2012 for a variety of “consultancy services”.  Of course, Bill Clinton was an honorary chairman of Teneo and, as such, was set to be paid $3.5 million for that position even though he ultimately only kept $100,000 because of the scandals that erupted around the firm, including their advisory relationship with MF Global.

    Finally, Band also offers the following commentary on the “$50 million in for-profit activity” he was able to secure for Bill Clinton (as of November 2011) as well as the “$66 million in future contracts, should he choose to continue with those engagements.”

    Independent of our fundraising and decision-making activities on behalf of the Foundation, we have dedicated ourselves to helping the President secure and engage in for-profit activities – including speeches, books, and advisory service engagements.  In that context, we have in effect served as agents, lawyers, managers and implementers to secure speaking, business and advisory service deals.  In support of the President’s for-profit activity, we also have solicited and obtained, as appropriate, in-kind services for the President and his family – for personal travel, hospitality, vacation and the like.  Neither Justin nor I are separately compensated for these activities (e.g., we do not receive a fee for, or percentage  of, the more than $50 million in for-profit activity we have personally helped to secure for President Clinton to date or the $66 million in future contracts, should he choose to continue with those engagements).


    With respect to business deals for his advisory services, Justin and I found, developed and brought to President Clinton multiple arrangements for him to accept or reject. Of his current 4 arrangements, we secured all of them; and, we have helped manage and maintain all of his for-profit business relationships.  Since 2001, President Clinton’s business arrangements have yielded more than $30 million for him personally, with $66 million to be paid out over the next nine years should he choose to continue with the current engagements.

    A big part of those “for-profit” activities was a $3.5mm annual payment from Laureate…

    Foundation Donations

    …and millions in speaking fees arranged by Band.

    Foundation Donations


    With that, we look forward to Donna Brazile’s explanation of how this is all just an attempt to “criminalize behavior that is normal.”


    The full memo can be viewed here:


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