Why #OccupyWallStreet? Because We All Know We Are Being Robbed By The Banks

Russia Today reports on the ongoing corporate media blackout and the use of force by police against non-violent protestors trying to end Wall Street’s economic injustice


While the M$M media is clearly engaged in a blackout of the real news because it is harmful to their corporate overloads and while the continue to spread lies and disinformation about why people are protesting, every single American knows the the truth.

FireDogLake founder, Jane Hamsher, eloquently sums up the reasons for the anger of the 99%: “It’s not hard to figure out. We all know we’re robbed by the banks”

Not everyone in the media is ignoring the Occupy Wall Street protests, some blogs and alternative media are dedicating quite a fair share. Like Firedoglake that has been live blogging the Occupy Wall Street developments. The founder Jane Hamsher joins the show.

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