What Is Going On In The Ibaraki Prefecture? Radiation Levels Soaring

What Is Going On In The Ibaraki Prefecture? Radiation Levels Soaring


April 4th, 2011

First of all let me explain, the Japanese news coverage for Fukushima has been like pulling teeth, only admitting things slowly as they become forced to by foreign and alternative media.

Here is something that quite literally flew under the radar. Further South of Fukushima’s nuclear hot spots there seems to be another reactor in trouble. If you were paying attention to the radiation grid, you may have notices a sudden sharp spikes in radiation out of Ibaraki. The Tokia region of Ibaraki is was home to Japan’s first reactor. Replacement reactos have been plagued with troubles.

After the March 11th quake/tsunami, we had after shocks mainly off the coast of Ibaraki and a large after quake on the 22 and sudden spikes in radiation. What is interesting that I think few people know is that the JAEA had already admitted leaking radiation from the Tokai plant back in October.

At that time the JMTR reactor had a cracked pipe under ground. This is what happens as you say when money-junkies shave safety or short term profits and just lie and lie until it too late and the lies pop only because of a grim undeniable reality, when it’s too late to reverse. I imagine this same hot spot was effected by the after shocks which were also lower in Ibaraki south of the tsunami quake.

And there had been several incidents in 97 and 99 as well.

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Radiation surging in Ibaraki, Japan. IS A SECOND REACTOR COMPLEX IN TROUBLE?

By Mike Rivero
April 4th, 2011

Update 3: April 2, 2011. I found a free app for my iPhone that shows real time radiation levels collected by an ad hoc network of science enthusiasts with radiation meters. This is what the screen shows.

The tiny radiation symbol towards the top of the display is the location of the wrecked Fukushima nuclear power station.

Since the area surrounding the Fukushima plant has been evacuated, it makes sense there will be no radiation readings in that area. Yet to the south we see an obvious hot spot where radiation readings are much higher.

It turns out those higher radiation readings cluster around Ibaraki and in particular the nuclear power station located at Tokai!

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