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Watch Live Video Streams of the Occupy Wall Street Protests which have spread to several cities nationwide, with encampments now set up and gaining inertia in Chicago and Los Angeles.

Earlier Russia today reported on the protests spreading to Chicago, LA and nationwide.

Here are the live video streams.

Occupy Wall Street

OccupyLA Live :

OccupyChicago Live :

To organize and plan protests across the nation the site has been set up.

A mini documentary published on the Occupy Chicago website.

Want to know what to do if you can’t make it to Chicago? Get the word out. Tell friends, family, anyone who will listen that we will no longer stand the greed of corporations. Let your state rep know that this policy of the pursuit of the almighty profit over people will no longer be tolerated. Write your state rep.

Here is an earlier video from Occupy Chicago.

Occupy Chicago Protests Protests in Chicago have set up near the federal reserve building in Chicago and have been there for at least two days now.

The Chicago protests appear to be less organized than the NYC and LA protests. Namely, the protesters haven’t decided were to camp out and on site electricity need to keep electronics powered longer than the life of their batteries.

Once those two goals are accomplished we should see a live stream out of Chicago. Regardless, protestors say the Chicago crowd continues to grow.


The cops told us we were fine as long as we left half the sidewalk for pedestrians. They just blocked half. Less space


We Stand For The People, Stand With Us!

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