[Watch] Bold Diver Rescues Whale Shark Caught In Commercial Fishing Rope

Watch the heartwarming moment a whale shark is freed from a rope that has constrained him for years.

Editors Note: I cry in joy when i watch this. It’s not every day you witness heroic actions, but there have been plenty to relay as of late. Not only did a Frenchman recently donate his bakery to a homeless man who saved his life, a team of compassionate humans helped a killer whale who was stranded on the rocks during low tide.

Now, news has surfaced of a bold diver risking his life to rescue a whale shark who was ensnared in a fishing rope. Reportedly, the diver noticed the giant’s suffering, therefore, decided to free it from the rope before the being lost its fin.

Amazingly, the whale interpreted his intentions and stayed completely still for the thirty seconds it took to cut through the rope. You can watch the incredible rescue above.

As The Rainforest Site relays, whales, sharks, and other untargeted species are often caught by fishing nets and gear in the oceans. This is due to current fishing practices which may be a bit outdated.

At present, activists are seeking to protect innocent sea creatures by attaching light-emitting diodes to fishing nets, in hopes that they might deter larger beings like the whale shark above. As the whale shark holds a precarious spot as a ‘Vulnerable Species’ on the IUCN Red List, one must hope that their efforts succeed. After all, without whales, whale watching california trips will be a thing of the past!

Video Diver Rescues Whale Shark Caught In Commercial Fishing Rope

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