War Crime: Syria Terrorists Blow Up Hospital And Brag About It

War Crime: Syria Terrorists Blow Up Hospital And Brag About It

US backed terrorists operating in Syria have posted a video online showing the bombing of a hospital in violation of international law.

The UK’s Telegraph has posted a video showing Saudi Arabia’s Salafit Terrorists blowing up a hospital in Syria.

Such attacks on hospitals, ambulances, doctors and first responders are all war crimes under international law as is the murder of the innocent civilians who were in the hospital at the time.

Ever wonder why these international war crimes laws are constantly violated by the US, its NATO allies and the proxy terrorists cells they run through Saudi Arabia?

They are only in place to put severely hinder the self-defense capabilities of the targets of their imperialistic agenda.

For example Syria terrorists are smuggling weapons and driving around under the cover of UK ambulances.

Here’s the video from the Telegraph.

Syrian rebels claim to have blown up hospital in Homs

Amateur video purported to be filmed in Homs shows a huge explosion which Syrian fighters say was at a hospital that was being used by government forces.

Amateur footage appears to show two huge explosions in the Syrian city of Homs, which purportedly took place on Monday.

The rebel in the video can be heard saying: “Al Frouq brigade blew up the National hospital, which used to be for people, but now is being used by Assad’s forces.”

The video cannot be independently verified because of foreign reporting restrictions in Syria.

The footage emerges as the governor of the Homs area says that the city has suffered an estimated $9 billion in destruction.

Source: The Telegraph

You have to love how the article makes no mention that this is a war crime.

More disturbing is the disclaimer that the video can not be verified due to foreign reporting restrictions in Syria.

Reporters have no problem printing the terrorists accusations against the government as absolute fact without such disclaimers.

Even the claim of foreign report restrictions wreaks of pure propaganda.

We have been repeatedly told foreign reporter restrictions prevent the verification of negative stories against the terrorists or the verification of rebel claims.

Yet we constantly are shown video reports from the same news organizations on the ground in Syria claiming using the foreign reporter restriction as an excuse for printing lies.

Does the media really think they we have all been brainwashed to the point that we will swallow such doublethink without ever invoking cognitive dissonance?

For example how many times has CNN stated the same claims on air or printed the same lie repeated the same lies in their article.

Yet here is a report from a CNN reported on the ground ‘dodging bullets’. Note how CNN fails to mention the bullets they are dodging are terrorists bullets.

Meanwhile.. CNN runs nerve grinding stories about their reporters deep under cover avoiding sniper fire.

Not once do they admit that the sniper fire was from the rebels – even though the context of the article makes it obvious [reporting from inside the rebel stronghold, where traffic is noticeably lower a sniper fires at our vehicle. (change the subject) Then we here rebel fighters yelling at our vehicle to stop.]

Read for yourself and see how their sleazy manipulates their viewer into believing this is the work of the government without claiming it is and those who aren’t privy to information like this what you just saw above that is freely available online are easily deceived.

Two days in Aleppo: Snipers, temporary graveyards and stairwell beds

Editor’s note: CNN’s Ben Wedeman and crew are some of the few international reporters in Syria, whose government has been restricting access of foreign journalists and refusing many of them entry. Wedeman spent two days this week in Aleppo, a city of more than 2 million people where rebels and government forces are fighting.

Below is an edited account of what Wedeman saw in Aleppo, including his harrowing trip into the city past snipers, street vendors selling their wares as bombs fall, and a lack of enthusiasm for the rebels’ battle among many civilians.

The crack of sniper fire welcomed us into a rebel-held part of Aleppo.

Traveling through a back road on Monday, with six people crammed into a small car, we drove through government-controlled territory, bypassing a checkpoint and rolling right past the military intelligence headquarters. Vendors sold tea and coffee by the side of the road, with traffic fairly normal.

Traffic was noticeably less as we approached a rebel-held area, one neighborhood over from the Salaheddine neighborhood where fierce fighting has raged. As the car passed an intersection near a Free Syrian flag, three or four shots rang out, apparently at the vehicle.

No one was hurt, and once the vehicle passed the intersection, rebel fighters nearby shouted for the driver to stop.

Here’s another >CNN report from on the ground in Syria packed with more lies.

The BBC has continually made similar claims.

Here is a BBC report from on the ground in Syria and again the terrorist are committing but another war crime.

BBC Scrubs Video Of US Backed Syria Rebels Committing War Crimes

BBC Scrubs Video Of US Backed Rebels Commiting War Crimes
The BBC and NY Times scrub their own video and news story showing Syrian terrorists forcing a tortured prisoners to become a suicide bomber.

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Then here’s a Reuters reporter in a plush cozy room taking pictures of terrorist snipers taking out targets.

Surreal Photos Of Syria Rebel Sniper False Flag In Action

The Anatomy Of A Syria Rebel Terrorist False Flag
Surreal photos of Syria rebel snipers in action as they pick off targets while sitting on a cozy couch inside a civilian apartment.

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We constantly read from news organizations online that their journalists being kidnapped by the rebel terrorists but there is no mention of this on the TV.

The rape will not stop when the media always sides with the rapist

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