Vote Fraud: Party Bosses Inform Voters They Voted For Romney

Vote Fraud: Party Bosses Inform Voters They Voted For Romney


A voter at the RNC details how he and other voters were informed by party bosses that they had voted for Mitt Romney even though they never did.

Here’s an article from the Daily Paul in which a voter says he now knows how people in communist countries feel when people win by 99% of the vote:

Apparently I voted for Romney

During the roll call of states, I was informed by my delegation chairman that I voted for Romney.

This is despite the fact that I never actually voted for Romney. I would have point of ordered this nonsense, but by this time, the draconian rules had been adopted over the will of the delegates, which allows them to count my vote for the person they think I should vote for (I was bound).

Now I know how those people in communist countries feel like, where the leader wins by 99% of the vote.

In the end we did not win, but we did force them to violate their own rules and compromise the integrity of the process to keep us out. We got 6 states to nominate Ron Paul (7 had Maine been included). Had they conducted the process honestly, we would have had a vote between Paul and Romney–but they didn’t let this happen.

If Romney can’t stand up to a fair vote between him and Dr Paul, how can he stand up to Obama?

Source: The Daily Paul

This voter is not alone. The discussion threads on the article are full of similar stories and complaints of the vote fraud at the RNC.

A commenter on the original article writes: Read this article: I think you’ll find it enlightening.

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