Violent Black Panthers Activist Turned Out To Be FBI Informant

Violent Black Panthers Activist Turned Out To Be FBI Informant

Richard Aoki was a militant activist credited who arme the Black Panthers and turned them violent, but turned out to be an FBI informant at the very same time.

Richard Aoki was a militant activist and armed the Black Panthers, but turned out to be an FBI informant at the very same time. This information was made public after an investigation by Seth Rosenfield revealed FOIA documents that verify these claims by the Federal Bureau of Investigation. Aoki committed suicide in 2009, but today many questions remain, such as to what extent did the FBI know the man was arming the Black Panthers? Trevor Aaronson, author of the “Terror Factory,” discusses the slippery slope between the FBI creating criminals and catching them.

For years, I personally was blinded to the propaganda that sensationalized the members of this movement as violent racists looking for revenge.

For those who want to lift that veil of indoctrination watch this eye-opening video from one of the original black panther’s explaining the message of unity of people of all color to over come the divide and conquer techniques such as the scripted left-right paradigm used to keep use subjugated.



Black Panther Vet On CoIntel Pro And Movement Crushing Techniques

arry Pinkney breaks down cointelpro tactics and how the government keeps the masses using false left-right political paradigm to divide and conquer.

Alex welcomes veteran of the Black Panther Party, former Minister of Interior of the Republic of New Africa, and author-activist Larry Pinkney to discuss a host of various topics.

For those who have allowed government propaganda to burn an image into their psyche of Black Panthers being a violent pro-black anti-racist organization that was justly crush for just those reasons watching this interview with Larry will be a real eye opener.

He explains how cointelpro ( the government’s counter intelligence program) was created for the purpose of discrediting, framing and murdering the leaders of movements that threaten the power structure of a government that no longer serves the interests of the people buy instead serves itself off of a silver platter and does s by keeping its people repressed.

He breaks down how people of all color – white, black, red, brown – are kept slaves on the plantation through the use of the falsely scripted left-right republican-democrat paradigm using many techniques to divide us.

He explains how the government built up Malcom X when he was preaching ‘white devil’ because it served their divide and conquer technique and as soon as he saw the light – that it wasn’t just blacks being oppressed it was people of all color – and called for the unity of masses to stand in solidarity against the government’s tyranny they quickly made the decision to assassinate him because that is when he became a real threat.

As opposed to the racist bias that has engrained into the Pysche of the Black Panther Party and former civil liberties movement leader’s who have been assassinated by the government – including Malcom X and Dr. Martin Luther King – Pinkey explains how racism was just another divide and conquer tool used by provocateurs to destroy the party.

This really is a much watch interview.

Anyone who has spent time talking with me,  listened to me or watched any of  interviews or any of my livestreams while out at Occupy you’ll notice the message that he continues to hammer home is the same one that I have – violence is not the answer – organizing and getting the people to stand up in a voice of solidarity is.


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