Video: South Dakota Partners With Big Pharma To Prey On Native Americans In Genocidal Campaign To Increase Revenues

South Dakota partners with Big Pharma to prey on Native Americans in genocidal campaign to increase revenues

South Dakota Partners With Big Pharma To Prey On Native Americans In Genocidal Campaign To Increase Revenues

(NaturalNews) In what appears to be a “genocide-for-profit” scheme, South Dakota officials and Big Pharma interests have teamed up to remove Native American children from their homes to be put into foster care, where they are routinely over-prescribed dangerous drugs used for treating illness.

Of course, this isn’t anything new for a pharmaceutical company. Pharmacies and doctors unnecessarily peddled highly addictive drugs like opioids to millions of Americans. Millions of lives have been ruined by it and addicts have needed to go to online clinics like Recovery Delivered ( in order to recover. So, when we learned about this newest story, unfortuntely, we weren’t surprised.

How the scheme works

The use of culturally-biased guidelines in determining mental health status allows the agency to circumvent Indian Child Welfare Act (ICWA) rules, designed to keep these children from ending up in non-native foster homes, while generating millions of dollars for the pharmaceutical industry.

From an ICWA study posted on the website:

“After an initial investigation we, the South Dakota Indian Child Welfare Act directors, are alarmed by the possibility that Native American foster children in South Dakota are receiving harmfully excessive amounts of prescription drugs designed to treat mental illness. The following quantitative data is cause for concern and an indication that further research is needed: a majority of South Dakota’s foster children are Native American, and South Dakota spent eleven times more on prescription drugs for Native American foster care children in 2009 than it did in 1999. The number of prescriptions for Native American foster children more than tripled during the period.”

The “keep-them-drugged-and-in-the-system” approach is nothing new. Activist and attorney, Daniel Sheehan, and the Lakota People’s Law Project, point to a similar situation in Texas that happened while George W. Bush was governor of the state.

Among the findings of the ICWA study:

In South Dakota, there was a “massive spike” of spending on pharmaceutical drugs for Native American foster children during the period between 1999 and 2009, when the number of prescriptions increased 370 percent.

South Dakota places Native American children into foster homes at significantly higher rates than other ethnic groups.

Throughout the United States, methods of identifying and treating mental illness are “subpar with respect to ethnic minorities, specifically for children and the American Indian population.”

South Dakota may be currently being subjected to the same sort of illegal payoffs made by Big Pharma in Texas under the Texas Medication Algorithm Project, which began in the 1990s, and which prompted several successful lawsuits against the state.

South Dakota has no current requirements for parental consent of psychotropic drugs being administered to foster children, nor does the state have a “policy for provision of medication request review or consultation by a licensed health care professional for foster care children receiving psychotropic medications.”

Prior to 2006, South Dakota was apparently prescribing drugs to foster children which had not yet been approved as safe for children. After their approval in 2006, these drugs began being over-prescribed.

In the video below, Sheehan describes the situation in South Dakota:

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