Video Proof: Election Fraud – The Sad State Of Democracy In The United States

Video Proof: Election Fraud – The Sad State Of Democracy In The United States

I know this may come across as a contradictory statement and I’m sort of ranting but your vote may not mean squat. I can say this for the Presidential elections with certainty and Congress is pretty much a dog and pony show (not all) to make the American public feel as if there’s somebody representing them. However, local elections at the County and City level I do believe we can have more of a impact on policy. Don’t get me wrong, there are good people in government. Unfortunately, they don’t last very long due to corporate money in politics. The point is, there’s something seriously wrong with America when we keep voting for the same assholes every election and that these assholes have unlimited terms they can serve is just plain ridiculous. Like I said, our best shot at real change is at the local level.

Other ways we can create change is to support local businesses instead of the mega corporations. Use cash at local businesses and your credit card at the chains. Buy non-GMO foods and stay away from fast foods. Better yet, start or get involved with community gardens and grow your own food. Get off the grid if you can afford to do so. Get involved with your local community and elected officials by attending meetings or events and make your voice heard. There are other ways of voting that don’t involve our corrupt elections.

Video – I Still Remember This Day When Democracy and Our Constitution Was Blatantly Flushed Down The Toilet In Front Of Millions Of People.

Or this video

RNC Cheating – Vote Results Already On The Teleprompter – Isn’t This Election Fraud?

Now if that wasn’t a bad enough assault on our democracy consider the following article “The People Who Cast The Votes Don’t Decide An Election, The People Who Count The Votes Do.” Washingtons Blog sums it up nicely on how easy it is to hack multiple types of voting machines to produce a fake election results. I’ve posted one of the videos below because you can see the heartbreak when election officials learn that the voting equipment they’re using isn’t secure or reliable and the realization that all the hard work they’ve been doing to preserve our democracy was potentially for naught. Corporations have taken over our government is true but the real enemy is our elected officials selling us out. They are criminals and for God sake why aren’t they held accountable?

“The People Who Cast The Votes Don’t Decide An Election, The People Who COUNT The Votes Do.”

Here’s even more evidence of rigged elections when last week local Iowa poll officials were caught on video changing vote tallies:

A quick explanation of what you’re watching (voter fraud):

The important problem is that the Bernie counters recounted everyone, while the Hillary counter was literally recorded telling someone else that she only added newcomers to the count she had before, and then when asked if she recounted everyone, she lied to the organizer and said “Yes”. This means that if anyone left the caucus site who was supporting Bernie, then they were removed by Bernie’s recounters, but any Hillary supporter who left the caucus site was treated as though they were still there for the purposes of the recount. Thus, artificial inflation of her numbers occurred unless everyone who left was a Bernie delegate, on top of the Hillary campaign surrogate lying to an election official to cover up her (negligent at best, malicious at worst) mistake.

So at the end of the day you can clearly see that the elections are pretty much a joke and you’d have to be asleep not to see this. As I posted in a previous article, Tired Of The Presidential Election Bullshit? If You Want Real Change – Focus On Local Elections which points out the elections are rigged but also encourages people to get politically active at a more local level where you can have a potentially greater impact. I also noted there are more ways to vote than just at the poles which is perhaps even more powerful than any election.


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