Video: ‘Is Shepard Smith Dying? Radiation Poisoning from Fukushima?

The health of FOX news host Shepard Smith appears to be in a state of stunning decline and there is speculation it could be due to radiation poisoning.

The Intel Hub
By Tony Muga
April 2, 2012

A recent YouTube video posted by ‘thenorthwestreport’ shows Fox reporter Shepard Smith in a state of declining health: the change in appearance over the course of a year is stunning.

The implications of the video are that Mr. Smith may have been exposed to high levels of radiation in Japan while reporting on the Fukushima meltdowns during March of 2011. Does Shepard Smith now have cancer?

This is absolute speculation at this point, as Mr. Smith has made no public announcement in regards to his health, but the visible difference in his facial features, over one year’s time, are shocking.

As of March 2012, Mr. Smith appears gaunt, haggard and emaciated; a far cry from how he looks in the footage from Japan in 2011.

And it might not be just Mr. Smith. How many reporters were sent to Japan during the height of the meltdowns?

Keep in mind, most effects from Chernobyl were not immediate, so chances are over the next 5-10 years, we are going to see a number of well-known media/entertainment figures become ill with radiation sickness…especially if they live on the west coast or reported from Japan.


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