US Soldiers Stab Teen To Death In Afghan Night Raid


American forces have stabbed to death an Afghan teenager in a night raid on a residential building in Afghanistan’s western province of Herat.

US Soldiers stab Afghan teen to death in a night raid in Herat province

Press TV – The incident occurred on Thursday night when foreign forces stormed a house in Shindand village south of Herat province for inspection without any coordination with Afghan security forces, Shindand legislator, Toor Mohammad Zarifi told Press TV on Saturday.

The foreign forces harassed the residents of the house and then stabbed a 19-year-old to death, Zarifi said.

Herat police forces have started an investigation into the violent incident.

The Afghan lawmaker called on the Afghan government to take a prompt action against foreign forces, in particular the American forces, for their violent actions against the Afghan civilians.

In another incident several days earlier, the US-led forces arrested a local police officer along with two others in the city of Herat during a night raid.

In reaction, local Afghans warned the Afghan government that they would stage massive protests if the arrested people were not released.

According to tribal leaders, US-led foreign troops storm Afghan people’s homes and take them to unknown places without coordination with local authorities.

The nighttime operations by the US-led forces have resulted in civilian casualties and increasing tension between Washington and Kabul.

Insecurity continues to rise across Afghanistan, despite the presence of thousands of US-led forces in the country ten years after the beginning of the US-led war in 2001

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