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US media to self-destruct in a fake news attack

2016 December 1, Sakai Tanaka


In the United States, now that the presidential election is over a riot over “false news” (fake news) has begun. The uproar stems from criticism launched by political organizations and mass media that support Hillary Clinton which claim she lost the election in a wrongful manner  because social media failed to regulate fake news. ( Faceless Monitors Judge Fake News On Social Media ) ( Using Fake News Against Opposing Views )

According to Clinton supporters, at the end of the election, groundless claims such as articles questioning Clinton’s health were widespread on the internet through social networks such as Facebook and were widely believed by US voters. Clinton supporters claim many of thes “fake news”  were written by Russian and American Trump supporters and the spread of these links should have been prohibited by social networks such as Facebook to prevent election fraud.  ( ‘Fake News’, ‘Post-Truth’ And All The Rest ) (Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg Finally Details Fake News Countermeasures)

Authors of real “fake news” pointed out that the articles they wrote were not intended to defeat Clinton but instead written for the purpose increasing advertising revenue. During the U.S. Presidential election  most of the mass media supported Clinton and slandered Trump so strongly that Trump advocates no longer trust the mass media as an information source and instead have put their trust in online alternative media sources. This allowed “fake news” authors to increase there page views using social networks and gain a lot of advertising revenue (Fake News Network ‘Tried To Write Fake News For Liberals – But They Just Never Take The Bait.’)

Advertising revenue of external links on Facebook is split between Facebook and the external site. Since “fake news” can only be read online the more people that are shocked by its contents the more clicks it will get compared to real news.  Fake news, even if more rare than real news, gets a share of revenue equivalent to the real news because of this. Because the amount of and the number of views of “fake news” was not more than the number of views of real news Facebook did not remove the links to the fake news.  ( Does Facebook Generate Over Half Its Revenue From Fake News?) (Inside A Fake News Sausage Factory: ‘This Is All About Income‘ )

In response to criticism, Facebook said many links contain information that are thought to be true at the time  which eventually are concluded to be a “deliberate lie” or which are originally thought to be intentional lies which end up being true.  This makes it difficult and gives Facebook a reason not to remove links. For example, the Clinton camp has dismissed theories about Hillary’s health problems as a lie but the actual facts are Hillary collapsed during the 911 rally. This gives credibility to the claims and shows the allegations against Hillary’s health problems are based on facts rather than “fake news”. The discourse of many is claimed to be piggybacked on suspicion, but in reality the greater blame for  the discourse at hand is due to the slander against Trump. Many of the articles of criticism issued by the U.S. mass media is anti-Trump and anti-Russian slander which is also “fake news.” (Facebook’s Fake News Crackdown: Its Complicated ) (NY Times Attacks Trump’s Twitter Account As Fake News While Lying About Ivanka )

Isn’t it self-destructive to attack the non-mainstream media for rising Trump to victory?

The definition of “fake news” is ambiguous and is not dependent upon being spread by supporters of Russian such as people who descend from Russia or Macedonia. Instead the outrage over “fake news” in the United states is about been about people criticizing the mass media, establishment, the military-industrial complex, and financial domination by the elite particularly targeting the free speech of right-wing anti-liberal journalists. The journalists and mass media of the establishment’s liberal military system has transformed into a movement to condemn and put a label of “false news” on the speech of their rivals. President Obama is also criticizing fake news. (Fake News Website From Wikipedia ) ( Harsh Truths About Fake News For Facebook, Google And Twitter ) ( Here’s Why “Fake News” Sites Are Dangerous ) ( Obama Joins The War Against “Fake News” )

Massachusetts state liberal college faculty member Melissa Zimdars  has published over 100 listed fake news websites that people should not believe immediately after the presidential election. Many of them were right-wing sites against liberals, so this announcement is regarded liberals attack against the free speech of right-wing sites in  revenge of losing to the presidential election. ( Assistant Professor Melissa Zimdars Compiles List Of Fake News Sites ) ( False, Misleading, Clickbait-Y, And / Or Satirical “News” Sources ) ( Zero Hedge Targeted On Liberal Professor’s List Of “Fake News” Sources )

Furthermore, on 24th November, the Washington Post went into extensive detail with claims that Donald Trump won the election because the adult American right-wing widely spread fake news of the Russian government. The article written in the style of citing experts in the format of “experts point out” while citing “propaoannet (not propaganda)” as one such expert. The site (propornot) claims many United States of the right-wing-based prominent news commentary sites such as Ronpaul (, Paul Craig Roberts (, Global Research (, Washington’s Blog (,,, are Russian spies and that these sites along with RT and Sputznik  in cooridnation with the Russian government illegally helped Donald Trump win the election ( Russian Propaganda Effort Helped Spread `Fake News’ During Election, Experts Say ) ( Is It Propaganda Or Not? )

What is interesting is that Prop or Not  which is a major reason for the Washington Post’s claim of this article, is a recently created and unidentifiable internet site.  All claims made by the site in the article are made anonymously.  The Washington Post relies on it’s own authority and reputation of writing world class articles but by citing PropOrNot the Washington Post has made itself a conspiracy site. The sites they list as Russian spy sites, such as Zero Hedge and the Ron Paul institute, continue to issue precise comment and accurate analysis as they have always done. The quality of these sites are comparable to prestigious media such as the Washington Post, New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, The Financial Times and are just as authoritative or evenly matched as the mass media and in may cases are more advanced and more helpful to decipher the propaganda behind mass media communications. (Bait Ando Switch- Fake News, PropOrNot, The Real Inform Ando Influence Operation ) ( The Reality Of Fake News )

Since the invasion of Iraq, The Washington Post and the New York times has become more and more distorted in their coverage becoming extremely  U.S. Government’s war friendly and have increasingly printed articles of war clashes which no one can endure to read.  FT is also distorted newspaper which is representative of Japan since it became affiliated with Nikkei, there are obviously propaganda-like articles and the quality is declining. The WSJ has been extremely right but unlike the others its coverage has not deteriorated from long ago but that is not saying much since right-wing mass media took a nose dive long before the the left chose to follow them down.  As the quality of these mainstream mass  media declines in this way there is a growing need for people to rely on non-mainstream alternative news sites such as the the above mentioned Zero Hedge and the Ron Paul Institute.  ( The Mainstream Media Has Only Itself To Blame For The “Fake News” Epidemic ) ( The REAL FAKE NEWS Exposed: ’97 Pasento Of Scientists Agree On Climate Change ‘Is An Engineered Hoax … Here’s What The Media Never Told You )

There is no non-mainstream news site in Japan. Most of the Japanese famous criticism sites engage in the same propaganda of the mass media. So Japanese are merely confident in the mass communication but in the United States (and in the English-speaking world) non-mainstream sites can be superior to the mass media and those people who continue to read these is to retain some neat view of the world. So the United States is someone who is able to defeat the control of military-industrial dominance, such as the Trump, can be elected president.

Russian news websites such as RT and Sputnik have more reliable coverage of international affairs in places such as Europe and the Middle East than mainstream mass media such as the Washington Post. People trying to obtain accurate coverage look to RT, Sputnik and Press TV of Iran because the mass communication has become unreliable in self-destructive manner. Articles from the Washington Post using fake slander to regard these outlets as “fake news” puppets of Russia, which are intended to be advantageous for the mass media, only destroy the credibility of the mass media and further reveal their distorted coverage. ( ‘Fake News’ ‘And ‘Post-Truth’ Politics What About Those Iraqi WMDs? ) ( ‘Fake News’ Is Not The Problem – Mainstream News With An Agenda Is )

However in attempt to crush rivals and restore credibility by relying on the dubious and suspicious PropOrNot research full of anonymity credibility plunges far from the pack. Zero Hedge and the Ron Paul Institute bought quarrels sold quickly and inversely criticizes the main mainstream media and the Washington post for being bad “fake news”. Ron Paul, the former member of the House of Representatives and the founder of the Libertarian political movement, also predicts that slanderous attacks against non-mainstream media and speech by the mainstream media like this will continue. ( REVEALED: The Real Fake News List ) ( Uspol Ron Paul Lashes Out At WaPo’S Witch Hunt: “Expect Such Attacks To Continue” ) ( Is “Fake News” The New ‘Conspiracy Theory’? )

This attack article by the Washington Post shows that the mass media is already vulnerable and in a weaker position with less confidence than the non-mainstream media. By continuing to attack the non-mainstream media in a naive radical and excessive way like this, when confidence in their own mass communications are very low, are instead diverting attention to the non-mainstream media, many of which had low recognition, which the public is now free to judge on reliability on their own.  I do not know who thought about the idea of the article of Washington Post but the excessive rival defamation are hidden childish belligerent measures.  Overpopulating a bad fighting strategy is self-destructive suicide to the polycentrism multipolar neoconservative  of the US hegemony (the military-industrial complex).  ( The Fake News Fake Story ) ( Glenn Greenwald Condemns Post Washington’s “Cowardly Group Of Anonymous Smear Artists” )

The mass media’s battle against the free speech of non-mainstream media journalists that have criticized the military-industrial mass media seems to continue is likely to continue in the future as Ron Paul says.  However, the military mass media has already been kicked out of power by the election.  Trump and non-mainstreamers are not equal. Both sides agree that the US terrorist war, Russian hostility, NATO and alliance relations with Japan and Korea are considered to be foolish, but there are many conflicts from there.  Trump seeks a surge in military expenditures and it seems likely that will be more complicated than the ridiculous war of the United States. Non-mainstreamists are opposed to measures to extend the financial system due to the bubble expansion such as the Federal Reserve but Trump appointment the Treasury Secretary is unlikely to oppose the bubble expansion plan. ( Enigmatic it may Trump )

Despite these discrepancies, Trump will probably seek to remove the mass media from position of power of while attempting to limit the power of the liberal military complex as the rapid increases in military expenses may be in danger. In the future 8 years of the Trump regime (probably reelected), military production such as the mass communication and NATO will be greatly disabled. The hegemonic structure of the world becomes multipolar. Ultimately, the hegemony and military expenditure of the United States will be greatly reduced. Rebirth of the financial bubble that will be a hard landing to multipolarization probably will also occur. Trump will embody the situation predicted and analyzed by non-mainstream speeches. ( The Fake Epidemic Of Fake News ) ( Fake Science News Is Just As Bad As Fake News )

Almost at the same time that fake news began to hype in the United States, German Prime Minister Merkel strengthened false news criticism as part of a campaign of Russian hostility in Europe. The European Parliament has issued a resolution to condemn Russia as the originator of fake news. In Europe, the trump campaign supports the anti-EU positions, anti-immigrant policies and familiar grassroots populist forces from both the right and the left such as the French Le Pen and Buddha Rupen which are hostile to Merkel. The U.S. fight of the mass media of the military estate and Trump will carry over to Europe where it will be a battle between Merkel on behalf of the military estate and right hand left. In the United States, the victory of Trump’s system is almost certain. Even in Europe, Merkel is becoming more and more unpopular ahead of next summer elections. Merkel seems to be losing so she is also using the fake news attack as a weapon from a sense of crisis. In the United States and Europe, the fight over fake news is not a debate about news and if it is real or not, but it is one of the final countermeasures and life extension measures of pf the establishment. ( Merkel Declares War On “Fake News” As Europe Brands Russia’s RT, Sputnik “Dangerous Propaganda” ) ( EU Parliament Urges Fight Against Russia’s ‘Fake News’ ) ( Germany Is Worried About Fake News And Bots Ahead Of Election )


HNN note: This article was manually by  translated using Chrome’s built in translator and Google’s web based translator using FireFox.





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