US Briefs Israel On Plans To Attack Iran

US Briefs Israel On Plans To Attack Iran

Obama’s Security Adviser Tom Donilon has given Netanyahu an overview of the United States plan to attack Iran to deal with their nuclear facilities.

US Briefs Israel On Plans To Attack Iran
President Barack Obama’s national security adviser has briefed Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu with plans to launch military attacks against Iran to be used if Iran doesn’t comply with the United States demands to end its nuclear research program, reports Reuters.

The article quotes The Haaretz newspaper out of Israel which reported that Obama’s Security Adviser Tom Donilon had detailed the plans to attack Iran during talks with Netanyahu earlier this month.

Yahoo News reports:

Obama aide tells Israel of Iran attack plan: paper

President Barack Obama’s national security adviser has briefed Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on a U.S. contingency plan to attack Iran should diplomacy fail to curb its nuclear program, an Israeli newspaper reported on Sunday.

The Haaretz newspaper said that the U.S. adviser – Thomas Donilon – had described the plan in talks with Netanyahu earlier this month.

A senior Netanyahu aide, Harel Locker, refused to comment on the report when asked about it in an interview with an Israeli radio station. Another Israeli official reached by telephone, said “we do not comment on closed-door diplomatic meetings”.

Haaretz said the secret briefing was the most significant effort by high-level U.S. officials who had visited Israel in the past month, including Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, to try to dissuade Israel from launching its own military strike on Iran.


Quoting a senior U.S. official it said spoke on condition of anonymity, Haaretz said Donilon had told Netanyahu the Pentagon was planning for a possible decision to attack Iran’s nuclear sites, and had shown him some of the plans.

In their talks, the same official said Donilon had also detailed the U.S. military’s ability to penetrate nuclear facilities buried deep underground, and had said that such contingency plans were being drawn up in case of a possible deadlock in diplomacy with Iran.

The failure of talks between Iran and six world powers to secure a breakthrough in curbing what the West fears is a drive to develop nuclear weapons has raised international concerns that Israel, widely assumed to be the Middle East’s only nuclear-armed state, may opt for a go-it-alone military strike.

Israel has warned the West it thinks it is only a matter of time before Iran’s nuclear program achieves a “zone of immunity” in which bombs will not be able to effectively strike uranium enrichment facilities buried deep underground.


Source: Yahoo News!

The Times of Israel reports:

he United States has briefed Israel on the details of its back-up plan for a military strike on Iran in the event that diplomatic efforts to halt the Islamic Republic’s development of nuclear weapons fail, Haaretz reported Sunday.

According to an anonymous senior American official, White House National Security Adviser Tom Donilon informed Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu during a meeting earlier this month that the US is preparing in earnest for the possibility that diplomatic efforts to halt Iran’s unsanctioned nuclear program fail.

To demonstrate this, and perhaps to dissuade Israel from striking Iran on its own, Donilon outlined the US’s plan for striking Iran’s nuclear sites, and gave a detailed overview of the weapons capable of destroying them.

Earlier this week US Air Force Secretary Michael Donley announced the combat readiness of the Massive Ordinance Penetrator, a 15 ton bunker buster capable of penetrating up to 200 ft underground. Such a weapon could be used to attack Iran’s heavily fortified, subterranean nuclear facilities in the event of a military assault.


Source: The Times of Israel

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