US Assassination Drone Strike Kills Women And Girls Gathering Firewood

US Assassination Drone Strike Kills Women And Girls Gathering Firewood

A US assassination drone strike has killed eight women and girls in eastern Afghanistan report local officials, contradicting Pentagon statements.

RT – A NATO airstrike killed eight women and girls in eastern Afghanistan, local officials reported. The alliance said the strike targeted 45 armed insurgents but admitted some civilians may have been killed.

The women were gathering firewood when they were killed by the strike, spokesperson for the Laghman provincial government Sarhadi Zewak said. Several women were also injured during the NATO strike, he added.

Villagers brought the victims’ bodies to the local governor’s office on Sunday in the wake of the attack said Zewak.

Seven females are now in nearby hospitals receiving treatment, some of whom are as young as ten years old, AP reports.

Initial reports claimed that as many as 45 armed insurgents were killed in a “precision air strike,” NATO spokesperson Jamie Graybeal said. However, Major Adam Wojack, a spokesman for the Isaf later told the BBC that between five and eight civilians may have been caught in the crossfire in a “tragic loss of life.”

[Note: Cross fire? What Cross fire?No one shooting back what kind of journalists even prints such propaganda garbage.]

The issue of frequent civilian deaths in NATO military operations is another point of contention between Afghanistan’s President Hamid Karzai and the US.

Last year, some 400 Afghan civilians were killed in operations conducted by international and Afghan troops, the UN reported. This year’s estimates suggested that the number of Afghan civilians killed and injured in the first half of 2012 fell 15 percent.

[Note: Using UN casualty numbers if more propaganda garbage. It has been revealed on numerous occasions that the official civilian casualty numbers are absolute garbage because as we see in this report the Pentagon counts every person they kill as an armed militant even when they don’t know who they just killed or if they were even militants. My intuition tells me this was a signature strike which was launch after some computer algorithm decided a group of people in the woods in a known militant area matched a predefined signature terrorist activity. Soon after these people where flagged as a engaging in a signature of terrorist activity the drones fired their missiles.]
A wounded woman rests at a hospital after NATO air strikes in Laghman province.(Reuters / Parwiz Parwiz)

Afghan villagers look at the bodies of women killed by NATO air strikes in Laghman province.(Reuters / Parwiz Parwiz)

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