US Assassination Drone ‘Mistake’ Kills 13 Civilians

US Assassination Drone ‘Mistake’ Kills 13 Civilians


A US drone strike targeting ‘Al Qaeda’ has ‘misses its target’ in Yemen killing 13 civilians, including three women, three security officials report.

In yet another to go unpunished war crime a United States assassination drone strike has killed 13 civilians in Yemen.

This time around the US isn’t even commenting on the attack but we can be rest assured Obama’s official tally will count the 10 men killed in the attack as enemy combatants.Of course that is no surprise because, as we have learned, Obama considers all males of combat age within a strike zone to be an enemy combatant even in cases when the US isn’t sure who they have just killed.

This time around an official White House souse from within the Department of Homeland Insecurity has refused to speak to the press on a condition of anonymity.

Instead damage control, aka blatant lying, has been left to Yemeni security officials undoubtedly so when the truth comes out that this was a signature strike the White House doesn’t have to face a scandal for lying about it.

For those not familiar with the term signature strike it describes a new tactic approved by Obama in which US Terror drones bomb unidentified persons who are engaging in an activity that has been declared to be a signature of terrorism.
For example exercising or walking in a group of known militant activities is a ‘signature of terrorist activity’ hence subject to a signature strike.

Such strikes are now ordered directly at the sole discretion of John Brennan who was recently appointed by President Obama asthe United States first-ever Assassination Czar.
Here’s more from CNN helping to cover up the truth and shoving ‘Al Qaeda’ down our throats to deceive the America people into believing yet another war crime is justified collateral damage in the hunt to take out the bogey man.

Suspected U.S. drone strike kills civilians in Yemen, officials say


  • 13 people are killed in a strike that missed its target, an official says
  • Angry relatives try to bring the victims’ bodies to the capital, Sanaa
  • The U.S. is widely believed to be using drones against al Qaeda in Yemen

Sanaa, Yemen (CNN) — A U.S. drone strike targeting al Qaeda suspects in Yemen killed 13 civilians, including three women, three security officials in the restive Middle Eastern country said.

“This was one of the very few times when our target was completely missed. It was a mistake, but we hope it will not hurt our anti-terror efforts in the region,” a senior Yemeni Defense Ministry official told CNN. The official asked not to be named because of the sensitivity of the issue.

The United States typically does not comment on reports it has used unmanned aircraft to target terror suspects, but is widely believed to be doing so in Yemen, a key battleground against al Qaeda.



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