US And China Wage War… Against Green Energy

US And China Wage War… Against Green Energy

In absolutely sickening development of events the US and China have engaged in a war to take out the Green energy industry.

For decades US politicians have stood by the sidelines was industry after industry was destroyed by Wall Street profiteers who outsourced the US economy and the American republic overseas.

Nobody gave a fuck when the textile industry disappeared.

Manufacturing in American? Who needs that… we can just pay for slave labor in China. Oh, look at this awesome shirt I got for $1.25, I know it was made in China… but Isn’t it so cute.

Electronics, computers, IT, Automobile manufacturing, you name it. Industry after industry has been shipped overseas.

Most notably was the multibillion dollar GM bailout which was used to shutdown US auto plants so they could be opened, in guess where, China.

The latest example – CISCO has announced it has laid off 1,400 workers. But in exchange it created 1,300 new jobs in the emerging market of – guess where? China. As the CEO explained on Bloomberg you can’t just move the workers overseas, so this is how ‘cost-cutting’ must be done. This is one of the reasons that the Obama administration is pushing for the TPP. Check out my article: What is the TPP

Yet, out of all of the rape and destruction of our economy which as I just noted continues to this very day where does the US draw the line?

Green Energy products. That’s right., Obama has decided to draw the line in sand against the Chinese dumping cheap solar products on the market.

Fuck everything else that has been destroyed but don’t step the toes of our non-existent solar industry.

Or should I so, don’t dare try to create a solar industry.

Of course, Big oil and Wall Street certainly don’t have anything to do with the policy and if you claim they do you may end up like the two-tour of duty marine vet who is now being detained indefinitely by the feds for criticizing such government corruption.

More sickening is news reports like this propaganda peice Russia Today trying to spin the tariffs on solar products as a good thing.
I agree tariffs would be a good thing if they were being used to protect real industries that actual employ Americans but the fucking solar panels?

Who doesn’t see right through this?

How about some tariffs on clothing, so we can bring back out textile industry and put tens of millions of American workers back into the factories they belong?

Or electronics, so the US can go back to being the leader in that place instead of facing the ever daunting task of the military not being able to find US produced electronics?

So how does China respond?

They to are attacking the Solar industry to even further drive up the cost of renewable energy in the US.

They are now taking their case to the World Trade Organization because the United States subsidies for the solar companies are an illegal and unfair practice.

Again, China doesn’t give a fucking flying shit about corporate welfare being used to by their products… but oh, no… don’t you dare give out out corporate welfare to help make renewable energy cheap.

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