US Admits Arrested Al-Qaeda Chief Has No Ties To Al-Qaeda

US Admits Arrested Al-Qaeda Chief Has No Ties To Al-Qaeda


In a blaring example of what’s wrong with the extra-judicial treatment of alleged terrorists, US admits innocence of alleged al-Qaeda chief.

Remember the all those Al-Qaeda hijackers who were mysteriously found to still be alive after the 9/11 terrorist attacks?

If not, or you have never heard about them, watch this clip from the documentary Loose Change.

Today we learn that another alleged 9/11 co-conspirator, in fact a man accused as being al-Qaeda’s top chief after the reported assassination of Osama Bin Laden, isn’t even really a member of al-Qaeda at all.

After years of trying to clear his name and running into dead ends at every government and agency he appealed to, including the UN, Mohamed Ibrahim Makkawi has finally removed the shadow hanging over his head of being accused to be Al-Qaeda’s military chief.

Follwing the 9/11 terrorists attacks Saif al-Adel, who is associated with alias Mohamed Ibrahim Makkawi, was alleged as being a perpetrator of the attacks by U.S. intelligence forces.

Saif Al-Adel – Alleged Chief of Al-Qaeda Military and 9-11 Conspirator
Of course, such allegations that come with an automatic finding of being guilty without the right to a trial or jury.

The problem is Makkawi denounced ties to Al-Qaeda in the early 90s and has no ties to the group since.

Over the years, Makkawi says there have been several attempts by western forces to kill him and members of his family, including an attempt to poison him.

So after exhausting every legal recourse to clear his name, Makkawi decided to fly into Eqypt from Pakistan after stopping over in Dubai to surrender himself.

How in the world, the alleged leader of the world’s most notorious terrorist organizations gets clearance two fly on two international flights… well that is another story.

CNN reported on his surrender today.

However, after making his case that he has no ties to Al-Qaeda, U.S. officials are now finally admitting the man is no Al-Qaaeda military chief or even a member of Al-Aqaeda.

CNN Reports:

The man in Cairo who wasn’t al Qaeda’s No. 3



According to a source who followed al Qaeda at the time, Makkawi fell out with bin Laden and Ayman al Zawahiri, al Qaeda’s current leader, soon after arriving in Pakistan. By about 1990, the source says, Makkawi had given up the gun in favor of contributing to a magazine in Islamabad — Akdas Wakadaya or “Events and Issues.”

Nearly a decade later, al-Adel became a wanted man for his part in the plots to blow up the U.S. embassies in Kenya and Tanzania. U.S. authorities published his profile as part of the Rewards for Justice program and listed “Muhamad Ibrahim Makkawi” as an alias. And the real Makkawi’s nightmare began. By then, he had married a Pakistani woman and was living as a political refugee in Islamabad.

For 10 years, Makkawi was regularly confused with al Qaeda’s rising star. He adopted the e-mail address “[email protected]…..,” and from his home in Islamabad’s Upper Portion began a campaign to clear his name.

CNN has obtained a copy of a letter Makkawi wrote to the U.N. High Commissioner for Refugees in 2009 that recounts his appeals to authorities in several countries.

“I am trying to resettle my normal life in Pakistan after getting married to a Pakistani lady but have accomplished nothing as a result of the Egyptian and Saudi regime’s pressure on Pakistani agencies and my moral obduracy,” he began.

Makkawi said his children had been expelled from school and friends, neighbors and relatives had become informants for intelligence agencies.

“After the agencies lost hope to force me to accept fake al Qaeda No. 3 role and the big 9/11 lie, they attempted to kill me and my two elder sons by despicable means,” Makkawi claims, adding that at one point there had been an attempt to poison him.

In desperation, he told the UNHCR, he appealed to President George W. Bush and also asked the FBI to detain him.

“Hoping to put an end to this preposterous puppet show and to put myself under the responsibility of FBI, I sent an e-mail on 7th September 2005 to the head office of FBI requesting to be arrested and to face all accusations raised against me in a fair trial,” he wrote. He did not receive a reply.

Somehow, after being denied travel papers for more than 10 years, Makkawi was apparently able to obtain travel documents from the Egyptian Embassy in Islamabad. And then he boarded a plane to Cairo Wednesday, in an effort to clear his name and expunge the shadow of Saif al-Adel.

The confusion over his real identity persisted for some hours after his arrival. Eventually, the Egyptian Ministry of Interior confirmed that al-Adel was still at large.

“Mohamed Ibrahim Makkawi is not Saif al-Adel,” the ministry said. “There is obvious confusion of data among security apparatus and the media. They are two different people. ”



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