URGENT – URGENT: NJ, NY Hurricane Irene Storm Surge Flood Simulation Model

URGENT – URGENT: NJ, NY Hurricane Irene Storm Surge Flood Simulation Model

While our government kindly tells us ahead of Hurricane Irene to evacuated, it would be real nice if they made us aware of shit like this.

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I just wrote about The Governor Christie briefing where they told us ‘we are evacuating the military because our model shows Cape May underwater’. Wouldn’t it be nice if they shared their model with us? I mean for Heaven’s sake millions of us live along the shore and would like to know if we are leaving to avoid power outages or if we are leaving because our homes will be flooded and permanently destroyed. We would also find it beneficial if we knew of some tips to prevent your house from flooding as if there is anything that we can do to stop the problem from getting worse, then I would like to know.

To be clear, the Weather center has issued a 3 to 6 foot storm surge warning for the East Coast of NJ, and from the Delaware Bay down to the Chesapeake they are warning of a 5 to 10 foot storm surge and in North Carolina a 6 to 12 foot storm surge. But what the hell does that mean? That doesn’t tell us where the flooding will occur. We are just supposed to evacuate having no clue if our homes will be destroyed before we return? Meanwhile the government has simulations and forecasts showing exactly were the damn flooding will hit their military bases and knows to evacuate them. What the fuck?

I just happened to come across the hurricane storm surge flood simulation from NOAA for Central NJ, which to the 2 million people living in the area will provide great clarity. If you can find these for other areas, please help get them out to people who need them.

The floor simulation for my area is based on a hypothetical category 3 hurricane. It starts off with a 3 foot storm surge, showing the areas in blue projected to be underwater. My house is in one of those areas underwater with just a 3 foot storm surge. Remind you the Jersey shore is under a hurricane advisory that accompanies a warning of a 3 to 6 foot storm surge.

So, this map is likely to be a very good indicator of what areas will flood as Irene rips across NJ.


The simulation loops through showing the expected storm surge from a category 3 storm surge ending with the final display shown in the image below, which contains surges up to 23 feet. As seen both above and below, my house is expected to flood. If you can’t tell I am quite pissed because the fuckers care about saving their bombs to kill innocent fucking woman and children halfway around the world but don’t bother to tell me and millions of other like me my house is about to fucking flood. Assholes.


It would be real fucking nice if they fucking warned the people that their models show their homes will be flooded instead leaving people to fucking wonder.

At least then instead of people just preparing to spend a few days away from their home because of the threat of no power, they will actually load up their fucking monetary, sentimental and irreplaceable valuables.


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